[FF/Drabble/ Shounen-ai/ G] I’ll be okay when I’m With You {2min couple}

“Lagi-lagi 2min dibikinin drabble”
pasti gitu deh yang ada di dalem hati reader-reader semua XD maap, bukan maksud ati menganaktirikan couple laen tapi author emang lagi demen banget sama couple-couple SHINee jadi begitu denger lagu, cerita dari siapapun, dsbnya langsung deh kepikiran sama couple ini =3= This one is inspired by one of my favorite The Offspring’s song titled Krizty, Are You Doing Okay? pertama kalI denger lagu ini aq langsung inget cerita Ji Yul tentang Taem yg katanya dijauhin temen-temennya di sekolah karena dianggep sombong. Honestly there’s no significant difference between this drabble with the previous drabbles I wrote, tapi author butuh penyegaran setelah nulis 3 epep angsty dan berakhir cukup menyedihkan… =3= This one’s based on Taem’s POV =)

warning: un-beta-ed so beware of typos and grammatical error


Ignoring my ragged breath, I swing my feet as fast as they allow me trough the wide carpeted and dimmed corridor which suddenly takes longer time to be passed. All I want right now is to be at our dorm, safe and sound. I need to lie down on my bed; letting my abused mind, heart, and soul to rest and probably I would wake up with a tiny bit of happiness later. I feel the weird heated sensation pooling around my eyes and I know I’ll end up crying again… just like the other evenings I’ve spend.

I quickly press the secret code to the electronic panel beside the ivory door and step in, slamming the poor wooden thing behind me. Leaning on its supple surface, I close my eyes tightly; just because I’m tired, but actually it’s more on my effort to prevent my tears leaking out and put me to shame once again. Not to my hyungs, because I never show them that I am hurt mentally. I am embarrass to myself who always trap in those hell-ish treatments they give and still act like nothing happen as my cold mask plays its role. The more I show that I’m alright, the more they mock me and put their hatreds toward me. It’ not like I want to act all snobbish and all; I just don’t know what to do to make them accept me just the way I am… Not as Shinee’s Lee Taemin but as an ordinary 16 years old teenager named Taemin. I feel my body surrenders and slides down to the floor; the heavy backpack on my back help its process faster than it should be.

For the first time ever since we were together, I am not happy to hear the usually calming voice. Damn his injury, now I have to face him in such poor state. I open my eyes a bit too fast (I think) and force a smile to appear on my stiffen lips.
“Hyung, I’m home.” great, now I even crack my own voice.
I wince almost unnoticeably when Minho walks closer and brings himself low to the same level as mine.
“Baby, are you okay?” he asks gently as he put aside the damp bangs on my sweaty forehead “You look pale.”

I really want to say something to reply your simple question, but my lips are lock and my brain seems can’t work properly so without saying anything I ring my arms around you. It feels so damn right and I can’t help but feel safe and warm in your embrace.
“Baby? Taemin ah?” I hear you call once again but I just shake my head and hum a single tune.
“Mmmm please let me stay like this for a moment, hyung… I really need to feel you.”
The soft air blown to the upper part of my head tells me that you’re sighing. You already know what happen, right? Because you’re the only person in the band I told about the abusive treatment I get.
“What did they say this time?”
I look up to you and put a frown on my face.
“You know I hate it when I have to recall whatever they do to me!”

You chuckle affectionately as I huff my cheeks and pout.
“Alright alright, I’m sorry okay? I forgot about it.”
“No, it’s not okay! I hate you…”
How stupid I am, saying those words to you because you know exactly I’ll never hate you. Maybe that’s the reason why you’re laughing amusingly now.
“So my baby hates me, huh?” you lift my chin up and smile “Then, what should I do to make up my mistake?”
I let out a small grunt and hide my face once again in your board chest.
“Just shut up and hold me!”

I don’t care if I’m still sitting on the floor, right in front of the front door. Not to mention still with my uniform on which obviously will make Key umma furious when he gets home later. I just need to feel Minho’s warm body wrap around me, listening to his sweet words and laughing together as he tries to tell me jokes. That’s the only remedies I need to take after receiving another sickening day at school… and maybe, just maybe, with that I’ll be able to pass another awaiting days strongly just to see him again at our dorm.


wiiwww selesai ^.^ simple tapi jujur aja aq suka banget ngebayangin scenenya ^^ aq ga tau sih, gosip taem dijauhin temen2nya bener apa enggak, tapi mudah-mudahan aja itu ga bener. but, seandainya bener pun aq yakin minho bakal tetep nemenin taem dalam masa sulitnya thanx for reading all ❤

Note: this FF could be found on Enma D’mightyhyunsaferism’s FB account


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