[FF/Oneshot/Shounen ai/G] Choice – 2min couple {warning: Broken 2MIN feat Lee Joon}

I’m… I actually don’t know what to say. It’s funny how a simple-yet-unconfirmed photo makes my mood jump off the cliff in seconds. If it’s not involving my favorite OTP then I’ll just give the photo a shrug but… well, to be honest I’ve been thinking to write the fics for quite a long time but it seems like it’s hard to find a free time to type it. Thanx to the fcukin photograph I finally decided to write a cut-scene from the planned-mini series. I was planning to use Onew but then I guess Lee Joon of MBLAQ would be a great competitor for Minho, so yeah this is written on Joon’s POV.


* Joon’s POV*

A single drop wetting my collar shirt, and soon it’s like river flowing out of those beautiful chocolate marbles that’s his eyes. The river then started to sneak down to the thick fabric of my dark green polo shirt, warming my shoulder blade with the liquid which blend perfectly with his roaring temperature. Though his small fingers grip tightly onto my steady arm but I choose not to embrace the slender figure back. He’s so fragile; it’s as if he may breaks into pieces if I hold him too tight. Besides, I know he’s clutching into me because he needs a supple wall to lean on, something to hold on to bear the pain in his broken state and what he has right now is me. There’s probably no me in the scattered pieces of his heart, but at least I want to be the person who pick up the pieces and glue it back together.

“Taemin, please… Come home with me.” comes the soft pleading whisper from a man in front of me, directed to the sobbing boy.
It’s him; the source of my little lover’s cry and the person who I wish to kill with my own hand if only there’s no God in the universe. But truthfully, I think I’d be glad to take the bastard’s life away if the still crying teenager asks me to.
“He said he doesn’t want to.” I reply quietly without even looking at the lowlife.
“Hyung,” he rubs the bridge of his nose tiredly, “with all respect, please let me take Taemin home. He is sick and Jinki Hyung is worried. He has to…”
“Jesus,” I scoff, “so you know he is sick, huh? And have you ever like… wonder how on earth he gets a fever like this? Do you have the slightest idea why he fainted in the open space, under the rain?!”
I grit my teeth and narrow my eyes as I move my body slightly towards him.
“He is waiting for you, asshole!”

I watch in disgust as a frown appears, mouth gaping silently and all decorated with a visible guilt drawn on Minho’s face. Taemin still doesn’t move a muscle, though his tears have dried on my clothes and there’s no longer sobs heard from him. His steady yet heavy breath is calming, but in my case I can’t calm at all.

“Four hours.” I gesture the said number with my finger, “Four freaking hours he waited, all for NOTHING! Four straight hours you hung his hopes up in the sky just to smashed it down, step on it like a piece of shit with that bitch of yours! God damn it Minho, what the hell is wrong with you?!!”
None of those words are shouted; they’re all comes out as a series of hisses.
The boy underneath shivers; his clutches tighten and I have to fling my arms around that frail body, as if to protect him from being hurt. Minho flinches at the sight we display but still manage to hide it in nanoseconds.
“I, Its’ not like that! Hyung you don’t understand, I don’t have any choice at all! And I…”
“Yeah, of course you don’t because you’re just a useless wimp, Choi Minho…” I butt in between his nonsense defense.
“…and I don’t mean to leave him like that!”
“Oh, so you wanna say you forget or something?!”
“I AM SORRY!” roar Minho, before I finish my tantrum at him.

The silence has fallen and everyone is slowly being consumed by the deafening non-existent wave of sound. Eyes meeting eyes, ragged breaths are the only source of the almost inaudible crowd caught by both allies’ ears. Taemin is still immobile in my embrace; He seems… lifeless and it scares me.
“Look,” Minho says quietly, “I don’t think it’s the right time to talk about it. Taemin’s health is our priority and I have to take him home. Right now.” he emphasizes on the last two words, eyes drilling into my own as I challenge his gaze. Then he shifts his attention to Taemin.

“Taemin… Yah,” he calls softly, “we have to go home okay?”
Then ignoring my presence at all, Minho gently peels the little hands off my polo shirt and pulls it to his direction. Anyhow, he freezes when Taemin’s refuses to move. He stares at the younger boy questionably.
The called boy dips his head low; the thick bangs cover his eyes perfectly and he doesn’t even bother to look at Minho who’s calling his name just now.
“Taemin ah?” this time I do the calling.
He still refuses to make any movement so there’s no choice for me or Minho but to wait. After a few minutes pass, the pale lips finally spread open, letting out the words of misery he’s been keeping all those times. So soft, so gentle, yet so fragile and it comes out almost like a whisper.

“Minho Hyung, I’m tired…” he begins, “I’ve been waiting for you for so long, too long til I feel like running out of breath for trying to keep up with you. All these time I always believe that someday you’ll turn around and wait for me with your arms open, waiting for me to run into your embrace. All these times, I always run; hoping I have enough air to catch you up. But I guess I was wrong. I forget one important thing: you already got her, so you don’t need me to accompany you anymore.”
The lips carve a small sad smile.

“You never heard the sound of my rushed footsteps behind, because you’re busy laughing with her when I run to you. You never noticed my presence around you, because you’re admiring her beautiful face when I try to gain my strength to just simply greet you. It’s all useless, Hyung; all my efforts. Even when you finally acknowledge me, you’re still pushing me away…” the continuation makes my heart clenches and it hurts.

Looking down, I can see clearly how those usually lively and innocent eyes covered by the clouds of despair and pain, swollen due to the unstoppable 3 hours cries… and I have to hold the urge to squish him into a really tight hug. Just to make him realize he’s not alone; that I’m here to erase his pain.
Minho stuns in his place. His hands still clutch at Taemin’s wrist. Too shock to say anything, he’s lost for words I might say.
“W, what are you talking about? Taemin…” I swear I almost picture Choi Minho down on his knees when he says that.

“We can’t be like this, Hyung. I can’t wait forever. I’m getting breathless and I need to take a rest; a long rest. Someone’s gotta go and it is me. You’ve made your choice and it’s not me.” Taemin chokes his own saliva at the last word. My eyes widen as the words slip out of those sweet lips. Part of me wants to cheer for my early winning but the rest of it still glare and yell about giving the bastard some pity. To Minho, they’re like the final judgment which determines his life…and I know it kills.

“Taemin please… Give me one more chance, I…”
Minho pulls out his fake sorry face again and ready to plead again.
“You have your chance, Choi Minho.” I sternly say, “and you wasted it.”
Without shifting my stabbing gaze at him, I lift my hand and grip the hands on Taemin’s wrist; and harshly tearing them up.

“I’m sorry, Minho Hyung…”
The simple sentence is more than enough to make Choi Minho lost Lee Taemin… and he doesn’t even look at him when he says the final words.


*this fic could also found in Enma D’mightyhyunsaferism’s facebook


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