[FF/Yaoi/Drama/PG-13] Stand By Me

Title: Stand By Me (SHINee POV), last chapter of my OnKey series.
author: fetishoney
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: OnKey
A/N: This is the last chapter of my very first OnKey series (and also my first yaoi fic) I hope you enjoy it and please give me love~ ❤

-Onew pov-

“Wow, what a great performance!!” The MC praised us. “SHINee world, you can cheer now because I just got news from our reporter in USA that SHINee’s new song topped the music chart for 4 weeks in a row!!”
“And not just that, it also topped the k-pop music chart in Korean and South East Asia!!” He added.

I can hear everyone screamed in joy, SHINee world cried in joy. So do us. I hugged the other member and cried. I’m overwhelmed.

“Thank you everyone, for giving us love and your support to our song. This is a really big surprise for me…”
“…thanks everyone. Thanks for giving me the best birthday present today…” Key added.

“That’s right. Today is Key’s birthday!!” said the MC. “SHINee world, let’s say happy birthday together…”
Key smiled so wide, I knew he was so happy. “Thanks everyone…”

I quickly grabbed the mike and said, “SHINee world, everyone, I have something to say to you. Can I?”
“Of course, leader.” Said the MC.

I glanced at Key and smiled. I dragged his body near to me. “Everyone, I married Key last year. I’m sorry for hiding it from you. Maybe I broke your heart, but we love each other. I promised my love for SHINee world won’t change. Please support the two of us and SHINee.”

Key looked very surprised. I knew he couldn’t believe me to do such thing. Our marriage is forbidden by SME and our parents. So we should keep it secret, but I didn’t care. I wanted the world to know that I love him.

“Kim Ki Bum, I love you!!” I shouted. “Naye sarangeun forever!!”

I kissed him—who was crying in joy—in front of the audience. I could hear SHINee world cheered for us. Minho, Taemin and Jonghyun clapped, they cheered for us too. The MC looked surprised, but he didn’t stop us.

I kissed him passionately. And he replied my kiss while crying. Suddenly the rain comes. It was outdoor concert, so yeah, we got wet. But once again, we didn’t care.

“That’s the most romantic birthday present I’ve ever received!!” he whispered.

“That was a very touching moment!!” The MC said. “But unfortunately, we have to end this concert. Please give it up to SHINee’s encore!!”

We did an encore in happiness.

But after the concert ends…..


STAND BY ME (“…and my only wish is that you will stand by me…”)

-Key pov-

“Key, I HATE YOU!!! YOU SHOULD DIE!!” Suddenly I heard a girl’s voice behind me when I was cuddling with Jinki outside the building. We’re about to go home and was waiting for the other member to come out. I saw a girl carrying a knife ran towards me.

“LOOK OUT!!!” Jinki pushed me aside.


“NOOO!!!!” I screamed. “JINKI!!!!!!!!!!”

I look around, it’s my room. Ah, that was just a nightmare.
Why did I dream about that incident again? That was the most terrible night in my life.
“Jinki…” I mutter. “Why did you die?”

“Who’s dying?” A voice asks me.

I can’t believe my eyes. He’s standing in front of me, carrying a glass of hot chocolate. So, he’s really back?

“Good morning my dear,” He kisses my forehead. “I’ve made you hot choco.”
I grab the glass and drink it a bit. “Jinki…” I touch his arm.

It’s solid. Am I just dreaming? I’m happy to know he’s with me now, but I’m afraid if I have to lose him again.

“Jinki…” I touch him again.
He laughs and pinches my cheek. “Why are you keep touching me? You want to get touch, huh?” Onew hugs me on the bed and he caresses my hair so softly.

“Sorry for leaving you, honey…” he said. “Sorry to make you cried.”
“I should be the one who apologized.” I said. “I’m sorry, you shouldn’t grant my silly wish that day!”
“It’s okay. I’m the one who wants to tell the world about our marriage.” He smiled. “And now the world knows that I love you the most.”

“But…because of that, you’re…you…”
“Die?” He interrupts. “You know what, I didn’t regret if I have to die because of you. The only thing I regret is to see everyone sad.”
“How can I not sad, if you leaving me alone?” I said. “But you won’t leave me again right?”
“I won’t.” He kissed me again. “And I’ll keep this promise.”

Taemin pov

It’s 6pm already, and it rained outside. Now I’m really worried about Key. He’s visiting Onew hyung’s grave since morning and haven’t come back yet. I should have accompanied him before! Why did I listen to his words to let him alone?

What did something happen to him?
I should look for him now.

*knock knock*

Did someone knock the door? Maybe it’s him, finally come back home.
I hurriedly open the door. “Hyung, where have you been!! why are you come….”

I can’t finish my sentences. I was so surprised to see who’s with Key hyung.


Onew pov

It was miracle, a miracle God gave to me. I don’t know how, but when he left my graveyard in tears, I just wanted to cheer him up.
“Why are you crying?” I asked him.
And I don’t know how or why, he could hear my voice. I’m pretty much surprised too, seeing my bodiless soul became solid—like before I died. Am I alive again?

He could see me—standing next to my grave. And as long as he could see me and hear my voice, it’s enough for me.
I smiled to him. A painfully yet happy smile. “I miss you.”
He smiled too although tears ran down his face. “I miss you too, Jinki.”

He hugged me. He could hug me!! Does it mean I am not a ghost?

God, what kind of explanation I could tell? It was miracle.

We hugged for a long time, released our lonely feeling each other, before I finally said, “Let’s go home. Our home…”

Jong Hyun pov

I was absorbed in my own thought, thinking about my song and…Onew hyung’s death anniversary, when I got a text message from Taemin. It was at about 7pm when that surprising message came. A very surprising message.

From: taemin
Hyung, onew hyung back into life!!

Hah? I thought he was kidding me. And of course, I imagined a zombie image, not someone real.

But when I saw him by my own eyes the next day, that zombie image disappeared.

“Hello, Jonghyun. How are you?” He smiled.

My mouth gaped when I saw him standing in front of me.
Shouldn’t he dead already? And how come he’s standing right here, wearing a gardener-lookalike clothes and mowed the grass?

“Hyung!! Shouldn’t you…”
“Die? I came back to life! Hahaha…” He laughed without stopping his work. “…I dunno how, dongsaeng. Even I am scared if it was not for eternity.”

He looked at me sadly. “Jonghyun, will you promise me?”
“Promise you what?”
“Promise me that you will be in SHINee again, together with the others. Eventhough I won’t be participate?”

I sighed in despair. “SHINee consists of 5 people. Not less or more. That wasn’t SHINee, if the leader is not you.”
He smiled and patted my back. “You will be the leader for the rest of us. Jonghyun, you know well that I have died. It was a miracle I could come back into life.” His eyes wandered off.
“You’re the only one I could tell. I can’t tell Key about this probability. Nor Taemin…”

I didn’t say anything at first, but seeing his determined eyes I finally nodded my head. “Alright. I’ll keep this as a secret between us. And about SHINee reform…” I was about to refuse his idea, but his eyes looked very sad—and hopeless. “….I’ll try about it.”

“Thanks Jonghyun…” He hugged me with thankfully heart. “I know I can always depend on you.”

Really? Shouldn’t be I’m the one who always depend on you?

-Taemin pov-

Key hyung’s face shows his aura of life again. He always smile and cuddle with Onew hyung all day long.
I still can’t understand what has happened to Onew hyung, but as long as it makes Key hyung happy, I don’t mind.

Well, I have to go to my own apartment. He doesn’t need me anymore, I guess.

“Where are you going?” Key asks me when I pack my stuff.
“Go home.” I said calmly. “You have Onew hyung again now. I don’t want to be disturber.”
“And since when you become a disturber for us, Taeminnie?” Onew hyung suddenly appear.
“Since you got back. Hehehe…” I said. “Nah, it’s okay for me. You two need time to be alone. And I have works to do too…”
“Okay…if you insist.” Onew said. “…and thanks for taking care of Key when I was gone.”
“Don’t mention it.” I said. “Just don’t leaving us again, okay?”

He smiled with indescribable expression.

He’s not answering.

VANILLA LOVE (“…I’ll hold you forever. I won’t let you go for the second time…”)

Key pov

I feel like newlywed since Onew came back into my life. We’re indivisible, we are soulmate.

It’s been three days after his miraculously returning into life. Everytime we talk, everytime we cuddle, everytime we kiss, everytime we sleep, I always hold his hands tight. Maybe it’s silly, but I just want to make sure that he won’t go anywhere and leave me alone again. I wish he will always stand by me.

“Kibum-ah…” He calls me with pampered tone. “Let’s go somewhere together…”
“Together? Just you and me?”
“With the other member too, of course. It’s been a long time since we hang out together.”
“Oh…” I felt a bit disappointed. Maybe I’m too egoist. But I do really want to spend our time together much more.

“Why are you looking disappointed?” Onew smiles upon my face.
“Nothing. Okay, let’s go somewhere next Sunday. Theme park would be nice right?”
“Yeah, it will be fun there.” Onew pat my head. “Don’t worry, even though we are in the middle of thousands people, my love is just for you.”

He really knows how to make me blush.

“Naye sarangeun forever, say dashi mureodo forever…” He suddenly sings the ‘Forever or Never’ song.
I laugh and smack him. “That’s too upbeat for a serenade!!”

“Hehehe…” He smirks, and starts to sing another song. “…haruman moht bwado ppoppo hago shippuh…dahlkohm han nuh-eh-geh ppoppo hago shippuh soom mahk-keel tuh jeel deut geudeh ahn-ah jool kkeh…”

“yungwonhee geu deh reul sarang heh~” We sing it together and laugh.

Yeah, our love is vanilla. It’s sweet, pure and white.

-Minho pov-

It was raining on that day. There were only him, Key and the girl on the site at first. I was still packing my bag with Jong Hyun and Tae Min.
And when I came out the building, I saw him lying on the ground.

“Hyung!!” I ran towards him as quick as I could.
Blood all over the place. Onew hyung scattered on the road, his stomach bleed. He got stabbed by a psycho fans.
“Key, run now! I’ll handle it.” He said to Key—whose face looked very pale and confused.
“Call ambulance!!” Jonghyun screamed. Taemin quickly called for help.
“Hyung, take care of Onew hyung. I’ll handle this girl.” I said. I chased the girl, who quickly ran away with car.

I couldn’t catch her. I cursed myself for being late. I cursed the security for not being around. I cursed our manager who let the guard down among us.

Ambulance came not long after the accidents happened. People crowded around Onew hyung. Key looked very confused. He put Onew’s head on his laps and cried.
“Jinki!! I’m sorry, I’m sorry…Because of me, you got hurt…”
“It’s not your fault, dear.” Onew hyung said. “I’m your husband, and I should protect my wife.”
“Please don’t talk anymore, Onew!!” The manager shouted. “You’re bleeding hard!!”
“Take him inside the ambulance. QUICK!!” Jonghyun shouted.

We managed to bring him to the nearest hospital.
But we couldn’t manage to save his soul.

The knife was poisoned, the doctor assumed. That psycho fan must have smeared the knife with some kind of toxic. A very poisonous toxic. It damaged his organs—especially his gastric—and nerve system.

It does feel like it was happen yesterday.
But now, I got a message from a familiar number. The number that haven’t contacted me for about a year.

My lovely Onew.

YOU ONLY LOVE: “nega neol saranghaneun
yureur alddaekkaji,gidarijwo~”

-Onew pov-

It’s Sunday.
When we’re finally go to the theme park and play with the other member.

Because of Jonghyun’s request, now we have a private theme park for one day. I really thanked him, because everyone shouldn’t know that I am here.

We have a great time together. As SHINee. As family. How I miss those old days.

“Jong hyun, thanks for today.” I thank him.
It’s evening already. It’s almost sunset.
“May I have some private time with Key? It’s our wedding anniversary…”
He nods and smiles. “Of course. We will continue playing here. You two can go anywhere you like.”

“Thanks Jonghyun. You’re my man…”

I quickly grab Key’s hand and drag him to ‘our place’: the lake. It’s inside this theme park too, but a little bit separated away.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” I smiled. I row the boat, like we ever done before. “Do you remember that, Key? This is the place when I proposed you…”
“Yeah, I remember that day well.”
“Key…” I look into his eyes. “I want to propose you once again.”

I kneel on my knee. “Would you marry me?”
“I always do, Jinki…” He smiles and kisses me.”
“Hahaha…” I kiss him back. “Key, will you grant my wish?”
“Of course. Just tell me your wishes.You have three wishes to be spent…”
“Okay…” I smile and look at his eyes. “First thing, I want you to be always smiling.”
“O-kay…” He laughs at me. “Second?”
“Second is… I want SHINee to be reformed again.”
“Are you serious?” he asks. From his eyes, I can tell that he’s worried about me.
“Yeah, I can’t be more serious than this. SHINee is our life. Our beginning. We can’t just let it end that way…”
“Okay, then let’s we discuss it with the others later. Now is your last wish…”
I kiss his forehead. For minutes. “Happy anniversary my dear. I love you, always love you.”

I drag his body near mine and embrace him tight. “Key, you’re the only one who can open my heart. My heart is locked by you. Saranghamnida…” I whisper.
“Jinki? What’s wrong with you? You make me want to cry…”
“Nothing. I just want to tell you that you are my only love.” I hug him even tighter.

“Saranghae Kim Kibum…don’t cry my love.”

(“you are my only love, that’s why…don’t cry my love.”)

-Key pov-

I don’t understand what he’s trying to say.
“Saranghae Kim Kibum… Don’t cry my love.” He whispered.
I hugged him firmly. Why did he say like that?
Is he…..going to leave me again?

“Kajima…” I whisper. “Please, don’t go. andwaeyo, geureoke gajima…”

“You said you will grant my wishes, whatever it is, right?” He smiled painfully. “My last wish….please keep walk on and never afraid to love somebody else.”
“Why?” I ask him. “Why can’t I stay beside you?”
“That’s because…” he kiss my lips and caress my hair. “I am dead, dear. I can’t stay here forever.”
“Why? Why you can’t?? Didn’t you say you won’t leave me again??”
“I won’t, jagiya…” he said. “I’ll be watching you from above.”
“Jinki…” I start to cry. “I’m gonna hate you forever if you leave me again.”
“Don’t cry my love…” He starts to cry too and hug me again. “Even if it takes a thousand year, I’m gonna search for you. And then we will be together again.”
I cry even harder to hear him saying like this. “Saranga uljima…Please keep walk on.”

I can’t stop the tears that flowing. So does with him. We hugged and cry together, on that boat we rode 2 years ago. I close my eyes. And then we kissed. A salty kiss, caused by our tears that flowing.

And when I open my eyes, his body are about to vanish already. Slowly. Little by little.
“Saranghae…nae Key.” He simpers. “Annyeong.”
“Saranghae…nae Onew.” I replied. “….Annyeong….” I wail over him.

He waves his hand, and vanishes.

Kiss shita mama, sayonara.


2 months later….

-Minho pov-

My movie shooting was finally over last week. It was still like a dream. Onew hyung returned, and now he’s gone again. Feels like a dream, really.
Too bad I couldn’t spend much time with him.

But as he said before to Key hyung, we have to move on. And now we’re gonna reform SHINee.

Jong Hyun pov

SHINee is going to perform again. Without Onew, though…
But as he said before to me, we have to move on. We are the future, we still have missions to be number one boyband in the world.
Are we going to waste the chance and let it go?

No. We’re shining SHINee. Ready to shine around the world.

Tae Min pov

Onew hyung is gone again. But this time, I see Key hyung is already moving on. Good for him. He even suggests reforming SHINee again. Together with Jonghyun hyung and Minho hyung, we plead to SME to be given chance to continue as SHINee.

This time, a new beginning has come.

Key pov

I still remember him. I remember his every touch, his every kiss, his every word…
But now, I have to move on. Really move on.

Jinki, I’ll grant your three wishes.
To be always smiling.
See Jinki? I’m as bright as the sun now.

To reform SHINee.
Yeah, we’re in SHINee again.
We even search for additional member to fill the emptiness. You won’t be mad right, Jinki?

….to look for another love….

But you should know, your place in my heart, is irreplaceable.

“Guys, I found the right guy to fill in Onew’s place!!” Our manager suddenly rushed into our practice room. “And you must be surprised to see him!!”

“Why?” Tae Min asks. “Is he that good?”
“Just take him inside…” I said. “Introduce him to us.”
“Okay…Hey boy, please come in!” Our manager asks the boy outside to come in.

And as the boy walks into our room, everyone get very surprised.
Jonghyun and Taemin gawk when they see him. Minho rub pinches his cheek, trying to convince himself that it is true.

Me? I just stand at my place. And staring at him with ‘unbelievable look’.

“Introduce yourself to them…” Told the manager.

He smiles and introduces himself. “Lee Jinki imnida.”
And then he turns his head and smiled at me. “Like I said before Ki bum-ah, even though it’ll take thousand years I’m gonna find you.” He walks toward me. “…And we will be together again.”

“Jinki? Is that you, my Jinki?” I ask him.
“It’s me, your dubu. God let me to stay with you, this time for sure.”

I smiled and hug him as fast as I could. “I miss you!!”

“I know,” he said. And then we kissed.

“….and our love should go on.”

“my love is forever. and our love should go on, and on and on…”

song credit:
SHINee: Stand by Me, Love Should Go On, Please don’t go, Forever or Never
DBSK: You Only Love, Don’t Cry My Love, Forever Love, Kiss Shita Mama–Sayonara
Xiah ft Key: Xiahtic
Lee Hyun Ji: Vanilla Love

thanks for reading. 🙂


6 thoughts on “[FF/Yaoi/Drama/PG-13] Stand By Me

    i was just bout want to choke you, but, but, this story is really, really beautiful..
    kamsahamnida, saranghamnida,
    i love u more and more eonni! lol

  2. oh my god, this is so fucking beautiful story, dear,, my tears wont be stopping while i imagine how could it be if shinee w/o onew… SARANGHAEYO AUTHOR….!

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