{FF/NC-17/ZE:A} Moral Of The Story

Title: (it doesn’t have title actually, but let’s call it like that)

Pairing: Heechul/Hyungshik (HEESHIK)

Rating: NC-17

Genre: smut, crack

Summary: You need to pay attention when you insert your fingers. Take the moral of this story.

“Unghhh…. H-Heechul hyung…. Ohhh….” The main vocalist of ZE:A writhes when he feels a slim finger intrudes the sphincter muscle of his ass. The owner of that finger is Heechul, the rapper of the group, who smirks in satisfaction while he thrusts his index finger deeper into Hyungshik.

“Feeling good?” Heechul asks, he makes a circling motion with his finger inside and rubs the wall of Hyungshik’s anus abruptly. Hyungshik groaned hard because of it. It hurts, Heechul knows, but of course Hyungshik will enjoy it no matter how painful it is. Maybe that’s why it is called “SAKIT NIKMAT”.

Heechul begins to insert another finger, this time it’s his middle finger. And no, he doesn’t even bother to use lubricant. With those two fingers he explores Hyungshik’s ass, trying to find his prostate.

“Hyung… it…. Hurts….” Hyungshik cries, more like squeaks though. “At least use lubricant, can’t you?! Ohh….” Hyungshik cries again. “WHERE ARE YOU TOUCHING?!?!” He shouts when Heechul’s left hand squeeze his balls.

“You have big assets.” Heechul grins. “So this is why you eat a lot, huh?”

“Stop squeezes it like that or you’ll crash my future!!!” Hyungshik whines, he tries to remove Heechul’s hand from his balls, but Heechul is stronger. He catches Hyungshik’s hand and forces him to touch.his.assets. No, I’m not talking about Hyungshik’s tits—he doesn’t have one, it’s Heechul who have it.    Heechul holds Hyungshik’s left hand tight and brings it to his (Hyungshik’s) balls.

“Massage it.” Heechul whispers next to Hyungshik’s ear, he nibbles it and gives a slight lick. Enough to make Hyungshik shivers and nods even though he doesn’t want. It’s kinda weird to touch himself, because usually Kevin does all the works. All that Hyungshik need to do is spread his leg wide and be the boss.

He moans, he groans, he cums, done. He doesn’t need to do anything! But with Heechul, no, he never let Hyungshik slacking lazily. He’s a combination of a masochist, sadistic, voyeurs and exhibitionist.

Hyungshik wraps his hands around his testes, massages them gently while Heechul watches him from behind.

“No, no, you need to do it faster…” Heechul says. He grabs Hyungshik’s hand and forces him to move faster and tighter. Heechul brings Hyungshik’s left hand to treasure along he length of the big meaty penis of him. Sure it gets hardened really fast. Blood rushes down to Hyungshik’s below part and leaves his brain. He can’t think anymore with two hands (his hand and Heechul’s) working on his dick and three fingers (yes, Heechul inserts another finger inside him) churning him inside out and hit his prostate perfectly. It’s painfully hurt, especially when Heechul’s ring accidentally rubs the wall inside but it’s exciting at the same time.

“Ohhh ohhhh OHHH GOD DAMN JUNG HEECHUL HYUNGGG….” Hyungshik yelps loudly when Heechul bites his neck, followed by his infamous HeeTongue dances around his earlobe and face. Like a cat. (…..)

“YOU’RE NOT A CAT, SHOULD I REMIND YOU?” Hyungshik yells. But Heechul won’t give a damn, this spoiled kid always complain too much, and if he listens to all of his complain, it will ruin his mood. So as soon as Hyungshik opens his mouth again, he let go of Hyungshik’s left hand and pulls Hyungshik’s face closer to his face, he makes the latter silenced by his kiss.

Who doesn’t want his kiss anyway?

“Stop complaining.” Heechul says when he breaks the kiss. He pokes Hyungshik butt cheek and continues scissoring the younger boy’s asshole. He makes sure it’s large enough for him to insert his member into it, so he makes a big circling motion with his three fingers to widen the wall even more. Hyungshik groans, of course. And just when he’s about to pull his fingers out and replaces them with his already hard cock, Hyungshik squirms his body hard to his right side like this:
because Heechul’s nail accidentally scratch his rectum’s wall.

“OUCHHH!!!!!!” Hyungshik cries out loud and stands up without he realize. “It’s damn hurt!!! I can’t stand it anymore…” He yells and forcefully pulls Heechul’s fingers out.

The rapper widens his eyes. His mouth is hung opened.

“H-hyungshik-ah….” Heechul stutters. “Y-you.. you…”

“What? Why are you looking so shock like that? It should be me who reacts like that….” Hyungshik pouts. “My ass doesn’t feel right….”

“Of course….” Heechul gulps. “Because of your sudden move…. My ring accidentally gets left inside.”




Moral of the story: Don’t forget to keep your nails short so you won’t hurt your partner and REMEMBER, don’t wear your ring when you’re fingering too deep.

More moral of the story: Don’t move so suddenly.


8 thoughts on “{FF/NC-17/ZE:A} Moral Of The Story



    Roonie, you clearly a master of these things LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    and naw, Chul have to finger Shik again to get his ring

    and Eiji’s old DP LOLOLOLOLOL

    OMG *ngakak guling2 kejang2*
    thanks so much bb ♥♥♥
    this is what i’m waiting for~ *gemetar senang*



    the author of dork (like as princess of wales), u did well made me drolling hahaha

  4. XDD I’ve read these kind of ff, well they sometime left the di*do inside or even popsicle but they will found the way out!
    chul’s ring will forever there muahaha LOL

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