[FF/Yaoi/Drama/PG] I Hate You (Key & Taemin POV)

Title: I Hate You (Ni Ga Mibda), 1st chapter of my OnKey series.

author: fetishoney

Rating: PG

Summary: Key was the happiest man in the world, until he found out that he forgot something important…

A/N: This is the first yaoi fic I’ve written, and it’s OnKey. There were about 5 chapters of this series, each chapter has at least one song as its story basic (all of them were linked, but you can still random read ^^)

This chapter contains Key and Taemin’s POV. Hope you enjoy this.. ^^

-Key pov-

It was yesterday. When he suddenly kidnapped me after our practiced over, and took me to the lake.
“Beautiful is it?” he asked me with smile. He rowed the boat cheerfully, I know he’s tired—I could see sweats ran down his neck, I mean 2 hours dancing practice and now rowing boat? He’s crazy!
“Yeah, beautiful…full with lovey-dovey couple.” I answered. “…and what are we doing here, two men enjoying sunsets together on a boat?”

He smiled awkwardly. He seemed to hide something.
“Kim Ki Bum-ah…” he looked into my eyes and held my hands. “Would you marry me?”
I almost jumped out the boat when I heard that sentence. Yeah, I remembered that well. Hahaha

“What are you saying?!?!” I asked with high note. “Marry you? Are you kidding me?”
He laughed awkwardly. “Oh.. So I was too over confident then. I thought we have the same feeling. Hahaha…Sorry to make you surprised.”
“It’s not that I don’t love you…” I said. “But married? Ah, I dunno if we can…”
“Why not?” he asked. “I love you and I want you to be mine forever. I believe our love will conquer all…”
“Ahh… I really don’t know…”

Suddenly, something wet touched my lips. He kissed me, for the first time. Ours was on the boat in the middle of lake, with the sunset as background. How sweet that can be?
He kissed me softly, but it was enough to make me trembling.

“Saranghae nae Key…” he whispered. “Whether you’ll be my wife or not, I will always love you forever.”
Ok, enough. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I hugged him and kissed his lips. Not passionate, just a normal but sweet kiss.
“Hyung, I accept your propose. I’ll marry you…” I whispered.
“Seriously?” He asked me with the ‘I-cant-believe-it’ look.
I nodded.
“Yay!!” He hugged me tightly, until we fell on the boat’s floor. “I promise I will always love you!!”
“Just promise me one thing,” I caress his hair and smiled happily. I never know I will be this happy. “…just don’t ever leave me.”

I smiles when I recalls this memory. That was one of my happiest moments with him.

Wait. Something is wrong.

Where is he??
Did he on tour abroad? Why he isn’t here?

Wait, we’re not in SHINee anymore.

Something is wrong. Really wrong.

Ah! It’s hazy but now I remember…
That wasn’t yesterday. It was a few years ago when he proposed me.

Yeah, I remember now where he is.

Drip… drip…
Tears run down my face.

How can I forget about him?
He isn’t here anymore. He’s dead. And leaving me alone.

niga mibda, nae namphyeon. I hate you, for leaving me alone.

I cries again, until I feel like I can’t breathe anymore.

okay, I lied.
I’m missing you, but I can’t forget you at all. My love seems to grow even when you were already gone.

niga mibda joogeul mankeum, Jinki!

yeah, I decide to hate you.


-Tae Min pov-

Seeing umma like that really wants to make me cry.
It’s been almost 2 year after Key and Onew’s marriage. Almost a year after that accident. Almost a year after SHINee’s last performance.

I am a man now. But I can’t even protect someone who has been like my very own family. What can I do to protect umma? What can I do to make him forgetting appa, or at least accepting his death?
Ah! I hate myself. I hate Onew hyung for making Key like this.

“Taeminnie?” Key seems to recognize me. “What are you doing outside? Come inside!”
I smiled—try to be cheerful as always. “Ah, nothing important. I just want to visit you…”
“It’s been awhile since our last stage, isn’t it? Do you remember, after that we decided to break.” Key said to me. “Please wait, I’ll make you some tea. Make yourself at home, son!”
“I will, umma! ^^~” I said with cheerful tone, like I used to talk when I was in SHINee. It’s been awhile, Key? It’s been a long time!! It just you who forgetting all of the memories—especially the time after their marriage.

I look around the room. It remains the same like when Onew hyung still alive. Not even changing a bit.
Umma loves appa. Very very love him that he didn’t want to lose him.
But he did forgetting about him.

I still didn’t get it. Why umma?
Onew hyung, niga mibda. I hate you, for making us like this.



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