[Fanfic/Drabble/shounen-ai/G] Senses {2min couple}

YAY! another 2min shot 😀 I just know that I have to write this one Minho can’t celebrate Taemin’s birthday and it makes the birthday boy miserable Lame summary and stuff but I hope you guys enjoy it ^^ Maaf terpaksa pake inggris lagi >.<
Warning: Un-beta-ed so beware of grammatical error and typos~


Music blasts out loud from the speaker, forcing itself into the young adult’s ears. Confetti scattered on the floor, coloring some part of the boring grey rug stepped by the guests. Cakes are shared, together with his band mates and also his seniors from the company. Food that was made deliciously by the band’s umma has long gone, satisfying their appetite, though the young adult didn’t eat much like he used to. His big eyes follow almost every movement made by the laughing and mingling people around him, he doesn’t know what to do. It’s his birthday but truthfully this party that Jonghyun’s holding makes him spacing out and feeling lonely in a way… in a way like if one person is missing from the event, someone important; someone like your lover.

The young adult sighs and decides to take a leave. He’s getting sick of the faint smell of alcohol coming from his semi-drunk band appa who’s too busy making out with the band umma beside him. He passes trough the crowd of sunbaes who are busy dancing near the TV set, only smiles a little when they stop him and asks why does he leaves so suddenly in the middle of the party. He let his long skinny legs bring him to the room where his thoughts were nailed since a couple of hours ago; their room.
He opens the door slightly, afraid that he will wake the person occupying the bed but a dim light that’s lit on the corner of the room tells him that the elder’s still awake.
“Hey baby? What’s wrong? Is the party over?”

Taemin melts as soon as the deep voice greets him. He closes the door and slips himself under the thick fabric of the blanket covering the body on the bed. Minho’s left arm is automatically flings around the small body as the birthday boy snuggles to his chest.
“No, it’s not.” he lazily replies, “but I leave earlier.”
Minho smiles and put his chin on the top of the younger’s head. He sniffs the scent of the hair before asking another question,
“And why do you leave the party before it’s finished? You know Jonghyun hyung would probably be mad at you tomorrow.”
Taemin closes his eyes and shakes his little head.
“I don’t care. I can’t have mu fun when I know you’re alone here. I can’t celebrate my birthday without you accompany me. I am worried about you, hyung.” he says softly.
Minho says nothing as the answer. His silent makes the younger a bit dazed and he lifts his head to meet his hyung’s gaze.

He sees it; the guilt tat decorating those big orbs, and he knows Minho feels bad for delaying Taemin’s happiness at his own happy day. It’s strange and it’s a wonder how they always have this ability to read each other’s thought and feel what’s inside their hearts, but they really are. Minho knows his little lover felt hesitant when he told him to enjoy the party and leave him, all thanks to his injury. Though he already gave Taemin a smile of assurance that he’d be okay but deep inside his heart, he knows the younger boy would come back to their room.

“I’m sorry…”
“Hyung, please don’t say that. It’s not like you want this injury.” he tries to ease Minho’s guilt but the frown forms in his handsome face slowly makes him wonder if he has taken the wrong action by leaving the party just to accompany him.
“It’s all my fault that we have to delay our comeback. It’s my fault for making Jinki Hyung and manager Hyung getting scolded by the management, and it’s my entire fault for making you worried on the day when you should be really happy.” Minho folds fingers and put them on his lap, head facing at it.

“Hyung, look at me.” Taemin sternly says. Minho has to follow his order due to the seriousness he feels in that voice.
“I’m leaving the party not to hear you apologize to me. I don’t need you to tell me how guilty you are for delaying our comeback, and I obviously don’t think Jinki Hyung or even all of us want this to happen to you.” he starts, “I come back because I care, because I want to… see you, to hear your voice!”

Taemin grips the folded fingers and put one of those big hands of Minho to his cheek.
“Hyung, can’t I be with the one I love on my special day?”
It’s like a cure for Minho, as he feels a warm feeling slowly creeps into his inner chest and he knows he has to pull the small teenager to his embrace. He knows he has to stop blaming himself for whatever happens to him, for Taemin’s sake. He has to be strong for him just because he’s supposed to be the strong wall for Taemin to lean in and what will happen if the wall breaks down to pieces? He’s destroying Taemin by being all gloomy like this.

“Saranghae, Taemin ah…”
And that’s all what Taemin needs. He doesn’t need all people in the world celebrating his birthday, he doesn’t want pricey gifts and presents. By the time he closes his eyes, slowly inhaling Minho’s familiar scent from his white T-shirt, he knows that he wants to be addicted to the smell. Minho’s voice is the only one he needs to hear, his firm touches are the medicine for his overworked body. When Taemin looks at those glowing eyes once again, he realizes that he’ll be drowning forever in the dark marbles and as those lips touch his, Taemin knows it’s the only one that could satisfy his hunger.
“Happy Birthday…”



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