[FF/Yaoi/PG-15/One-shot] SEC.RET (keep it between us)

Title: SEC.RET (Keep It Between Us)
Author: fetishoney
Rating: PG-15 for intimate scenes.
Pairing: L.Joe/Ricky, L.Joe/Chunji, CAP/Chunji
Summary: Chunji thought it’s okay to share L.Joe with Ricky, but actually…

This is the choice of life, when Chunji decides to share L.Joe with Ricky. Sometimes we can’t keep love for our own only, like how he does with L.Joe. But that’s okay, because this is a choice he has made in his life. Yes, he chooses this way.

Ricky glances at L.Joe and Chunji, then he suddenly run over L.Joe and hugs him from behind.
“Hyung, I’m sleepy~” Ricky whines.
L.Joe smiles and pulls the younger boy closer to him. “Go to sleep then. Do you want me to accompany you?”
Ricky nods and shows his childish smile. “Sure, I want you to stay beside me until I fall asleep. Ppalli~” Ricky pulls L.Joe’s shirt and whines. He glances once, at Chunji who sits across the room. Ricky smirks. He knows that Chunji is actually paying attention at them, so he tightens up his embrace and gives a slight kiss to L.Joe’s cheek.
“Hyung, will you sing me a lullaby?” Ricky asks.
“Haha. I’ll rap instead okay?” L.Joe laughs and messes with Ricky’s hair. Suddenly L.Joe looks at Chunji’s direction.
“Chunji-ya~ do you want to join us?” L.Joe shouts.
“Eh?” Chunji looks surprises by L.Joe’s sudden offer. “Err… no, I still have something to do.” Chunji smiles. “Just go ahead.”
“What are you doing now? It’s 11 PM already, babe…” L.Joe lets go of Ricky’s embrace and walks toward Chunji.
“Ah, nothing. Just writing a letter for my mom..” Chunji grins. “You two can go to sleep first, don’t wait for me.”
“Yes, I’m okay. Just go…” Chunji puts an awkward smile to ensure L.Joe. Ricky clearly doesn’t like this kind of situation.
“Arasseo, I’ll accompany you after Ricky falls asleep.” L.Joe whispers at Chunji and smiles. “Come on, Ricky, let’s go to your room.”
L.Joe messes Chunji’s hair and left with Ricky.

Ricky stares at Chunji who smiles gently at him. Why it always him who gets more attention from L.Joe? No matter how hard he tries to attract L.Joe, it will always be Chunji who gets more. Unfair.
“Come on Ricky, let’s sleep…” L.Joe drags Ricky to his bed. He covers his lovely dongsaeng with a blue blankets and kisses his forehead. “Goodnight, sweetheart.”

Ricky pouts. He knows that if he sleeps, L.Joe will go to Chunji’s side. And he doesn’t want that to happen.
“Hyung…” Ricky whines.
“Don’t go…” Ricky whispers weakly. He pulls L.Joe’s hand. “Don’t go to Chunji hyung…”
L. Joe smiles. “Why? I’m not going to leave…”
“Don’t tell me lie anymore.” Ricky suddenly shouts. “I know you’re going to meet him after I fall asleep. I know it hyung…”
Ricky unexpectedly sheds tears. “Don’t leave me, hyung. Don’t you know that I love you this much? Why do you always care about Chunji hyung more than you care about me…”
L.Joe remains silent for seconds. “I don’t…” He finally replies. “I think I love you equally…”
“I don’t want to be loved equally…” Ricky clenches his teeth. “I want you to love me more, to look only at me. Can’t I?”

L.Joe isn’t answering. He wipes Ricky’s tears instead.

“Hyung, if you love me…” Ricky put L.Joe’s hand on his face. “…kiss me.”

He tries to ensure himself that he is okay. He is definitely fine with Ricky and L.Joe’s intimate tonight. But when he unexpectedly sees they’re kissing on bed, he can’t help but to feel jealous… and sad. He shouldn’t go before.
He’s sad because he realizes that actually he wants L.Joe for himself only. He’s scared to realize that deep inside he’s being egoist. How he wishes he’s in Ricky’s position right now…

Chunji breathes in and out, he tries not to make any sound and pays a really close attention to L.Joe and Ricky who is kissing passionately inside their bedroom. He peeks through the door’s small gap, and his chest feels so hurt when he sees those hands of L.Joe unbuttons Ricky’s pajamas and trails the younger boy’s neck with butterfly kisses. He holds his tears and slowly sheers off.
Chunji can’t take it anymore, he really wish he’s the one whom L.Joe kissed right now. He tries to find somewhere quiet, so he walks to the pantry. He squats in the corner and cries his lungs out there.

“Chunji…?” A voice calls for his name. Chunji stop sobbing, he tries to hold his tears so he stays silent and does nothing.
“Chunji-ya~ is that you?” That voice calls for him again, and it’s drawing near. “Hey, are you crying?”
“I am not.” Chunji replies, he tries to sound just fine but failed. “Just leave me alone…”
“Hey, how can I leave you alone?” The voice’s owner pats Chunji’s head gently. “I don’t know what happened to you, but I’ll be here for you.”

Chunji turns his head and finds that it’s CAP who talks. “Hyung…”
“What’s wrong with you?” CAP smiles gently. He caresses Chunji’s hair and let the younger one leans on his shoulder.
Chunji can’t hold his tears again, he cries on CAP’s shoulder. “L.Joe… Ricky…” he stutters. “they’re… in the room… and they…”
in front of Chunji’s lips. “You don’t have to say it anymore. I know what are you feeling.”
Chunji sobs. “I hate myself. I hate it when I realized that actually I want L.Joe for myself.” Chunji murmured. “I freaking hate myself.”
“Don’t be…” CAP says. “It’s normal to feel jealous over them. Who wants to be two-timed anyway?”
Chunji shakes his head. “But I can’t keep L.Joe for myself. Lucky Niel, he has you.”
“If you want, I can be yours this whole night…” CAP suddenly says.

“What do you m-…?” Chunji cannot finish his sentence as the leader silences his lips with a slight kiss. Instead, Chunji is stunned and stares at CAP with unbelievable look. “…hyung?”
“Sorry…” CAP looks away. “I-I was just trying to comfort you…mianhae…”

CAP bites his lower lips and dares himself to look back at Chunji. “Y-yeah?”
“Please comfort me…” Chunji put an awkward smile. “…with your love.”

The two of them kissing hungrily on the couch. CAP’s hand unbuttons Chunji’s shirt and he slips it inside. Chunji doesn’t want to think about anything anymore, he just want to feel CAP’s touch to ease his pain.

They’re romancing along the night while keeping their voice to the lowest level. They don’t want anybody to notice them, but it is too good to be stopped.

“Hyung… umhh…” Chunji gasps as the older boy breaks the kiss. “I want…more.”
CAP smirks. “…more? But I thought you want L.Joe…”
“Forget him already…” Chunji says hoarsely. “I want to feel you more…”
CAP giggles and kisses Chunji’s head. “Alright, but keep it secret between us ok?”
“Sure…” Chunji circles his arms around CAP’s waist and pulls him closer to him. “L.Joe doesn’t have to know, so does with Niel…”

“Chunji-ya~…” A voice wakes him up. Chunji slowly opens his eyes. It’s already morning, he can feels the sun shines through their living room’s windows.
“L.Joe…” Chunji mumbles.

“Why are you sleeping in the couch? You might catch a cold.” L.Joe smiles and covers Chunji’s body with a blanket.
“Ermm.. yeah, I fell asleep last night..” Chunji rubs his eyes and looks at his surrounding. CAP feeds Niel some cereals, but somehow he notices that Chunji is looking at his direction. He then winks and gives Chunji a sign to keep silent.

Chunji smiles and nods. “Keep it between us.” He mouthed.

“Ricky is still sleeping…” L.Joe says. “We can have our time together now…”
“Yeah, sure…” Chunji replies. His eyes still looking at CAP though…
“I was going to accompany you last night, but unfortunately I fell asleep.” L.Joe looks regretful.
“It’s okay…” Chunji says.
“You’re not mad at me?” L.Joe asks. “H-hey, are you listening to me?”
Chunji turns his head to L.Joe’s direction and smiles. “Of course babe, why should I get mad at you?”
“Are you sure?” L.Joe gazes into Chunji’s eyes.
“Sure,” Chunji pecks L.Joe’s lips and smiles. “I will never be mad at you.”

L.Joe grins and kisses Chunji. “I love you.”
“I love you too…” Chunji hugs L.Joe tight, but his eyes staring at CAP. “…let’s always keep it between us.”

Chunji whispers. “Everybody doesn’t need to know.”
And he knows that CAP knows the meaning.


3 thoughts on “[FF/Yaoi/PG-15/One-shot] SEC.RET (keep it between us)

  1. lols XD gara2 ni FF mulai suka dan trtarik nih sma Teen Top :)…o ya forget to say ni FF keren onn..
    aku suka bgt ni FF..!! :DD
    Uke rebellionnya dilanjutin jga ya.. yg 2min , jgn lupa NC Xd wkwkwwk,,,
    udah ah, fighting bwt Onni :)!!

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