[FF/twoshots/Woogyu/NC17] That Man – Chapter 1

That Man


Another woogyu, I know. What can I say? The plots keep on coming on and on again e____e well, let me have my fun okay? *puppy eyes*ah and when you read it, just imagine that the bar somewhat look like this:





A 28 years old man whore, lives a luxurious life due to his job. Only celebrities and billionaires afford to use his “service”. His good looks combine with witty attitude is a perfect combination to make a man bends on his knees and gives everything Sunggyu wants.




Age 21 years old, a student who works at a high-class bar at night to pay for his college and to achieve his dream that is to open his own dancing course. An optimistic, naïve one, that Sunggyu almost think he is dumb by the first time they met.




The man above him moans and Sunggyu gasps as he feels the hot sticky liquid paints his inside. He feels the man pulls out of him and lays flat on his back, feeling contend and absolutely mind-blown from his orgasm. Sunggyu stays silent and stares blankly at the ceiling, his mind is not there. His senses are numb, not even a single pleasure or pain left.

Yet he feel disgusted when the man who could be his father kiss him fully on his thin lips, snickering and sending those so down grading look to Sunggyu when he throws the check on his blanket-covered body.  5 Million won, written on the small rectangular paper. Sunggyu only glances at it before shifting to a fetal position and letting the paper touches the hotel carpeted floor.

He feels like a doll; a full sized doll that breathes, pretending to be human. But his heart is dead for long ago, he doesn’t even remember when. Probably when he started this job, or was it before that?  He is worthless, but why is everyone worshipping him? Like he is some god that needs some special treatments, yet he also is the lowest than animal when they close their bedroom’s doors. Unconsciously gripping at the edge of the silk duvet, he flinches by the sudden hotness of both his eyes.  Sunggyu takes a deep breath, swallowing a flood of tears back.

Kim Sunggyu never cries, shouldn’t cries, and will never cries.

He is the ever so famous man whore in Korea, after all.


“One ‘Jack the Ripper’*), please.”

Woohyun looks up to the voice and sees a wonderful man props his side face with his elbow lazily on the glossy bar desk. The young man blinks for a moment or so, staring at the slit of eyes that strangely attractive and those thin lips that open slightly when the man is checking out the surrounding crowd.  The red suit he’s wearing really matches his white porcelain skin, protecting some part that should be hidden with the blood-ish color. Apparently, he has been staring at the caramel haired man too long that the said man stares back at him and snaps his finger right in front of Woohyun’s nose. The college student startles and almost drops his shakers in the process.

“If you’re done staring at me then I guess you can make my order like right now,” the beautiful man says, almost tauntingly, “kid.”

“Y-yes, I’m sorry sir.”

Woohyun clears his throat and begins mixing the other man’s order (who is still piercing him with his stern eyes by the way). It is only his seventh day working in this club and lucks haven’t been so kind to him. He gave the wrong orders, splashed a generous amount of the most expensive martini in that place to one loyal customer (and almost got beaten by his bodyguard), and now caught staring at a customer; a wonderful one though. He unknowingly sighs and gives the man’s order with a slight smile.

“Here you are sir. Jack the Ripper to make you awake the whole night.”

Woohyun keeps his eyes on the other man as he gulps down the burning liquid and grimaces at the taste. It is surely a strong one, the drink. Usually the customer gives up after having one glass of it, but much to his surprise, he asks for another one. And more comes after. Woohyun shots a worried glance. He actually wants the man if something is wrong. Blame his curiousity for that but the looks on the other’s face is surely not a pleasant one, like he is so distant despise the crowded atmosphere.

“Is there something in my face?”

“N-ne?” Woohyun stutters, a little bit unsure if the man is talking to him or not because frankly speaking, the moment that man sits on the bar the whole place suddenly puts all attention to him.

The said man chuckles and stares at Woohyun, amused at the young man’s antique.

“I’m talking to you, idiot.” He says, “You are staring at me with your mouth open. Am i really that tempting?”

Woohyun quickly closes his mouth (which he opens uncosciously) and coughs awkwardly. He thank the dim lights for hiding his blushing face.

“Ah, m-mianhae. I didnt mean to.” He replies, scratching his head. Seriously feels so stupid right now, acting like a school girl in some random cheesy stories.

The man smirks and gulps his drink in one shot and puts the little glass on the desk. He scoots closer to Woohyun, wearing the most seductive look to tease the young man and whispers in his ear.

“That’s alright, i’m not going to melt if you stare at me like that…” he glances down at the name tag, “Woohyun.”

With one last wink, the wonderful man turns around and walks cassually to the exit door; leaving woohyun breatheless. Never once in his life, anyone has ever done this to him. The man’s scent still lingers in his nostril, intoxicating his mind with unappropriate things that make him sweat.  Woohyun stands there, unable to move. Only his eyes following the red suit until it dissapear behind the closed door.


It is the nth time Woohyun meets Kim Sunggyu at the club. The older introduced himself about a month ago, after having some random chats.  Sunggyu came at 2 in the morning, wearing a white fitted top and a black long cardigan for the outer; black leather pants wrap his slender legs and Woohyun had hard times not to stare at his eye linered sexy eyes (and his backside to be honest). Woohyun actually had known the man’s name from the night they first met; his friend Dongwoo told him with hands flailing everywhere about how famous Sunggyu is. Well, among men of course.

“Not the usual for tonight?” Woohyun asks, as he mix Sunggyu’s order. The other man shakes his head.

“Nope, i want to try something different. I easily get bored you know.” He replies, sending a look to Woohyun who’s smiling back at him.

“But you’ve always drink The Ripper in our previous meetings so may i assume that you’re not THAT easy to get bored?” he retorts.

Sunggyu watches the younger shakes the stainless shaker skillfully and smirks. Woohyun sure gets better at doing his job. The last time he asks for a dry martini Woohyun almost spilled the contain of the bottle to his designer button shirt.

“It depends.” He answers, “I tend to follow my mood also.”

Woohyun pours down the mix to the glass and hands it over to his customer.

“So you must be feeling…. passionate now?” the younger props his chin with both hands and smiles playfully at Sunggyu.

“Yah, just because i order Chocolate Viagra doesn’t mean i’m looking for a good fuck.” The caramel haired man snorts and Woohyun laughs at his reply.

He is watching the older sips trough his drink and chaps his lips. Sunggyu wears one of his designer outfit again and he looks different somehow. Usually Sunggyu would look tired though he dressed up but tonight, it’s like he’s just out from the closet, pampered for a special occasion. And that makes Woohyun frowns.

“Meeting someone after this?” he asks, still staring at the beautiful face in front of him. Sunggyu eyes him and nods curtly. He is not surprised if the younger finds out about him and his job for living. Everyone in this place knows, heck maybe even the whole Korea know him and his “big name”. But for some odd reason he is not really comfortable with the fact that Woohyun knows it.

“Who is it this time? A celebrity?” Woohyun wipes the desk with the damp cloth as he try to asks the question cassually.

“Just a random millionaire i never heard his name before.” Sunggyu chuckles, “probably just a spoiled rich kid. You can almost find them everywhere in this country.”

“But i thought you are off duty after midnight.”

“Yeap, i am supposed to. But who can say no to 10 million won chec k?”

Sunggyu raises his eyebrow to Woohyun, and glance at his ringing phone.

“Speaking of the devil~ Yoboseyo?”

Woohyun however wants to snatch the phone away and throw it somewhere. He feels his heart tight by a strange knot which is so alien to him. It’s almost painful that he could not see the older’s face, because he is afraid that he might ask Sunggyu not to leave. Wait, what is he thinking? Why does Sunggyu has to stay and not leaving, for him?

“I gotta go now.” Gyu looks at his wrist watch and gulps down the latest drop of his drink, and stands up. “I’ll see you again next time, okay? Bye!”

He flashes a smile to the bartender before turning around and walks to the exit door.

Woohyun’s still not moving from his spot. The loud thumping audio blasting trough the speakers,and from his chest deafen him. He just stand there, staring at some random spots on the floor, caring about nothing but the battle between his heart and mind.

Sunggyu has just  about to grabs the metal handle of the black velvety door  when someone grabs his wrist and turns him around.


The younger man is now standing so close to him, his expression is unreadable and he can feels his hand sweaty against his wrist. Woohyun licks his dry lips and forces himself to speak.

“What? Can you repeat? I can’t hear that.” Sunggyu yells and almost yelps when woohyun grabs him closer.

“I said are you free tomorrow?” the younger yells back, face firm with determination yet Sunggyu still see the anxiousness on his handsome figure. “Can we go somewhere together? You know, other than this place? A cafe perhaps?”

The narrow eyed man’s mouth open. He is not sure he hears it right. Did Woohyun just ask him for a date? But when he looks into those deep chocolate orbs, he knows the younger did ask him on a date.

“Sure,” he chuckles,”What time?”



*) Note: Jack the Ripper and Chocolate Viagra are the names of cocktail, you can find them in clubs here in Jakarta 🙂


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