[Fanfic/Series/Yaoi] Beautiful Heartbreak: Chapter 1 (JoonTaeMinhoYuri)

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Title : Beautiful Heartbreak – Chapter 1

Pairing : Taemin x Minho, Minho x Yuri, !broken Joon x Taemin (Undecided yet tough :p)

Genre : romance, hurt, comfort

Length : undecided yet :/

Disclaimer : I do not own these people. I own the plot only.



I know I gotta write this one before i’m starting to get crazy. I mean it’s been a LOOOOONGGG TIME since the last time I really wrote my fics and this plot is like… hunting me every single day and night @@ Sebenernya rada males lanjutin yang ini karena FF ini membutuhkan konsentrasi tinggi dan sedikit survey tentang Bipolar Disease di Om Google *sigh*. But oh well, I’m currently in love with JoonTae couple dan masih mendendam pada si kodok sialan Choi Minho jadi silakan menikmati FF ini :]

Oh iya seperti yang sebelumnya author bilang, FF ini akan diceritakan sebagian besar melalui POV nya Joon. Maka dari itu jika tidak ada keterangan perubahan POV, si “aku” dalam FF ini none other adalah Lee Joon.

WARNING: UN-BETA ED so beware of grammatical errors and stuffs



“People say you can see your emotions trough the prism of colors. They form the figure of your everyday feelings; creating mystical auras that goes along with your presence. Shortly stating, the colors are changing according to whatever you feel deep inside your heart. But what if they’re changing too fast? Too fast until they dissolve to the confusing scratches of hues that slowly turn to the blinding light and you suddenly find yourself lost in it?”


I was never good at Literature, so it was surprising that I can write something so poetic like that. But really, being in a special treatment like this sometimes had its own advantage. Not like this kind of written treatment helped much, in my opinion. I still depend on those pills the doctor told me to take thrice a day, or more if needed. At least it reminded me of my old school days when I used to do the scribbling at the back of my book.


It was Thursday and I finally had a time to breathe in between our hectic schedules. The weather was fair and I was walking down the busy street of the modern jungle called Seoul. There were humans walking side by side under this enormous blue sky but sometimes it felt like I’m living my life with some heartless beasts around. You might find it too much but when you had a life like me you would know how it feels to be threaten  as if you were  nothing but a gold-digger pet; or a machine that earned gold and stocks. Boths are no better.


I sighed and dig my hands deeper into the pockets of my long coat. The scarf on my neck was starting to annoy me when I felt the warmth of the sun goes trough the fabric and started to create a thin layers of sweat on my skin. Not to forget the way people who were started to stare at me; some in a weird way (who on earth would wear an attire you usually have on winter in the middle of the bright sunny day like this?), more in a curious way. Crap. I dipped my head even lower and coughed, while I lifted up my left hand to fix the barrette that protected my hair.


Maybe I shouldn’t go out today. It’s one of a week privilege I get in a year. The others were probably still on their own respective bed; too tired to even move a muscle after having a crazy night out few hours before at the usual club.I probably did too, if he didn’t call me so early in the morning. The very second I know I would sacrifice my free time just for him. In fact from the first time I met him I just knew I would never say no to him.He had this power over me that no one had, and only he held the only key over my blurred emotions.


Taking a right turn, I walked straight ahead to that particular place. Our secret little corner at the secluded area of this big town. The small room filled with caffeine aroma in the air, dimmed light, and the most addicting Latte on the menu. A place where only a few people knew and the only one that became a witness of his hidden tears and the unspoken words of my despair… sometimes my tears too.  I unknowingly smiled as I took my steps closer the very place, and that strawberry blonde hair came to my sight.


“You’re early today.” I said, startling him a bit.

“Hyung! But I thought we supposed to meet at…” he gasped as he looked at his blue watch, “ Nevermind. Looks like I AM a bit too early.”

He sighed as I took off my disguise and went to the counter to order my usual beverage. He still looked troubled when I approached our spot and took a seat in front of him.

“What? Is it him again?” I guessed. “I don’t even have to ask, do I?”

He tore his stares off the window and looked at his folded hand, but said nothing as a reply.


“Taemin, aren’t you tired?” I asked him, no matter how many times I did in our previous meetings. “If I were a psychiatric then I’d charge you lots of your earnings already. Trust me, I know how much it will cost a person.”


I examined the thin teenager sitting right before me. For most people, it seemed like this boy is growing up; but for me, he was still the same teenage I met about a year ago. He was still fragile, though he refused to show it to the world. Everyone thought he never cried, but none had a slightest idea that the ever so tough Taemin had bawled his eyes out all because of a person.


He chuckled lightly and put his stares to me.

“I know you won’t charge me any cents cos you won’t have a heart to do that, right Hyung?” he stopped for a moment, “How was your last session with the doctor?”

I shrugged and thanked my friend, Lei for bringing my order to our table.

“Well not much of an improvement actually.” I replied as I tore the packed sugar and poured it to my Latte. “Still have to consume those damn pills. But at least my insomnia is getting better. Thanks for caring anyway.”

Taemin looked sympathetically at me and wrapped one of hand with his little one.

“You know you can tell me anything, Hyung. We promised each other to tell each other’s problems, right?”


I stopped stirring my drink and sighed. Lifting up my head, I smiled softly at the boy and answered,

“Don’t you realize that we always share the exact same stories every time we meet Taeminnie? What else can I tell you beside the rants and all those over hysterical notions of mine? And what’s new about your story?”


It was always about the same guy, ever and ever again.

“But let’s just forget about that for a second. Now what you have in store for me? What makes you call me at four in the morning, shaking like that and made me walk almost 2 miles to come here?”

Taemin opened his mouth in shock, knowing exactly that he accidently disturbed my sleep time by calling me at that time and was about to state his apology when I cut his words,

“I don’t need any sorry from you, I need an explanation Lee Taemin.”


The boy looked defeated and the guilt was there all over his face, but he decided to replied anyway.

“Joon Hyung, I need your help. I need to forget Minho Hyung once and for all.”






Sorry if it’s like BLEH :(( i find it really hard to write based on Joon’s POV and my brain is being a bitch tonight so yeah 😦 More to be revealed on the next chapter so stay tuned 🙂

Note: This FF could also be found in Enma D’mightyhyunsaferism’s FB


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