[Fanfic/Drabble/Shounen-ai/G] The Reason – 2min couple

Don’t kill me because I write too many 2min stories~ just hate them who come up with the request and make me always tempted to write one after another and another and also antoher… wells… enjoy~ this one’s written on Minho’s POV btw.
this one is inspired by Hoobastank’s song THE REASON and also this was made due to the request from Fatia who asked me to write a drabble/oneshot/whatever after SHINee’s comeback stage~ so yeah here it goes~

Warning: unbeta-ed so watch out for grammatical stupidity and typos~


There’s always a reason in every Minho’s actions.

He had a reason to be an idol and sacrifices his previous commoner life just because he loved to be in the spotlight and it’s already became a part of his dream. Minho thanked his choice though when he gets an extra gift after; he met him.

He had a reason to befriend with that little someone during their trainee days. He might looked fragile, soft, and all shy outside. However when the little one danced his gorgeous moves, all mouth went dry, heads turned in a speed of light, and everybody wiould worship the teenager. He was awesome and Minho adored him.

He had a reason when one day he decided to protect the younger. Minho just couldn’t stand watching that beautiful yet still had its manly lines in some part of the flawless skin, went all gloomy when he’s being mocked by stupid lunatic at his school or even shallow-minded haters. He just knew he has to hold that little figure close… he knew he’s the only cure for him, so he cures the broken heart.

He also had a reason to stay on the lower bunk of their shared bed at the dorm, just because the younger slept on the same level not far from him (only separated by Onew in the middle, actually). Minho couldn’t express how delightful it was to lays face to face with him, often mouthed their conversations though it’s a bit hard due to the darkness of the room… and chuckled silently at Jonghyun’s audible snores.

He had a very solid reason to fall for that cute teenager not so long after. He didn’t see it coming though; it just happened. It was almost like a normal life cycle to him, like the air he automatically breathe, the water he needs to eliminate his thirst, and everything. It was almost like he’s destined to fall for the alluring creature…and he did. The teenager had captured his heart and strange as it sounds, Minho didn’t want to be free. Minho wanted to laugh at his own self; the flaming charisma has been defeated by a cute and shy dancer, while there are hundreds of wonderful female artists who line up to have their way with him. Talking about the irony.

And of course he had a reason to be the happiest man in the world when his beloved accepted his (quite disastrous) confession in the middle of the hot weather of June. It happened so quickly. They were having this small picnic outside, foods are being prepared, cold drinks were taken out, everyone was wearing their sweat shirts and laid down under that random enormous tree. Jonghyun was fast asleep and so Onew and Key, but the two wasn’t interested in going to the dreamland. The younger looked so tempting with his sweat flew down his long milky neck and the face… Minho couldn’t really remember but the next thing happened was him kissing the dangerous creature in front him. Those big doe eyes blinked as he tried to register what had just happened, even when Minho stuttered, trying hard to deliver his confession without looking like an idiot… But soon, the embarrassing feeling was swept away when the main dancer says yes, completed with the giggle that lulled Minho to sleep every night.

He had a reason to stop the hyung-whoring act with his seniors because his lover hated it. So darn much. The little one was having a bad jealousy control and it made Minho having a very hard time. He had to deal with a pouty, over-rage, cold shoulder lover once the Dream Team recording was released and there were too many touchy moment happened between him and their Suju hyungs. Minho tried everything to make it up, but it was hard. The younger refused to talk to him for some times, only spoke when it needed, gave Minho his blanket-covered back at night. Heck even Key was frustrated. It took a month in total before his lover finally forgave him and Minho got his wonderful time again…well, at least after he reminded the younger about their sweet hug on the same show which was (and still) worshipped by their hardcore fans~

And he had a reason to stay strong when he accidently injured himself on the recording set. The first one was not really that bad; he recovered quite fast, and the younger takes a big part on the recovery. Even so, the second injury has tortured him million times than before. Not because of the pain (he already get used to it), but because it happened just two weeks before their comeback. Disappointment, that’s the only one he felt. He wanted to cry, but then a small figure barged into his ward and cried so hard that his eyes started to get swollen. At that time, Minho knew he didn’t have to feel that miserable because his young lover had taken the burden together with him; as if he was hurt too. The pat came from the leader and a group hug done later convinced him that it was okay. It’s really okay…

And of course, he had a reason to stop feeling depressed at their comeback stage. Though his injury still tortured him, but he knew he’ll be okay, because his lover was standing beside him, ready to prop him in case he’s fallen. And when he had to sit on the damn chair and sing from that abandoned spot, feeling a bit left out from the rest of the group who were dancing on the stage, he just had to take a good look to his wonderful long-haired lover…and he was confident again. The way the younger one took a glance and smiled secretly at him from that stage gave him courage to face the camera and shone his charisma to his fans. He had a reason too to whisper how beautiful his lover was on the backstage. But this time, the shy giggles had gone, replaced by the sweetest smile Minho had ever saw in his life.

Minho obviously has the reason at every actions he does in his idol life, and the reasons goes under a certain person; a person under the name of Lee Taemin.


I’ve found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you

(The Reason – Hoobastank)



ZOMG this is very first time i ever melted by my own story o.O
and oh minho please get well soon :((
ahh don’t be confused if the length of the paragraph is incresing/decreasing gradually~ i’m doing it in purpose 🙂 just to show their up and down relationship.

This FF could be found on Enma DmightyHyunsaferism’s FB


8 thoughts on “[Fanfic/Drabble/Shounen-ai/G] The Reason – 2min couple

  1. OMG!!!!!this seriusly ssswwweeeetttt!!!i really hope dis is true…sweet n cute story..i love 2min very much..if taemin is a girl,i’m sure minho will not let taemin go…they sweet together..but….man n man??is it ok??doesnt it look gay?so?who care?i luv them 2gether…

  2. hey dear, you write well. Good story! 🙂 (I like how you wrote Minho’s feelings:))

    btw, if you want, I can beta for you. 😀 mail me if you’re interested. :))

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