[Fanfic/drabble] Question and Answer – AkuRoku

Title: Question and Answer
Author: Ji Yul
Rating: PG for shounen-Ai
Pairing: Axel/Roxas // AkuRoku (Kingdom Hearts)
Summary: Roxas asks Axel a question which need no answer



“Hey Axel… we’re supposed to have no hearts aren’t we?”

The question escaped from a short blonde’s soft lips with ease, as if he was asking whether the red head, Axel, have eaten. Axel raised an eyebrow. It was rare for the almost-stoic blonde, Roxas, to initiate a conversation, moreover leaning against his chest like he was doing right now.


“Yeah, that what nobodies are all about.” The fire controller replied, wrapping a lazy arm around Roxas in attempt to bring the blonde closer to him.


Roxas raised his head towards the orange sky, closing his eyes peacefully, apparently enjoying the warmth from the older male behind him. Axel followed Roxas’ slight movement, still wondering what’s in his lover’s mind.


“Then… why?” The keyblade wielder suddenly continued, not opening his eyes while doing so.




Roxas finally opened his eyes, shifting his position so that he was facing the taller man. Before Axel could questioned him further, Roxas dipped into Axel’s broad chest, sinking his face in Axel’s body warmth.


“Why can I feel this much love for you? How can I fall in love with you so much? Too much that my chest hurts.” The voice came out muffled but Axel could catch what he’s saying perfectly.


A wide grin was formed on Axel’s face.


“Baka…” The statement was enough to make Roxas pulled himself out from the red top’s comforting warmth and scent.


“Huh?” At this, Axel’s grin grew wider as possible. He then used his other hand to push the blonde back to his torso and embraced him as lovingly as he could.


“There’s no need for an answer for that” Axel whispered his answer at the blushing boy’s ear. “You love me and I love you, so that’s it.” Axel kissed the temple of the boy’s head.


“Sou… da ne…” Roxas nuzzled his face in Axel’s embrace, feeling the chest-aching love overflowed. Slowly, he wrapped both of his arms around Axel and they stayed in that position until the sun completely disappeared over the horizon.


Sometimes… answer just isn’t needed…




A/N1: [‘Sou da ne’ would mean something like “I guess you’re right” or something similar. I don’t find the English to my taste so I had to put it in romaji .__. And in case someone don’t understand, ‘baka’ means ‘stupid’ or ‘idiot’]

A/N2: [This is my first fic here in this blog. not really expecting much of it thou. I just don’t know where to put it. maybe I’ll post this in ffn someday, I don’t know]

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