[Fanfic/PG-13/Yaoi/OT6] SEC.RET (They don’t have to know)

Title: SEC.RET (They Don’t Have To Know)

Author: fetishoney

Pairing: OT6 (CAP/Niel, CAP/Chunji, L.Joe/Ricky, L.Joe/Chunji, L.Joe/Niel, Changjo/Niel)

Summary: It was all started by Teen Top’s Elle Photo shoot when they got attracted to each other…

A/N: First time writing Teen Top pairing fanfic, I hope everyone will like it. If you ask about my Harvest Moon fanfic, I will continue after midterm exams. Not sure about Uke Rebellion though coz I’ve seen too much JongKey nowadays. *sobs*

It was happened at their Elle photo shoot scene, when Chunji suddenly became too attractive for CAP, and Niel suddenly got jealous over L.Joe.



“Hyung, can you teach me about this equation?” Niel asked L.Joe who sat beside him. The blonde boy stopped to do his homework and looked closer at Niel’s book.

“Which one?” He asked. The scent of his fresh cologne made the younger boy’s heart beat faster.

Niel unintentionally held his breath when L.Joe pulled his chair closer to him and asked him once again. “Yah, Niel, which equation that you want to ask me?”

“Eh? W-what??” Niel stuttered, realizing that he’s been staring at L.Joe for second and he afraid that the older boy would notice it. “Ahem, this one. Number 2, I can’t find the right formula to solve it…”

“Let me see…” L.Joe shoved his head near Niel’s shoulder and analyzed the equation. “Ahh.. use this formula…” L.Joe wrote on Niel’s book, while the book’s owner could only stare and held his chest, so nobody could hear his loud heartbeat.

“Done.” L.Joe said.

“Ah, gomawo yo hyung…” Niel put an awkward smile.

“You’re welcome…” L.Joe smiled back and messed with Niel’s hair.


That time, Niel swore his heart stopped for a moment. He didn’t know why he suddenly wanted to be touch by those hands of L.Joe, and he’s really sorry for CAP. The feeling for L.Joe should have been over ever since he’s attached to CAP. His heart cheated on his boyfriend.



The oldest boy stared at his reflection on the mirror, he glanced at his boyfriend’s reflection that’s also reflected on the mirror and smiled. Niel will have his exam tomorrow and it should be him who accompanied him to study. But he had to do his photo shoot with Chunji first, thankfully there were Ricky and L.Joe who accompanied Niel.

“Okay, C.A.P-tain, it’s your turn to do your photo shoot…” The cameraman told him to come fast to the set. CAP nodded and walked along Chunji who just finished his make-up. He still felt awkward though, seeing himself in blonde. He thought it didn’t suit him well, unlike L.Joe…

“Hyung, please take care of me well, ne?” Chunji winked at him and did a cute pose.

CAP smiled and caressed his dongsaeng’s head. “Sure, let’s do our best.”


The photo shoot took about an hour, because they had to retake it again and again. CAP felt a bit uncomfortable with his blonde hair, and it made his pose looked a bit unnatural.

“Hyung, gwaenchana?” Chunji asked CAP with worried look. “This is very unusual of you.”

“Ne, I’m okay.” CAP forced a smile. He felt he failed as a leader. “…just need to get used with this hair.”

Chunji giggled. “Wae? You look handsome in that hair color, hyung…” Chunji praised. “I love that color.”

CAP’s face turned red as he heard Chunji’s praise that he had to look away to hide his blushing face. “T-thank you.” He mumbled.

“Leader, are you ready to take another shoot?” The photographer asked CAP.

CAP nodded his head and answered firmly, “Yes, I’m ready. Sorry for troubling everyone before. I will do my best.”

“Good. Now pose charismatically with Chunji.”


CAP leaned his body to the chair where Chunji sat and posed. He glanced at Niel, and the younger boy gave him a warmth smile. He smiled back, although he felt somewhat guilty because right now he has to hug another boy other than Niel. What’s more, he loved the way Chunji circling his arms around his shoulder. Suddenly, he thought that Chunji’s red hair is attractive; the soft scent of his perfume also invited him to nib on his neck. CAP had to clench his fist to hold his sanity, so he wouldn’t kiss Chunji out of sudden.

Oh God, was this considered as cheating?




He never thought that he would become a two-timer. In fact, he actually wouldn’t do that. But, when both of Chunji and Ricky fell for him, he could do nothing but to date them all. It’s not purely his desire, but he couldn’t hurt Ricky.

Actually, he enjoyed to spend his time with Ricky too. Is that wrong?


They just finished their study, he’s being a good hyung for Ricky and Niel (Changjo refused to study, so he’s just messing around them). He taught Niel who was going to have exam the next day and Ricky was also there to accompany him.

“Let’s practice our pose…” Ricky smirked mischievously after they done studying.

L.Joe smiled softly and rubbed the younger boy’s face gently, he pulled him closer to his embrace and whispered. “Do you want this?”

He dragged Ricky’s face closer to his, lips were going to give a melting kiss to his lover.

“Don’t be like this!” Suddenly Niel came between them and separated them.

“Wae? We’re just practicing our pose…” L.Joe argued.

“I thought we should focused on the fashion…” Niel said. He stared at L.Joe’s lips. “…not the kissing.”

“Well,” L.Joe smirked. “We can do both. Right, Ricky?” L.Joe pulled himself closer to Ricky’s face. He noticed that the emotion boy gasped without he realized.


He knew it. Niel had a secret crush on him.

He stopped his action and grins. “Gotcha, the two of you.”


Both Ricky and Niel looked surprised, but they laughed. One in relief, one in confusion.

“Let’s continue on set…” L.Joe whispered to Ricky and walked away. “I’m going to prepare, our turn is coming soon.”

He winked at Ricky, and secretly at Niel. “You should prepare too, your turn with Changjo is next.”

It’s not like he wanted to cheat on everyone else. It just, there’s no one who couldn’t fall for him.



Actually he never interested on doing fanservice like this. He’s straight, at least he thought like that. But he really had no idea why, the image of sulking Niel kept appearing on his mind.

He noticed that Niel hyung became gloomy after he saw L.Joe hyung’s lovey-dovey moment with Ricky. It’s weird, because from all he knew, Niel is attached to CAP hyung and L.Joe is two-timing Chunji hyung and Ricky at the same time. Is Niel fall for L.Joe too?

Changjo shook his head. That couldn’t be happened. Niel hyung would be hurt by L.Joe hyung. Niel hyung was too good for L.Joe hyung.

Wait, why would he care about this?


“Hyung, what kind of pose we should do?” Changjo asked Niel.

“Hmm… molla yo. Do you have any idea?” Niel asked back. His eyes wandered, Changjo knew that it was focused on L.Joe.

“Do you want to have that kind of pose?” Changjo asked, arm pointed at L.Joe who was hugging Ricky. “Or do you want to have one like them?” He pointed at CAP and Chunji.

Niel shrugged his shoulder. “I don’t know. But I think we should do something different…”

“Arasseo,” Changjo circled his scarf around Niel’s shoulder. “Our turn now, let’s go hyung…”

Changjo held his hyung’s hand and drag him to the photo set. He didn’t know what’s going on with him, he only knew that he wanted Niel hyung to cheer up. But no matter he did, no matter what kind of mischievous acts he did to cheer him up, his hyung’s eyes never focused on him.




-Teen Top-


Niel hugged his boyfriend from behind.

“Feeling tired today?” CAP asked Niel.

“Kinda…” Niel answered. “But I’m okay, don’t worry…” He glanced to the boy on his left: L.Joe. He felt miserable, because even when he’s with his boyfriend, he’s somewhat wished he could do it with L.Joe instead.

CAP held Niel’s arms and pulled him closer; he wrapped the tiny hands of his boyfriend with his hands. “I’m sorry I can’t accompany you to study.”

…and sorry because my heart beat faster for Chunji before. I fell for another burgundy haired boy. CAP added inside his heart. But Niel doesn’t have to know.

“It’s okay, I’m sorry too because I have to study.” Niel hugged CAP. “It must be a tiring day for you.”

“No, it was all thanks to you, babe.” CAP whispered.

Niel laughed shyly. “Still, I’m sorry…” …for having an old love growing inside me again. Niel added in his mind. But yeah, CAP doesn’t need to know that he fell in love with another blonde boy.


L.Joe glances at Niel, the boy looked calm and he smiled to his boyfriend. L.Joe smiled too, at least he didn’t have to hurt Niel. He already had CAP who will love him endlessly.

He glanced at his boy Chunji, who secretly held his right arm, and Ricky who pulled the edge of his shirt.

“I love you two,” L.Joe whispered to Chunji and Ricky. “Let’s spend time together after this photo shoot end.”

Both of them shouldn’t know, which one of them were loved more by him. They don’t have to know… if he somewhat had a secret crush too with the boy on his right. It’s better to keep by himself.


They were doing the last photo session, and Changjo smiled in relief when he saw Niel was smiling brightly like usual. Everybody shouldn’t know, and they didn’t have to know, that his heart slowly breaking into pieces when he realized that the smile… was never belong to him.


Well, everybody has their own secret. And as the photo shoot ended, the secrets remained secrets to their owners. People didn’t have to know right?



7 thoughts on “[Fanfic/PG-13/Yaoi/OT6] SEC.RET (They don’t have to know)

  1. oonni :DD bgus sih.. tapi boleh ga minta ijin translate ini FF and ganti tokohnya jdi 2min en Onkey.. tp namanya onni sma blog ini tetep aku isiin kok :D.. jd bkan plagiat..
    boleh ga onn?? boleh ya..
    nti mau aku post d wpKu 🙂

    • tulis aja inspired by: [judul fic] by [usernameku] at [insert link fanfic ini] ^^
      jangan lupa ksh tau aku yah kalo fanficmu udah jadi, aku mau baca jg. hehe

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