[FF/Yaoi/Drama/PG] Bodyguard

Title: Bodyguard (Minho, Jonghyun, Key POV)
Author: fetishoney
Rating: PG
Pairing: OnKey
Summary: Minho and Jonghyun’s thought after Onew leaving…

-Minho pov-

I was awakening by those birds’ chirping this morning.
“Hyung, wake up, let’s do some exercise!!” I said. But nobody answered.

Of course. I live all alone now.
SHINee is history now.

If only he didn’t leave us that soon.

I still remembered the day he died. It was raining on that day, not sunny like today.
Okay enough, this isn’t the right time to recall such memory like that. I have to get ready for my work.

Suddenly my cell phone rings. I pick it up quickly.
“Minho-ssi, don’t forget to come to the set at 11!” My manager reminds me.
“Alright. I’m going to prepare now. We’re gonna shoot scene 15, right?”
“Yep! Have you memorized the script? This is your first drama as a main character. Don’t ruin your carreer…”
“Don’t worry, noona.” I said. “I already memorized all of my dialogues.”
“Good then! As I expected from my flaming charisma man…”
I smiled. Bitterly. “Noona, don’t call me like that again. It reminds me of SHINee…”
“Oh yeah. I’m sorry…” My manager sounds to regret her words. “It’s almost a year, yeah?”
“Yeah…” I mutter. “His death anniversary next week.”
“Cheer up, my man! You should keep moving…”
“Yeah. Okay, I hung up now. I’m going to jog before preparing for the shooting.”
“Alright. Don’t be late, okay? Bye!”

I ended the conversation.

Time to do my morning jog. I used to do this with the other SHINee members, but after we separated we hardly do exercise together. Even we hardly meet each other.

I put on my mp3 player and jog around my apartment.

As I jog, I take my time to reflect.

“Minho, don’t worry!! I’ll be your bodyguard forever, for Tae Min and Jong Hyun also. I’ll be your dad’s figure from now on. So grow up well, son! Appa is watching you…”

I smiled when I remember those sentences. That was Onew hyung’s sentence when I got homesick for the first time we lived together. And that time, I promised him that I’ll be strong enough to protect our whole family.

“itjima eodiseodeun neoui bodigadeu.. (don’t forget, i’m your bodyguard wherever)” He once said like that to me.


Huh! I should be the one who protect you!

Hyung, Mianhae…for my inability to protect you from that incidents.

-Jong Hyun pov-

“Omo!! That’s Kim Jong Hyun!! Kyaa~~” A group of teenage girls scream out when they see me walking out the car.

I smiled to them, and then I walk into the studio.
I’m going solo now. And yeah, the fans give their respond well. I’m not boasting about my career or else, but in fact, I’m getting improved better within this one year.

I’m going solo, and I write my own lyrics, I dance solo, I am now the leader—not only for myself but also the K-Pop chart leader.
My songs continuously stayed at rank 1. The girls idolized me like crazy. I modeled a lot of clothes’ brand. What can I ask more?

“Good morning, Mr. Han…” I greet my music director. He’s going to help me with the new single.
“Good morning, Jong Hyun-ssi.” Mr. Han greets me back. “Let’s talk about your new single.”
“Ah, yeah…” I take a seat beside him. “So, when will we start the recording?”
“Err…I don’t think it will be today. About the lyrics you have made before…I don’t think we could use it.”
“What?” I can’t believe my hearing. I wrote that for 3 hours!! And it’s already the fourth time he rejected my lyrics. “Why?! It’s the fourth times you rejected my lyrics. I changed it too many times!”

“Yeah…that’s why.” Mr. Hand wistfully looks at me. “I guess your writing skill ain’t good enough to write a better lyric than your previous hit. These words are such a crybaby. We need to produce a danceable song.”
“That’s what I’m feeling lately, so I just write it down.”

Mr. Han shakes his head. “Don’t reasoning like that. I guess we have to pay for professional to write lyrics for your new song.”

I got silenced. I already show my best, and still got rejected? Is being the k-pop leader always this hard? I try to hold back my tears. Uh, crap, my old habit can’t be changed easily.

“And your dance moves…” Mr. Han shake his head again. “I think you need to put more power on it. So the MV will be perfect.”
“It’s not that I dislike your effort. But we need more to keep you in the first rank. Bling bling leader, that’s what they call you, right?”
“Don’t call me bling-bling, don’t call me leader!! I’m such a failure right now!!” I unintentionally snap at him. “Sorry…I need time to cool down my head.”

I run back to my car, and drive back home.

Things I hate the most in the world is being rejected and not getting appreciation after all my hard works.
What leader?? In fact, I can’t be perfect. I’m sure I will be the best leader ever in the world. I have much talent, much much better than the stupid leader used to lead us in SHINee.
But yet, I can’t be any better.

I turn on the radio. Wish there will be any music that could lighten up my mood.
I hope I don’t hear my song. Again.

“…ireoke neowa hamkke isseumyeon
sesang modeungeol gajin gibun
eonjekkajina yeongwontorok saranghalge…”

Wait. I know this song. I know that voice!!
It’s Onew hyung’s voice! They put this song on air!! I can’t believe it! Why in such time like this??
I want to turn off the radio, but I ended up listening to the song.

“achimhaessal gateun neoui miso
onjongil gaseumi seolleyeo
eoduun bam nae kkumeul barkhyeojwo…”

Key’s voice. I wonder how he is right now.
Is he alright? It’s almost a year after husband’s death.

“nega himdeulgo jichilttaemyeon
neoreul jikyeojul dan hansaram”

I giggled when I hear that voice. Taeminnie~ I never meet with him again. Key also.
The last member I met was Minho. He’s the only one member I still contact. That’s because we modeled for the same brand.

“…naneun neoui bodigadeu
neol jikyeojulge saranghae
geu nuguboda gwiyeoun
illumineisyeon ppajyeobeorin sungan
neoneun naege wanbyeokhae
eonjerado nareul bulleojwo dallyeogalge
ne maeum sarangi naege ol su itge…”


Now that I remember, Onew hyung once ever said to me and the others, that he will be our bodyguard and watching for us growing up. He said that, but he’s the one who left us all of the sudden.
Hyung, prove your words!! Be our bodyguard, be my bodyguard who supports me all the way. I’m feeling so weak now, hyung. I need to leaned on your shoulder.
I miss our joke. I want to see your Onew sangtae again. I want to see you and Key hyung in love again.
As I thought, I prefer to be SHINee, where I could shine the best with the other member.

My bodyguard, please be here for me. For us.

– Key pov-

Tae Min comes to my house. It’s been a while since I last saw him.
He’s getting taller, and manlier. I’m proud of him. My son already a man.

“How’s the other doing?” I ask him after I served the tea.
Tae Min smiles awkwardly. “I don’t really know, umma. I rarely meet them. But from what I’ve heard, Minho hyung is filming a drama and be a spokesperson for Japanese brand. Jong Hyun hyung, he’s going solo.”
“Ah really? Wow, they’re doing a pretty good job during our vacuum. How about you?”
“Me? Nothing special, I tried to choreograph other singers’ dances.”
“Really? Wow, you’re great!! It seems like everyone doing a great job during SHINee’s break time. Meanwhile, I just stayed at home and being a fulltime housewife…” I smiles happily and stares at my wedding ring.
“Umma, there’s no more SHINee…”

“Why don’t you stay here for a night? Jinki haven’t meet you for a while, he must be missing you so bad! Hehehe…”
“Umma!!” Tae Min suddenly shouts at me. “How many times you want to deny it? Face it!! Onew appa has died!!”

Suddenly I feel like my body got frozen up. I can’t believe what I’ve just heard.
“Jinki…has died?”
“Yeah! Don’t you remember? You saw it right?? When he got killed right in front of your eyes…”
“Got killed?” I screams hysterically. “Who’s got killed? Nae jagiya is still alive!! He just went out for awhile!!”

Tae Min cries. The next thing I know, he hugs me. And cries badly.
“Why are you crying, Taeminnie? Who’s hurt you?” I caress his hair.
“Key hyung…” he sobbed. “Face it. He’s dead. Onew hyung died a year ago. He got killed by a psycho fan at our concert. You know it, deep down your heart you must realized that he is already gone…”

“NOO!!!” I screams. These tears come again. These lonely and guilty feeling fulfill my chest. “Don’t remind me about that again, Tae Min!!”

“Hyung, I’m sorry…But I can’t stand to see you pretending like that. Face the reality, hyung!! We are all sad, but we tried to walk on!! Onew hyung must be sad to see you like this!!”

“Stop it! Stop it!! I don’t wanna hear it anymore, Tae Min…” I shut my ears tight.

Jinki, I’m so sorry. Sorry I can’t accept your death. Sorry I can’t protect you that time.
I’m so sorry I made you got killed.

How many times I have to apologize to you, because I couldn’t be your bodyguard?

I know you hate me.


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  1. noooooo… i’m crying…. TTTT__________TTTT
    why? why you make me crying? god… i need tissue now…

    but after all… this is a great fic… ^^

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