[FF / CHAPTERED / WOOGYU / PG 15 – NC 17 ] 60 SECONDS -prologue



thud. thud. thud.
He walks the narrow sideway, head hungs up looking at the clear sky but with nothingness fulfilling his empty soul. the air is heavy, he finds it rather difficult to breath, because he is no longer with him. with the love of his life.
He unconsciously clutches at his left chest.
Weird, he feels the knot inside his heart tightening again, and he suddenly feels the tears threatening to spill.
It is even harder to breathe, and the red hair takes another deep breath. not allowing the salty liquid stains his pale cheeks, because really his love doesn’t even worth his tears even when Sunggyu can’t help it.

Sunggyu smiles bitterly, but it is his choice isn’t it?
He chooses to run, away from his love, because it is the only way he could continue living. but really, is he ready to let go? because just by thinking about it, he feels the familiar pain in his chest bleeds again…

He takes another strolls, one by one and the chills in the air makes him zip his already thick jacket and folds his arms protectively around himself. it’s only midst November but winter winds are enough to add misery to his feeezing soul.

Sunggyu halts suddenly and stares at a particular spots, his eyes dart to a certain shop.

Right across him, displayed in a neat arrangement of the other items sold, is a small snowball which he knows best.
The same snowball as 2 years ago, when they met each other in the shop.
Fate is so cruel indeed.

His mind is clouded.

He doesn’t even know if he is being hypnotized.
His brain suddenly is merely an useless organ because his feet won’t listen to it anymore. He is looking straight at the store, to the little glittery snowball and the world like stops turning for that moment.

But then sunggyu’s left ear hears a scary screeching sound, and the next thing he knows that something is not quite right.
Because he feels the pain, only it is not only from his heart this time.   His body is aching too.

He tries to move but the excruciating pain shots trough all his body cells, and he stuns to find he is staring at the clear sky once again, only this time he is also on the cold asphalt.
He chokes on his own tears, coughs blood and cries once again.
He is cold and he needs warmth…

But his love is nowhere.
He is never there at all.
Kim sunggyu is all alone when he falls in a very deep sleep that soon engulfs him.



1.) KIM SUNGGYU (26 years old)

An orphan who lives in Seoul, losing both parents in the age of 15 and has to learn to live in the big city alone and work as a copywriter in an agency. Meeting Nam Woohyun in the age of 24, when he traveled to Gongju and became close with the younger since then. Never did he know, they will travel in an unexpectable cruelty of time.

2.) NAM WOOHYUN (25 years old)


Young interpreneur from a well-known family company in Korea. Ever so charming and handsome since his young age, he grows up with almost everything in his grasp. Meeting Sunggyu 2 years ago, somewhat changed the way he saw life, which is according to him is plain.

3.) LEE HOWON (26 years old)


A young doctor working in the busy hospital of Gongju. Being a surgeon in such young age sometimes hard for him, for almost everyone having doubt in his doctoral expertise. But that doesn’t stop him to learn andwork hard for his humanity purpose. Then one case in a cold wintery day change his life forever.

4.) JANG DONGWOO (25 years old)


Lee Howon’s closest friend, somewhat can be considered as his boyfriend. Their relationship is quite complicated tho, but dongwoo has been loving howon since they met at college. He often pays visit to howon’s place just because he still believes he can make the younger falls for him too.

5.) KIM MYUNGSOO (23 years old)

Sunggyu’s college friend, having a romantic relationship with Lee Sungyeol, Being so much blessed with his good looks, he works as a model and met Sungyeol in one designer project. He actually comes from a wealthy family but he chooses to gets out of his family mansion and lives with Sungyeol instead.

6.) LEE SUNGYEOL (24 years old)


A vibrant, young man working as a model and also a part time graphic designer where Sunggyu works as well. Meeting Kim Myungsoo about 3 years ago and started live together in his apartment a year ago. Known for his cheery attitude, he is the main reason for myungsoo to hang on from his family pressure.

7.) LEE SUNGJONG (21 years old)    


A cute, witty boy, who happen to be Sungyeol’s cousin. He loves Sunggyu as his own brother since they first met in Yeol’s office and put so much respect for him. Majoring in fashion designing, he is probably the cutest boy in the campus and it attracts somebody to get a little closer to him.


YAY NEW FANFIC XDD poster would be made soon and chapter 1 is going to post after this 😀


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