[Fanfic/Drabble] A Song… {OnKey couple}


I AM BACK. OH HELL YES X(( how are you my lovely readers doing?? OMGOSH I MISSED YOU!! maaf banget karena aku udah lama gak nulis FF, saking sibuk dan ribetnya ngejar target di kantor dan demi mencapai outstanding cabang sampe 120 MILIAR TT^TT but hey at least I do write something >.<

Drabble Onkey kali ini juga rada special karena (lagi-lagi) ide dasarnya berasal dari my own true story and what happen to me recently. It involves me and my… “bestfriend” from the college year. He’s actually a singer now but I’m not gonna say his name. What happen in this story is 75% really happened to me just a few weeks ago so yeah~ and no, I’m not joking. Curious? Well, read it then!


It’s the nth time I put on my earplug and hear your voice blasting out of the speakers, though I have no intention to listen to that song of yours and let the string of those words come into my mind.

Yes, I hear your song on the radio once again and I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe… you sing for me.

Push me down on the pavement and spit some humiliations at me, but I still can’t restrain myself not to feel it by the way you sing the lyrics with all your heart. It touches me, what you’re trying to say trough the song. It grabs my heart even if I get the wrong interpretations and the song is just merely a song in the end; not directly made to someone or in our case, sang for me who’s nothing but a stranger. For anyone else, but you… hopefully.


This love I felt is so brand new

Oh love, you’re making me insane

cos of you, I’d die for you…


Love is surely insane, just like the title of your latest single. I despise the fact that that silly yet tingling feeling I keep for you is obviously the trigger for the big headed accusation, as if the song is for me and me only. Even in this crowded office space and with only one earplug attached to my ear, it’s almost like you’re singing right before me; Just the two of us and no one else. My hatred grows when I realize how loud my chest is thumping and how I secretly reddening at the thought, and at the moments when you sang for me back in our college years. I won’t be surprised if my boss asks me if I am having an early symptom of heart problems, because now I feel my breath shorten as well.


I am the only

ones who would give you my all eternally

cos I’m your undying love…


My undying love. How is it easy for you to read me? Back when we were still be “friends” right until now, when you’ve become a rising star with a great song and fans to cheer you everywhere you are. How do you know what I feel even though we never really talk about us even when we’re alone? And how dare you infiltrating my heart without letting me peek into it, just to take a glimpse inside so that I know how to act around you? As I bit my lips and pretending to be all serious writing on my daily activity sheet, I have to accept the truth on the lyrics; you’re my truly undying love. I don’t know if I can replace you even if I find somebody else rather than you.


Then the song comes to a halt. It stops, and so my ridiculous imaginations.

I close my eyes and sighs heavily. Cut the crap Key, he does what he has to do; singing. That means he sings what he has to sing whatever come up within. There’s nothing to do with you, your past, and of course your feelings. It’s over; the end.

I let out a small smile and nods absentmindedly. Yes, we’re going our own separate ways now and life goes on. A song is just a song; there’s nothing more than that no matter how the lyrics coincidently match up your love life and even when the singer is someone who apparently related with it. Yeah.

I turn off the FM radio on my cell and reaching out my hand to grab my bag, when I feel the device vibrating gently. I take a look at it and quickly press a button to open the newly received message.


And I freeze instantly.


To: Diva Keybum

From: ChickOnew

Hi, how are you doing? Been busy with work?


Another message arrives when I still in my shock state and my fingers feel numb by the time I proceeds to open it.


To: Diva Keybum

From: ChickOnew

I miss you.


Maybe a song isn’t just a song after all. Maybe it’s our song. But maybe, just maybe…





well yeah, so that’s it. Emang bukan seperti fluff yang biasa sih karena jujur aja ini lebih ke inner thought nya Key (aka gue). Pokoknya ga usah ditanya gimana kejadian persisnya, cukup baca aja juga sudah menggambarkan kok XDD dan jangan tanya siapa cowok yg jadi role model buat penokohan Jinki di sini :3 becaise that’s a S E C R E T 😀 btw itu yang dicetak miring adalah translate-an dari lagu aslinya. it’s a rough translation so pardon my bad English :/

sorry for grammatical error and typos :3  WAIT FOR MY OTHER STORIES YEAH?? :DD


Note: this Fanfic could be also found on Enma D’mightyhyunsaferism’s FB


16 thoughts on “[Fanfic/Drabble] A Song… {OnKey couple}

  1. KYAAAA!! Kak Enma is baaaaackk!!! LOL. Padahal ngarepnya Picture of you/life yg dilanjutin. Tapi gapapa diehhh.

    Nice story! 😀 Ceritamu ga pernah ga sensasional (?) Walaupun awalnya rada bingung xD

  2. KAKAK!!!!!!!
    Guile, ceritanya nyentuh pol!!!! Sirion liat di ljny OnKey!!!
    Duileh, co cueet (so sweet, pelat2 dikit biar imut)…..
    *sob, sob*
    G nyangka Kk punya cerita hidup kaya gt, kaya di cerita2 novel 🙂

    • ^^;;;
      aku baru tau kalo kamu juga nulis di LJ TT^TT
      mianhaeee… nanti kalo aku ada waktu senggang aku baca deh FF nya >.<
      anyway cuma kebetulan aja kok kalo aq punya cerita kyk gitu XDD ngejalaninnya sih ga enak 😦 makasih ya udah baca ^^

      • Oho…. Iya juga, sie…. 0.0
        Sirion juga makasi Kakak mw ngeluangin wasktu buat baca FFny Sirion. Sirion tw Kakak ini super sibuk banget 🙂
        Enjoy my fics, then and happy reading! XD
        Don’t forget to comment 🙂

  3. I like 2Min and OnKey. I like some of your fics too…
    What language did u write it??? I can’t understant any thing in some fics.
    However… U write very lots of good stories. I really like them (almost stories I understant! =])

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