[Fanfic/Drabble] The Winner – 2min couple

Title : The Winner

Pairing : Taemin x Minho

Rating : G

Genre : fluffy~

Disclaimer : I wish i could own them~ but i dont!


Widiiihhh drabble lagii~ Author lagi nganggur sumpah di kantor, apalagi temen juga lagi cuti terus atasan kaga masuk gara-gara anaknya sakit oleha karena itu saya ditinggal sendiri di kantor… *sigh* untung ribet-ribetnya udah dari tadi pagi jadi sempet nulis drabble yang plotnya terinspirasi dari salah satu episode Oh! My School yang secara gak sengaja gue tonton kemaren malem. Sorry for grammatical errors and typos, cos you know… I’m too lazy to beta it *get smacked*


Minho had to be the winner almost in every aspect of his life.

He just had to defeat everyone else around, be it in a show or just a fight over their dinner with the Bling dino at the dorm.

His competitiveness was scary; even the almighty Key admitted it once.

It wasn’t like Minho asks for that side of him, but well he was kinda thankful for it many times. It helped him to strive for his best to achieve something.

That’s why he felt so miserable when he got only one vote for the Class President election in one of that variety show’s episode. He hoped to get three votes at least (okay, so he said two earlier but secretly/desperately he was of course expecting to get MORE than that), but the result showed the other way around. He tried to shrug it off as if it’s nothing, but inside his pride hurt so damn much he wonder if anyone noticed.

But then that night right after the shooting ended, when he walked straight to his shared bedroom with the magnae of his group, feeling drained and disappointed, he was welcomed by the gradually grinning Taemin who was obviously waited for him to come home. The youngest then wrapped his arms around Minho’s waist and hides his sleepy face on the older’s broad chest.

“Hyung, what took you so long? I’ve made you a cup of chocolate, but it must’ve been cold right now…” the teenager mumbled.

Minho sighed as he put his chin on the top of the other’s head, but this time it wasn’t something that relates with his tiredness anymore. It was a contented sigh; a realization that no matter how much he lost (if he ever lost before) and to whom. He already got his greatest price: an angel named Lee Taemin. And that what made him the number one winner in this world.



ohh sugar sugaarrr~ LOL

Thank God I’m free today~ my life is beautiful ❤


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