[FF/CHAPTERED/PG-15/WOOGYU] 60 Seconds – Chapter 2

A/n: unbeta-ed do beware of false grammar and typos

Lost – 60 Seconds chapter 2 

Nam Woohyun rubs his temple gently and closes his eyes, leaning his back on the comfortable chair of his. Only after his headache subsides, he opens his eyes and glances at his digital clock on his wooden desk. It is half past midnight and he is still stuck in his office, somehow manages to stay awake after 4 hours long conference meeting with his colleagues overseas.

The light is dim inside the room, and that’s exactly how Woohyun wants because the night view from here is so beautiful. He loves to see little tiny dots of flickering lights far below, creating a river of glittering golden water stream-like figure. And he can watch it all night long; Seoul never really sleeps at night.   The young man huffs and stretches his tired body, groaning loudly when he moves his aching neck.

He takes off his blazer and throwing the thick material randomly. Untying his dark blue tie and loosening his white tailored shirt, he walks to the coffee maker. His blood is screaming for caffeine and he takes a sip or two before strolling to the huge window and stares at his own faint reflection on the clear glass. He hates it when he looks so exhausted.  His close friends will nag at him; that person used to nag at him too. He frowns almost immediately, feeling a very uncomfortable tug at his heart. Woohyun can’t help but to feel sorry for him, and how he wish he can talk to him again.

But he is gone; Kim Sunggyu is gone. To where, he doesn’t have any clue at all. The only thing he knows that he messed up pretty bad, so Sunggyu left him without a word at him. Even Goodbye.   It’s been 2 days since Sunggyu’s disappearance and still no news about the other male. Woohyun fishes out his phone, and stares at the wallpaper on the screen. Not a single acknowledgment from him, no calls, not even message, nothing. It is almost like Sunggyu is nowhere to be found, or probably he doesn’t want to be found.  By Woohyun most probably.  Not after the young entrepreneur broke his heart.

Part of himf wants to deny it. It wasn’t his entire fault for refusing Sunggyu’s sudden love confession. He was shock, and whether he wanted to admit it or not he was a bit flabbergasted by the fact that his own best friend for 2 damn years loved him in a way that more than best friends should be. Anyone should understand that, he couldn’t just say yes to the proposal while he was in his shock state of mind.

They did it, yes. It was something that both Woohyun and Sunggyu could not deny. But they were drunk; he was drunk. He didn’t mean anything happen between them, especially intimate interaction between them. But it happened, and he left after breaking his best friend’s heart.

He did stay away from Sunggyu after that, now he knew he was such a jerk back then. But at least he decided to man up and went to Sunggyu’s apartment , only to found out that it was too late. The landlord said his best friend moved somewhere the didn’t mention and left about a minute before Woohyun arrived at the apartment block. He was 60 seconds late.

So he did not blame Lee Sungjong when the young male barged into his office and yelled at him for being such insensitive bastard. He adored Sunggyu and loved him like a brother so Woohyun took every insult directed to him. And he had to dragged Sungjong out to talk about it in nearby cafe. Of course Sungjong protested madly at first,  but he agreed with an angry huff when Woohyun begged the college student to at least explain everything from his point of view.

Even so, Sungjong snorted loudly when Woohyun finished.

“It is all your fault, hyung. Sunggyu hyung is gone because of you.”

Woohyun knitted his brows and stop poking at his poor cake on the plate. He looked at the young student, clearly feeling uncomfortable that the younger reminded him of his wrong-doing.

“what did I do, Sungjong?” he said quietly, “What have I done?”

Sungjong stared back at him. His dark eyes must shown clearly because he thought Sungjong’s expression soften for a good second, before returning back to a stern one.

“You’ve lost him, hyung.” Sungjong replied, “You have lost everything you had, and you could have wiyh him.”

There were lots more the younger had said to him, but he could not remember at all. He was sorry, but that would not change anything that had been done. And now, standing alone in the darkness Woohyun feels hopeless. He should really start searching for Sunggyu, but how can he start? From where? His head is throbbing, but strangely the pain comes mostly from his heart.


The light haired male blinks at Howon.
Lee Howon nods.
“I think your head gets hit quite hard that it damaged some of the brain’s cell and it caused you an amnesia. We still don’t know if it would last long but I promise we will do our best to help you, starting with searching for your relatives.”

Howon watches his patient intensely, silently relieve because the man seems more calm than before. Probably resting for a straight 6 hours (with the help of sedative as well) loosen up a bit.   Sunggyu looks at his hands and trying to digest the new information given by a young man before him. He shivers a little, both by the cold air condition in the room and because he just realize he knows nothing including himself.

He was freaked out at first when he woke up, not knowing where was he and most importantly who was he. But the nurse gave him something and he woke up about an hour later, feeling strangely more relax eventhough he still feel like a newborn baby. His head is empty, as clean as the hospital’s bed sheet below him.   The man looks up at the doctor again.
“My ID,” he says, “You should have found my ID when you guys brought me here right?”

Lee Howon sighs and shakes his head.
“We could not find your identity card, nor your wallet, or your cell phone. We guessed somebody took it in the commotion of the accident or it was dropped somewhere. We still wait for the police if they find something on or nearby the site. I am sorry.”

The narrow eyed male looks slightly afraid. Howon could see him shivers a lot more, lips trembling as he says another words, “I don’t know anything, doctor. Not even myself.” his voice croaks, “Help me,please.”

The doctor smiles at him, and pats his shoulder.
“Don’t worry, sir. We will try our best to help you.”
the doctor remembers something and reaches inside his pocket.
The light haired man watches as a piece of paper now in the doctor’s hand and stay quiet as he puts the paper on his own hand.

It is a photo. Only 2 person fill the glossy paper, one of them is himself and he could not recognize the other one. He is handsome,with two visible dimples and a greasy smile that makes him almost laugh but then what is it to laughed at? Even so, he feels a clench in his heart yet he tries to ignore it when he can’t find what makes him feel that. They both look so close; so happy that he should’ve feel it too yet it is the other way around. He wants to cry for a reason he doesn’t know and Howon catches his sorrow face.

“Do you by remember anything about him?”
The other male quickly shakes his head.
“Then why are you crying? Is he reminding you of something?” the doctor asks gently.
“I-I don’t know… The tears, they are just flowing out of my eyes. Gosh I don’t even know this man.” whispers his patient, “I just know these emotions i feel now is something i can’t bear. It’s like whatever relation i have with this man is never good…. It is hurting me, doctor Lee.”

Lee Howon frowns as his patient looks away, wiping his tears with his hospital gown and gives the photo back to him. The young doctor takes it back and smile symphatically to him. He knows he should not force this man; it’s time to call it a day.

“I am going to leave you now, sir. Get some rest and don’t think too much. After all, forcing to remember everything in your state is not a smart option. We still have pkenty of time to cure you. Let’s just hope the authority will give us some enlightments later.”

The other male stays silent, but calm nonetheless. Doctor Howon picks up his documents on the desk and puts the photo beside the water glass. Jut in case if it could be some kind of help to him.

“sleep well, sir.”
And he closes the door behind him, leaving his patient still occupied by his own thought.




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