[Fanfic/Drabble] Change of Heart – HanTeuk

Huwaa~ Look what I found when I was messing with my folders 8D

Title:: Change of Heart
Pairing:: HankyungXLeeteuk , slight HanChul and SiChul
Genre:: angst/fluff/ I dun freakin know

Disclaimer:: Yeah right they’re mine… and pigs can fly =______=;;

<Hidden Treasure of messy folders>

Hankyung didn’t understand what Heechul was implying. Heechul was Hankyung’s mate, or wasn’t him? However, what hankyung was worried about was the touches and the affections Heechul gave to his ex-boyfriend… Siwon…
Hankyung didn’t like any of it…

The seemingly-natural touch became oh-I-swear-to-my-freakin-God-that-was-on-purpose touch. And it pissed hankyung so much that he wanted to punch the simba on his face and kissed Heechul to claim what had ben his.

But he couldn’t… and it frustrated him so much.

“Siwon-ah~ say aaahh~~” Heechul flirted, trying to make his voice as cute as possible with mouth opened oh-so-tempting-ly, a sign for the gesture man to open his mouth and accept the spoonful of Hankyung’s famous beijing rice.

Dammit! If Hankyung knew the fierceful-uke was asking the beijing rice for that, Hankyung would NEVER made it in the first place.


But what’s done had been done. It’s no time to regret.

It’s the time to dwell in the the fact that his uke was tired of him.

“Heechul-ah, I can eat by myself.” Was the reply from Siwon. But on the contrary, he gave heechul that killer smile and happily munched the food given to him. “ah this stupid man~ your action is saying the other way~” Heechul giggled like a young girl in her first love, so corny…

Oh the fluff, Hankyung felt like punching something… better yet, punching Siwon to get rid of his stupid smile on his face.

“Yah! What are you guys!? A new-wed~??” commented the leader, Angel Leeteukie in annoyance. He usually stayed in silence when his ‘sons’ were having their own private time with their couples, but seeing one of the member, hankyung, watching Siwon and Heechul with hurtful eyes and face that was screaming the urge to cry, he just couldn’t let this one off. “Yeaah~~ we are~~” came heechul’s mischieveous reply, accompanied with a hug and a toungue sticking out in playful manner.

But such actions broke Hankyung’s heart even more.

“I… I’m going out for a bit…” Hankyung declared before he walked away the heart breaker couple. Without even taking his coat and scarf on the snowy evening, he walked out. Leeteuk watched Hankyung’s now dissapearing back in pity. This always happened on boybands with odd members…

Leeteuk sighed before he decided to catch up with hankyung, with their coats and scarves in his hand.


Hankyung walked out of the apartment building, having no single idea on his destination. He kept on walking fast blindly. He just wanted to escape, he just didn’t want to see…

If he could be blind, he wished he was so he wouldn’t have to see the interactions between those two…

If he could be deaf, he wished he was so that he wouldn’t have to hear the giggles and the laughs of joy…

“ARRRGHH!!!” He screamed before meeting his fist with the nearest wall with such force that pained his hand. But he didn’t care for the pain, nor was he for the numbing coldness of the falling snow.

He hated it… he hated those two…

Those hugs, those kisses, those touches…

It should’ve been him who gave heechul all of them…

It should’ve been him who loved Heechul solely…

It should’ve been his arms which circled around heechul’s slender body…

It should been him…


Dammit… dammit….


Another punch was sent, along with numerous punches he kept on sending the wall. With those lips that used to kiss Heechul’s, he screamed his annoyance, his jealousy, and his anger with countless chinese characters that wasn’t comprehend-able.
He didn’t know when did the tear he tried so much to push it back fell onto his reddened cheek. He didn’t know when did the anger turned into agony. He didn’t know when did the snow stopped…

And so he stopped…

The world seemed to be silenced…

Not even a single voice heard out of his unsteady breathing…

The piling snow that laid before his eyes made all monochromatic. The only color that stood out in front of his eyes was the crimson stain on the snow, right below him, dropping fiercefully from his bleeding right hand.

This sinful color… Hankyung suddenly grew fond of it…

But the new obsession couldn’t distract him from the same agony of watching his lover inside other man’s embrace… he cried one more time before he let the gravitation pulled his tired heart, body, and soul into the zero degree of the snow.

The tears keep flowing, the loneliness crept out, he was in the verge of losing what remains of his sanity.

“Hankyung-ah…” the voice of the eldest member brought him back to the edge he was going to fall from. “aigoo, look at yourself… you’re cold…” said Leeteuk softly before putting the coat he was bringing onto the torso of the pitiful man. Hankyung didn’t respond, he just let himself be taken away by the leader’s kindness. He didn’t have that much of a pride left, he knew he needed a consolation, and the leader was there for him…

“Hyung I…” Hankyung started but couldn’t finish. The slender finger of the angel had pressed his lips, not demanding an explanation.

“Let’s get you warm first, shall we?” Leeteuk smiled kindly as he worked on his hands to place the scarf on Hankyung’s neck.

Hankyung finally felt the cold of the snow and the warmth of the coat and the hands that was wrapping the scarf. Such kindness…

“Now… can you stand?” Leeteuk asked, taking a step back for a space for Hankyung to stand. Hankyung nodded silently before trying to get himself back on his own two feet. Only to find himself falling back again.

It seemed like the right hand was not capable of holding himself up as the pain started to get into his senses, causing him to wince and let out a small painful groan. Leeteuk who quickly noticed the escaped groan widened his eyes when he found the crimson liquid and the scrapped right hand of Hankyung.

“What have you done, Hankyung-ah?” the question was a denying one. Leeteuk couldn’t believe his eyes. “I… lost control…” said the chinese member, looking down in shame. Just by looking at the wall beside him and the words from Hankyung, Leeteuk finally got a grasp on the scene.

Of course, worry came. But he quickly pushed it aside and pulled the logic. He couldn’t bear to lose his composure now, if he did, there’s a chance that this nasty wounds might ended up even uglier.

“Hospital… I’ll get you there first before going back home…” stated Leeteuk. He raised his hand to stop a taxi, then helped hankuyung to stood and walked inside the taxi. The physical pain and the cold might still be there, but his soul was a bit in ease and warm, thanks to the motherly leader… Silently and unnoticably, Hankyung smiled…


A/N: I’m so damn freakin sorry that this story turned out this way. I was thinking of making an Angst/fluff kind of fic, but yeah. I’m typing this with my eyes both closed as sleepiness overtake my brain…. =_________= I swear I wasn’t going to make a HanTeuk, but I think I JUST DID! Dammit! This is one crack pairing indeed… =-= next time, maybe I’ll make a continuation drabble, but I dunno. This idea struck me when I’m watching SuJu full house that is full of SiChul and sad!Hankyung. btw, the whole leeteuk thingy… I was trying to make a mother-son scene but I think I fail… BIG TIME… anyway, anyhow, I hope you enjoyed the piece (since I’m in the verge of collapsing as I typed this words) and please do comment…
Jung Ji Yul (signing off…)


4 thoughts on “[Fanfic/Drabble] Change of Heart – HanTeuk

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  2. *JAW DROP*
    do i just got a hit on my head or something cos holy crap, i love this!
    It’s a bit weird to imagine those two getting pretty close to each other but then… the way you describe their relationship is wonderful.

    but TBH it’s more like friendship “LOVE” to me rather than “THAT” love. but whatever it’s still beautiful.
    and heck Heechul’s really one o’ a bitch isn’t he LOL
    thank God you find this one in your folder. It’s extraordinary and i like it very much :))

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