[Fanfic/Drabble/Shounen-ai/G] Always be My Baby – 2min couple {Sequel to “Innocence”}

Yeah yeah I know, it’s getting more and more annoying now but HECK I CAN’T HELP TO NOT WRITE ABOUT 2MIN AGAIN!! X(( not when they have so many moments happening at the moment. Okay this will be my last 2min oneshot/drabble but don’t fret I’d be back again…only not before I finish my left out fics =____= so this one is basically the sequel for “Innocence” which practically pictured how Taemin’s felt about being a grown up teenager. This is somewhat Minho’s answer to it and I’m listening to David Cook’s “Always be My Baby” when I write this. Hope you like it and enjoy! 😀

WARNING: unbeta-ed so beware of grammatical errors and typos

++ Minho’s POV ++

The perfect shade to picture everything about you.
I’ve always see you as an angelic creature that God sent to help me cope with this cruel, intolerant idol world of ours. That childish smile, sly grins, and innocent glints coming out from you just melted my heart and I know I would never escape your addictively wonderful trap. You didn’t mind either though, when my possessiveness wrapped around you like an invisible blanket. Snuggling closer, you simply smiled at the warmth of my touches. You didn’t even care I’d tainted your Heavenly pure self because you once said you trusted me. You loved me, as I loved you.

You’ve changed now.
I can feel it, you don’t have to deny.
The way you act, the way you present yourself to the world, it’s different from the last time I notice though you’re still as beautiful as ever. From those glowing depth of the dark marbles, I can see that you want this. You wanted to be seen differently; you want people to start noticing your growing self.

You see, I know… that you want to free yourself from my embrace.

I know you’re afraid. Doubts still linger in your eyes as you try to let go off my grasp little by little, hoping I wouldn’t notice but I know you too long; and I love you too much that the simplest change in you is the very first thing I proceed in my heart. I understand you want to stand on your own, but you’re just worried about us, about our love. Don’t you I’m scared too? I don’t wanna lose you, just because of the damn growing up things. What we have is perfect, even when people see so many flaws in it; even when YOU see the flaws as well.

Are you starting to doubt everything I said to you? Does my sinful self beginning to disturb you as its darkness begins to suffocate you and you just can’t breathe? Does my embrace makes you feel uncomfortable and even the slightest affections can’t reach your heart anymore? Cos if they do, then I won’t force you to stay. I won’t force you to cling yourself on me ever again, though I will surely miss that side of you that I love the most.

Take your own sweet time, and I’ll wait.
I’ll wait forever if I have to, because I know and I am sure that we meant for each other. So go ahead, Taemin ah. I’ll let you choose the path, follow what’s inside your heart for I have no right at all to make a decision for you. But please, don’t ever doubt us, our love, MY love. I never intended to play with your heart and I’ll never do, so erase the thoughts away and put your trust in me. You know I’m the kinds who always seek for the future and I see US in my future.

Even if one day, you see this relationship as a sin and you want to go, I’ll let you have your freedom.
Because I’m too in love with you to hold you too tight and hurting you.

I’ll be watching you from afar, smiling at you even if you’ll getting even farther and probably start to forget me. Deep inside I won’t stop hoping that someday you’ll come back to me with that innocent smile that I cherish forever, running to my embrace and be the lover I used to know, the lover whose image I always imprint strongly in my mind. I’ll never able to escape you and I secretly hope you can’t find your way out of me.

My love will always stay, and this I can assure you with my life.
I love you.


You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely
Girl don’t you know you can’t escape me
Ooh darling cause you’ll always be my baby
And we’ll linger on
Time cant erase a feeling this strong
No way you’re never gonna shake me
Ooh darling cause you’ll always be my baby

(David Cook – Always be My Baby)


weeew minho never fails to melt me LOL
anyway seeing the latest fancams of 2min recently, i don’t think minho needs to worry XD

This FIC could also be found on Enma D’Mightyhyunsaferism’s FB account


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