[Fanfic/Oneshot] The Bouquet – JoonTae couple

Title : The Bouquet

Pairing : Lee Joon x Minho, slight 2min

Rating : G

Genre : fluff all the way

Disclaimer : I wish i could own them~


Maafkan author karena author demen abis sama couple ini =______= apalagi pas denger MBLAQ ikut nonton konser SHINee tanggal 1 kemaren. Dalem ayi author yakin kalo Joon bela-belain dateng ke sana karena pengen kasih dukungan ke mimin *disorakkin 2mim shipper* *diludahin minho*. Ahm! Anyway, maaf buat typos dan kesalahan pada grammar~ itu semua karena keterbatasan bahasa Inggris saya~ *bows*


“Relax, Taemin. It’s not like you haven’t done it before. You can do it! Hwaiting!” Lee Taemin said quietly to himself and lifyed his fist to show his determination.

The teenager were at his dressing room, right on the backstage of their group’s first concert venue and his heart wouldn’t stop thumping like mad since a few hours ago… or was it since last night? Taemin didn’t even remember.

I was their very first concert in their hometown, for Heaven’s sake so no wonder if the teen felt really anxious about it; even almost made him crazy just by thinking about it. He couldn’t bear it if only he made a mistake on his solo performance. Like, everyone was going to talk about it and the reporters were obviously would be so happy just because they got a hot piece of new to be written. A loud knock on his door woke Taemin up from his spaced out state and he stutterly answered,

“Y,yeah?” said his coarse voice.

It must be his manager, going to tell him to get ready.

“Taemin, can I come in?” the other voice replied, “It’s me, Lee Joon.”

Taemin’s mouth formed a little ‘O’ shape before responded quickly to the request,

“Sure Hyung, just come in.”

The white door swung open, revealing the Lee Joon of MBLAQ with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He still looked dazzling though he wore casual clothes that night, not to mention that joker smirk of his.

“Joon Hyung!” the teen exclaimed happily, “wow, you come too?! How about the rest?”

“They’re waiting on the seat and they say hi.” came the reply from Joon.

“Oh I see…” Taemin frowned, “umm, well then what brings you here Hyung? Aren’t you going to wait on your seat too? It’s going to be too dark once the concert start, you know?”

Joon chuckled lightly before handing the bouquet in his hand to the teen in front of him.

“I come to give you this.” he said briefly.

Taemin blushed a little when he accept the big bundle of flowers from his hyung. Joon had always ‘accidently’ showed his crush to Taemin ever since they met in a show for the first time though it’s not been said yet, but unfortunately the dancer just keeps silent about it. Not because he didn’t like Joon, but well he already got Minho so it’s impossible for him to receive Joon’s feeling as well. Though he must admit that Minho was being a bit too busy these days and Yaemin started to feel lonely.

“Joon Hyung, you don’t have to come here to give me this.” He mumbled, “You always can give it to manager hyung. He’ll pass it up to me for sure.”

Joon smiled. He gently ruffled the younger’s hair with affection.

“I have to give it directly to you because this, “he pointed at the said thing, “ain’t just bouquet. They deliver some… special message for you.”

Taemin tilted his head in confusion, looking at the older male in front of him.

“Message? For me?”

Joon just nodded, though he cursed the main dancer inside his head because he’s being sinfully too cute for the liking.

“Yup. That’s why I come here myself to give you these!” he pointed at the purple envelope stick to the plastic wrapper, “When you have time, just read what’s inside it. It pretty much summarizes what they wanna say to you… and what I always wanna say to you.”

Taemin went speechless as he tried to digest the last words of Joon’s sentences. He glued his eyes to his hyung but Joon just sighed and pinched his cheek gently.

“Guess I gotta go now. Good luck with the show, okay? I’ll be watching from my seat.” said him.

Taemin just watched the eldest wave his hand before disappearing outside the door.  He curiously stared at the bouquet, specifically to the envelope that was still waiting to be opened. The teen then put the bouquet on his desk, and unattached the envelope, pulling out the cream-colored paper from inside and read the content with (again) thumping chest.

Dear Taemin,

As I told you this bouquet is special. These probably not a common flower you usually find. However, they hold a special meaning that represents my feeling for you, each and every one of them. Hibiscus reminisce you perfectly; they represent something rarely beautiful. Just like you. For me, you are special, unbelievably so wonderful that I almost couldn’t breathe when I look at you.

Since then I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and Bellflowers represent it very precisely. I’m like those lovesick school girl; I find myself downloading your every performance, watching the shows that include you. Go ahead, you may see me as a stalker but hey, it really does happen to me.

I was honestly freak out but then I knew that there’s only one possibility of why do I commit such frightening acts toward you. I fall for you. I like you. Like, in THAT like, you know and as crazy as it sounds I don’t care if it’s wrong. I’m attracted to you, I care for you, and I can’t stop myself. You should see it by the time we had the Idol Sport day thing few months ago. And that’s what Honeysuckle means to you; it says devoted affection.

There goes my confession. I never meant to make you upset but I just want you to know what’s been buried inside without being able to show it blatantly. You have Minho, that’s the answer if you ask me why. Beside, your shipper would go and hunt me if I say it out loud. So, yeah.

And I hope you say yes to what the Daffodils say, even though I have to wait for that to happen.

PS: Don’t tell Minho i gave you this. He could be pretty scary when he got pissed.

Much love,

Lee Joon

Taemin’s cheeks burned. He lost for word for sure. How come Joon did this to him?? Confessing in just… 15 minutes before the concert started?! And what’s with all these flower meanings thing?? It’s damn cheesy! Taemin puffed his cheeks in annoyance and unconsciously fanned those chubby red chewy meet of his as if they’re really hot.

Later that night Taemin found out the meanings behind the daffodils:

“Return my affection.”



*melted on my chair*


Note: This fanfic could also be found in Enma D’mightyhyunsaferism’s FB


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