[Fanfic/Drabbles] Emotion 1/2 [Yunjae Side]

This is the first half of ten drabbles Fujoshishoujo asked for. she requested ten drabbles with ten words with 2min and YunJae as the pairings. thus here it is. the first half of the ten, the whole YunJae. the 2min one will be completed soon and will be posted here too. I hope Fujoshishoujo-san and the readers enjoy this piece.

>First half – YunJae<



Yunho was supposed to take Jaejoong to Paris for their honeymoon. However, his plan didn’t go as he planned, all thanks to the sudden blizzard which canceled their flight. Yunho swore heaven was against him that night as they were forced to stay at their shared apartment, unable to step outside at all. Jaejoong himself didn’t seem to mind the change of plans, nevertheless Yunho was still disappointed.


However, his disappointment soon turned into gratitude when Jaejoong placed a thick blanket around both his and Jaejoong’s body with two cups of hot chocolate in hands. And when they snuggled close, Yunho realized. This is their Paris, where ever they were together, is their Paris.





Pitter patter


The sound of rain knocking the windows is music for Jaejoong’s ears. The sound is steady and soft like a lullaby, yet sometimes the very same resonance brings not serenity in Jaejoong’s heart. And one of that sometimes is now…


The falling droplets of raindrops are the perfect picture of Jaejoong’s face at the moment, wet and gloomy. The salty beads roll down his flawless cheek silently yet continuously, his hands clasped together as they try to reassure the owner of his own strength to go through the blue. However, Jaejoong needs one more pair of hands to actually convince himself and that pair is not going to be there anytime soon… or maybe they will never come at all.


The thought itself makes his chest tighten. Jaejoong unclasped his hands and stares at the gold Cartier ring he was holding onto. The gold piece of art has not his name engraved at, but the name of his most beloved man, Yunho. Inside his longing deprived head, the memory of two hands, one bigger than his, wearing the couple golden rings, the very same one he is holding, beautifully linked in a blissful manner. The memory when they were happy and most importantly together.


However now, Jaejoong is left alone with half of the couple rings to keep and to preserve. Even when his ring finger looks really cold and lonely, he won’t put the single piece on in the sake of waiting for the holder of the other half to come and put it back on with his big gentle hands.


No matter how long it will take, Jaejoong, together with the cold golden ring, will wait faithfully until the pairs return as one.




Plastic bag


Lately, Yunho always find a plastic bag hung on his door knob, not just any empty plastic bag either, it was a plastic bag with meal worth for him and Changmin. Every morning and evening, a plastic bag would be there, still and innocent.


At first, Yunho thought it was a fan, so he shrugged it off albeit feeling a bit bothered. Then he ate the meal inside for his breakfast and dinner. A nostalgic feeling washed upon him unknowingly.


The second time, he began to suspect other people. Only to shrug it off by thinking it was their manager. After sending a grateful text message to the manager, they ate again. This time, it was Yunho’s favorite and a piece of paper, saying “I made you your favorite. Eat well and don’t get sick. I don’t want your stomach to act up again.”
It may be a casual note to everyone else. But to Yunho, that simple note explained the sender.


So the next day when the sender of the plastic bag came with another of his homemade meal, he was surprised to see a paper bag hung. Inside it was the food’s container, a red chrysanthemum with ribbon and a note.


The sender chuckled, playing with the chrysanthemum with his left hand while his right hand opened the note. Then he read;


‘Thank You Jaejoong’


On side note, Chrysanthemum in general means “You’re a wonderful friend” while the red one means “I love” so there.



Jaejoong is holding onto one thing, an answer for an important question of Yunho’s.


Even now, Jaejoong still remembers it clearly. He still remembers the question…


He still remembers the way Yunho kneeled down before him, holding out a velvet box with a diamond studded ring inside gleaming almost unearthly.


Yeah, he still remembers it clearly as if it happened just yesterday.


He remembers the red blush on Yunho’s cheek, the nervous brown eyes, the stutter and jumbled sentence he’s trying to say…



“Would you marry me?”


Was the question


Jaejoong knows he could’ve just said yes and went together to Canada or somewhere where same sex marriages are allowed, but that time… He just had to think…


He had to think if saying yes was the right answer, he had to think if saying no was the wrong one. He just had to think about it a bit too deeply.


At the end, he asked for a time to think which Yunho gave.


Nevertheless, he never had the chance to answer.


Not when the next day, the man he was supposed to give the answer to had an accident… and lost his life…


Jaejoong never had the chance to say yes for it is now too late. All he can do is hold onto his ‘engagement’ ring and whispers…


“Yes… I will…”





It was Yunho’s first solo stage after Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun had left him. Being nervous was normal however it was unnecessary. At least not when he was about to go out there and dance for the hungry fangirls. He had to prove himself, he had to prove to the fans, to the company, to the world, that he was indeed, fine without the trio by his side.


Yunho took a deep breath, trying to calm down the rushed blood flow.


It didn’t work…


He knew just exactly why he couldn’t mess up even for a single step in this performance. He had to look marvelous so that no one would think he was actually a crap without the trio, he had to please the company so that it won’t bother the trio.



And he had so save his pride…


His hands began to tremble, not in excitement but more in fear.


Even with his hands fisted, the trembling didn’t stop if not worsen.


Unlike the moments when he was with the other four, he didn’t have to be afraid of anything because he knew there would always be a reassurance that when he fall, he had people to catch him and help him back up.


Now he was all alone and he actually didn’t like the idea at all…


A knock on the door brought him back to realization.


“Come in…” he answered weakly. He wondered who would come at such time. He wasn’t expecting any visitor and he wasn’t in the mood for having any either.


The door creaked open and Yunho still didn’t bother to turn around to greet his guest. Yunho assumed if he did so, he wouldn’t have to deal with whoever was standing by the door for a long time.


“Yunho-ah?” a sweet voice called. Yunho never mistaken that sweet alluring voice and yet at the very moment he even doubt his hearing. Reluctantly, he turned.




Standing by the now closed door was Kim Jaejoong, the least expected and yet the most expected guest for Yunho. Yunho was shocked to the point that he forgot of his nervousness.


“urm.. Hi…” Jaejoong waved his hand awkwardly. Yunho stilled on his seat, waiting for the feminine boy to reason. “errr… I’m here because… actually I… I thought…” the awkward atmosphere had tensed the slightly older male until he was having difficulties on talking. Frustrated, Jaejoong, with a defeated sigh, hold out his hand.


His white delicate hands were dirty with earth and dirt. Small cuts were also visible almost on every inch of his hands. Such a precious body part to play the piano was in a mess. Yunho cocked an eyebrow, not quite understand. Jaejoong didn’t dare to look at Yunho’s eyes as the floor was suddenly looked much more interesting. His hands trembled in awkwardness and embarrassment.


“H-here…” Jaejoong muttered, loud enough for Yunho to hear.


It was when Yunho noticed the small plant inside Jaejoong’s grasp.


A four leaf clover…


Yunho raised his head to see Jaejoong, wanting to make sure he wasn’t mistaken.



Apparently, he wasn’t.


Gently, slowly, Yunho wrapped his hands to Jaejoong’s dirty one. He kissed the dirt laced fingers lovingly. The soft touch must’ve surprised Jaejoong for the shorter boy raised his head almost too quickly.


Finally, their eyes met and Yunho smiled. “Thank you for doing this…” He thanked full heartedly.


Jaejoong replied with a smile which soon turned into a gasp when Yunho pulled him closer. “I love you…” Yunho whispered at Jaejoong before kissing the clover and continued with kissing Jaejoong whose lips were right behind the four leaf clover.


“You’re welcome and I love you too… Yunho…” Replied Jaejoong once their lips parted. Both of them smiled ever so lovingly, now reassured that everything would be alright.


Yes, everything will be alright with ‘his clover’ by his side




I am sorry for the bad grammar, bad wording and all. this is my first K-fic after a long time not writing so… yeah, I just hope I didn’t fail that bad.
thank you for reading and comment if you could


7 thoughts on “[Fanfic/Drabbles] Emotion 1/2 [Yunjae Side]

  1. OMFG
    ILYSFM!!!! *kisses you like crazeeeeh*
    These are absolutely wonderful ;_____;
    the first story makes me smile like an idiot, while the second makes me goes all the way around 😦
    i totally love the last one. four leaf clover is such a legend and idk why i am rooting so much to see one of them someday and the fact that YOU had written the drabble which used that magical plant to picture how jae somehow calmed yunho is just,,, wonderful ;___;

    BRAVO for you gal~ ❤
    can't wait for the 2min ones!
    love ya!

    • oh LOL. I’m so glad you liked it unnie XD
      I haven’t written K-fic for so long that I was worried I lost my edge T__T
      thank you for the prompts, it burns the inspiration candle in my brain XDD
      hope you won’t mind waiting coz that 2min had a prompt that got me stuck like hell =3=
      thank you again XDD *give hugs and kisses*

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  3. oh, what a great writing.the words chosen.. the sentence arrangement.. the story.. every little thing used to enrich the story.. there’s no doubt, I love it!
    Can’t wait for the 2min story

    • Thank you!
      thank you so much for reading and for loving the story ^A^
      ps: Hope you won’t mind to wait for a few more days coz I’m rather… stuck with a prompt Fujoshishoujo unnie gave me =___=

  4. *Being left speechless*

    I lost my words..It’s really amazing!Wonderful!Just WOW…!

    It’s written beautifully..It’s great that as a reader I could understand the feelings..

    Everything just sweet,so romantic but also heartbreaking…

    • t-thank you QAQ
      I’m really grateful that the readers could understand what I was trying to portray as I am grateful for the compliment.
      in fact, I’m blushing right now lol >//A//<
      Thank you so much for reading^^
      *share virtual cookies and kisses*

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