[Fanfic/Series] Beautiful Heartbreak: Prologue (JoonTaeMinhoYuri)

cr poster: Ezra @artfratermyra.wordpress.com

Title : Beautiful Heartbreak – Prologue

Pairing : Taemin x Minho, Minho x Yuri, !broken Joon x Taemin

Genre : romance, hurt, comfort

Length : undecided yet :/

Disclaimer : I do not own these people. I own the plot only.


stop staring at me like that >.> iya iyaa saya tau kalo masih ada FF lain yg harus dilesesaikan atau dilanjutkan, tapi sumpah deh plot ini terus terngiang-ngiang di otak, kayak manggil gitu buat dibikin TT^TT Otak saya terlalu banyak dijejali oleh joontae couple sepertinya *sigh*

anyway, FF yang ini mungkin berbeda dari yang lain karena sebagian besar POV yang ada di sini itu punya Lee Joon. Yups, I want to highlight on the 3rd “person” feelings and thoughts kkkk~

here’s the prologue. Idk if it’s good enough but well I gotta try, right?


The smile fades silently from the wonderful arch that’s your lips. The light I saw just couple seconds earlier dims, as both of those marbles attached to one particular corner that I’ve been hoping to be missed by none other than you. I feel my heart clenches when you immediately pull out and put your gaze on your feet, face paler than usual. Others might think you’re sick and true enough, you are sick; though your heart is the only part that needs the healing.

“Don’t look.” comes my quite order, “if it’s hurt, then don’t even bother.”

You smile bitterly; hands now playing with the droplets of water sliding down the plastic container of your half drunken cold chocolate, letting your long and bony fingers soaked by the liquid.

“It’s unfair, hyung. Seems like I will always drawn to him no matter what.”

“You can always free yourself but you choose to be dragged inside. There’s no one to blame, not even them.”

I take a glance and see the (still) same sight on the corner. Those two bird love might try all the best they can to keep it un-noticed by the humans walking down the busy hall of this enormous airport but hell, they are currently crushing the boy’s heart who sit beside me. Damn all those moronic fan service he pulled out with the boy earlier. Empty hopes and dreams; those two pathetic things that will forever offered by him.

“I am trying!” you choke your own words and I have to turn my attention to you, “but it’s so hard when I have to be with him every single time, when he has to give me all those sweetness even though it’s not more than just lies!”

Your eyes glisten; I know you’re pushing your sadness back to the very back of your scattered heart but I hate it so much. I want you to lean on me, to trust me just this once, to proof your promise that you’ll forgive him and move on.

“It’s hurt to see them like that, hyung… what they do, it’s just something I will never have.” you whisper with your eyes closed.

I lift my hand and touch your soft cheek, gently asking you to follow my order. When you finally lock your pretty brownish orbs to mine, I feel like losing my thoughts for just a moment. Those innocent yet hurtful gazes are too much…

I move my hand higher that it blocks the awful sight completely from him.

“Then start to look only at me.” I say, ignoring the fact that we’re still surrounded by our group members, “Please learn to love me back, Lee Taemin.”




weeewww bisa ditebak siapakah itu makhlyk penghancur hati mimin?? XDD nantikan chapter 1 nya yaa 😀 doakan biar saya ga keburu gila di kantor jadi bisa bikin lanjutannya cepet2 >.< maaf yaa prologuenya pendeeeeek =____=


5 thoughts on “[Fanfic/Series] Beautiful Heartbreak: Prologue (JoonTaeMinhoYuri)

  1. haduh haduh si minho nih pasti -_-
    onn, b.ing nya kok expert amat yak .aku yg englishnya quite standard ini jadi pusing bacanya
    bikin ver. indo dong *reader bnyk mau* wahahaha XD
    lanjut aaaah

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