[FF/CHAPTERED/PG-15/WOOGYU] 60 Seconds – Chapter 1

THE UNKNOWN – 60 SECONDS chapter 1


First chapter YAY!! Don’t worry folks, I wont abandon my unfinished fics… it’s just this plot has been bugging me since last year and I had to write it. And I determine to finish it >< sorry for the foul grammar, languages, and typos everywhere. I’m stupid indeed.


Doctor Lee Howon sits quietly in his office; with his glasses put and eyebrows almost meet in a deep frown. There are files on his desk; scatters almost everywhere, but still in arm reach however.  It actually unlike him, leaving a patient’s medical report like that but this time it’s another story. This patient somewhat attracts him (probably because he never had this kind of case before), and he has this feeling that he wouldn’t give this case to the (more senior) colleagues.

The young doctor sighs and examine the MRI scan result of his new patient There is no doubt of it, this man has seriously problem. Howon rubs his chin and trails his eyes to something lays on his desk; a photograph. For a minute or so, he continues staring at the crimpled paper and the frown comes back again. Should he really taken care of this case? Is he capable of handling it?

A soft knock wakes him up of his train of thoughts.  A nurse pops her head in.

“Excuse me doctor, your patient is awake.”

Howon smiles and nods.

“Thank you, Soyu,” he replies, “I’ll be right there in a minute.”

The young nurse nods back and closes the door, leaving Lee Howon again with his documents. The doctor takes a deep breath, taking the MRI scan and the photo also, and walks out his room to see his patient.


It is pitch black when he opens his eyes.

So dark even he couldn’t see himself, and it frightens him. He takes a step forward fully alarmed that he possibly walking in a dangerous thread because nothing reaches his sight right now.

But he gotta try; so with a thumping heart he walks on and on until his eyes get used to the darkness and he finally sees the faint shape of his own hand.  Anyhow, he is still afraid because being stranded I the middle of lightless place and not knowing what the hell is he doing here, and how did he get here is nothing to joke about.


He tries to call for someone, for anyone. But when he is greeted by his own echo, he knows he is alone in the deserted place.

“God…” he whispers hoarsely, getting even more panic than before.

He needs to get out of here, he HAS to.

He fastens his pace and soon fine himself running down the empty and dark road. Feeling the cold wind scratching his cheeks but it is the last he could care about. His heart thumping on his left chest, scaring him that he might have a heart attack due to the rapid blood pumping. His lung tries to get more air but it is also hard because he forgets how to breathe properly.

And suddenly he sees a light; a small light not too far in front of him.

He almost cries in relief, stopping for a few second to watch the light gets clearer and soon he is running towards the flickering light.

But then it happens.

First he doesn’t feel it moving; it’s when the ground on his feet starts to quake and he has to stop running, he has to look down and terrifies in what he’s seeing. The ground is cracking, starting from the farthest from him then crumbles down to the deepest pit of darkness below… and before he could even scream, he feels himself falls deep down, the complete darkness engulfs him, more and more…

He snaps his eyes open and takes a massive amount of air to his lung, arms stretching wildly and the panic attack still lingers on him. He is still in a daze; he couldn’t comprehend what is happening. He sees a room, white for the exact and the smell of sterile drugs enters his nostrils and he almost throws up in disgust.

“Sir, calm down,” says somebody beside him,” You are safe now, you are in a hospital.”

He turns to his right and sees a young nurse smiling at him, her hands on his chest trying to push him gently on to the bed again. Soyu, it’s the name on her name tag.

“what… how… when… I…” he tries to speak but his brain seems freezing. And the nurse somehow understands his difficulty.

“Relax sir, you are okay now. Take a deep breath and stay here. I will call the doctor.” She says, tugging at his thick blanket and walks out the room, leaving him alone again.

He examines the room, all the equipments, and the IV needle in his wrist. He doesn’t remember what happen, but at least the dark room he was in is just a nightmare. His ears catch a stable beeping sound from the heart monitor, and he lays back. Questions start to fill his head once he gets full consciousness, but none of them he could answer.

“I see you awake already.”

He turns around and meeting face to face with a young man in white robe, obviously a doctor judging by the stethoscope hanging on his neck and some papers and some things he doesn’t really understand.  The earlier nurse (Soyu, isn’t it?) is trailing behind him. The doctor approaches him and examines the heart monitor, muttering an audible excuse before checking on his chest with the stethoscope and hums in approval. He takes out a small flashlight and lighting on his eyes, making him flinch a bit and closes his eyes in almost an instant. He checks on the bandage that unknowingly wraps around his head and writes something on the papers he is holding.

“euhm, doctor…” he stops, realizing he doesn’t know the doctor’s name.

“Lee Howon,” comes the friendly reply, “just call me Howon, it’s fine. I’m going to responsible for your recovery. Do you feel any pain in your head? Dizzy?”

He shakes his head slowly.

“Just a bit cloudy inside here, but I’m not feeling dizzy or anything.” He replies back. Doctor Lee smiles and nods, then writes the reply on his papers.

“Do you have any memories about what happen?” the doctor asks again, “I mean before the accident and anything.”

He opens his mouth to say something, but closes it again as soon as it opens. He tries to recall what happen, or where he was before he ends up in this hospital.  But nothing comes follow; in fact… his brain is like an empty shell without anything inside. And the worse thing is: he doesn’t even remember who he is.

“Sir, are you okay?” the doctor frowns, seeing the terrified face of the patient.

“I… Who… I don’t remember anything… I don’t remember who I am…” he whispers hoarsely, holding on his bandaged head and whimpers. He tries to remember something, anything but a horrible pain shots trough his brain cells and he blows up.

The frowns on Doctor Lee’s face change into fear yet knowing look. He quickly orders nurse Soyu to inject some sedative to calm the now hysterical man on the bed. What he’s afraid of is finally confirmed. The accident has make the patient lost his memory, is it temporary or worst, he only can figure out later. Soyu manages to inject the sedative liquid to the man and both the doctor and nurse watches as the man slowly relaxes, his eyes flutter.

The Doctor signals his nurse to go out of the room and have a talk. Once they are outside, he sighs and speaks to her,

“He loses his memory. Look like the accident has some major damage on his cells which I would have to ask you to arrange some brain scan with the lab immediately. And also please take a good care of him, since he’s in the shock stage. I’m worried if he could hurt himself.”

He writes down some prescriptions for the medicines and hand it to Soyu.

“Yes, Doctor. Is there really not a single clue about the man’s identity? No ID card or documents?” she asks.

Doctor Howon shakes his head and only shows her a picture.

“The only thing we can find is this photo. He doesn’t even have his wallet with him, which is strange because he looks like he’s travelling from somewhere because he brings his luggage. Probably some beggars took out the poor man’s wallet or it probably dropped on the street. We would cooperate with the police to see if anyone lost his family members.”

The doctor looks at the photographs of two (looks like close friends) young man smiling in his hand; one of them is his current patient.

“Now we just wait, to see how bad his memory lost it. He could’ve lost his past forever, tho.”




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