[FF/Mini-Series/Smut/NC-17] Idol Uke Rebellion – chapter 2 {OnKey}

Title: Idol Uke Rebellion [2]
Genre: smut with failed crack
Pairing: OnKey
Warning: might ruin your images of k-pop Idols or your imagination for your favorite idol and might damage your brain. Author doesn’t take responsible due to incoherent mind, but responsible to continue or stop this fanfic. 🙂

Chapter 2: Slave’s Temptation


“So, he’s here, huh?” Key mumbled to himself. “Are you sure this is the right place, Hyunseungie?”

“Of course. I was a part of Bigbang once…” Hyunseung smiled proudly while tidied up his bang. “come on let’s go! Seunghyun (TOP) hyung said Jiyoung hyung is in his office right now.” Hyunseung walked through the corridor, followed by the other and then stopped in front of a room.

“This is it…” Hyunseung told. He opened up the door.


ooooooo……………” Somebody screamed in total comprehension.


Hyunseung banged the door closed again.

“What was that?!” Mir looked puzzled. “I think I saw K. Will with curly hair and cotton candy…”

“I saw ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inside the room…” Taemin mumbled to himself. “Am I dreaming or something?”

“It’s Daesung hyung with his silly fairytale addiction and I think he’s singing his solo song…” Hyunseung explained. “Damn, I never knew they changed their personal workroom before…”

“Maybe this one?” Ryewook look-alike Jung Heechul opened a door beside Daesung’s room.

But what’s inside the room shocked them even more than Daesung’s. There, Taeyang was dancing alone without noticing their presence. And he’s wearing a wedding dress.

“Coz I should be a lady……”

“Whut? I should be a lady, hyung?” Mir looked extremely surprised. “This will be daebak if netizen know it! HAHAHA….”

Taeyang stopped dancing and turned his back. He was very surprised to see a lot of people were in front of his workroom.

“Hi Taeyang hyung…” Hyunseung waved his hand awkwardly.

“Oh…hi…” Taeyang waved his hand back and covered his chest with both of his hands. “I’m a normal guy, for your information. I’m just trying this dress okay…”

“Okay…” Siwan nodded his head, but he can’t hide the smile on his face. “I don’t know you’re into fashion…”

“Err… yeah, just sometimes…”

“Hyung, where’s GD’s office?” Key asked bluntly. “We want to meet him.”

“His office is at the corner of this corridor. Just walk through this corridor and turn left.” Taeyang explained. “Now can you all go out?”

“Sure. Thanks for giving us a good show!” Mir waved his hand and went with the other ukes.

They walked through the corridor and found a room, separated from the other rooms, at the corner of the corridor.

“This is it everyone…” Key smiled widely. “Are you ready?!”

“Aye aye captain!”

“I can’t hear you….” Key imitated ‘Spongebob’ opening song.

“Stop it Key, before I grope your butt…” Chansung warned him. “I’m not in the mood of joking.”

“Woah, that’s rude hyung!” Key sneered. “Come on let’s go in…”

Key opened the door and found nobody inside.

“Huh? It’s empty…” He mumbled.

“Who are you looking for?” G-Dragon suddenly showed up behind their back. Everyone stunned in their position as they received a great heart attack due to GD’s sudden appearance.

“What are you doing in my office?” GD asked again.

“Ah, hyung…” Key sighed in relief after he can control himself. “We’re looking for you!!”

“Me? Why are you looking for me? Do I have some business with you?”

“Err… we want you to teach us…” Taemin helped to explain their purpose.

“TOP hyung said, you’re one of the wildest uke, so we would like you to teach us…” Mir gulped as he felt GD stared at him from head to toe. “…if you don’t mind of course…”

Suddenly, GD smiled kindly. “Is that so? I won’t mind of course…”

“Jinjja?!” Hyunseung looked surprised.

“Of course. But unfortunately I have to finish my song first. So you can come back later.” GD walked into his office and was intended to close the door. “Bye…”


Key held back the door with both of his hand. “You can’t tell us to go home right now. We came all the way to here, how come you told us to go now?”

G-Dragon raised his eyebrows. “Because I have a lot of work to do?”

“But you can’t ignore us,” Key said. “Nobody can ignore Kim Kibum. Nobody except my Jinki.”

GD laughed sarcastically. “Except Lee Jinki? Who is that, your seme? No wonder you’re always being under his control…”

GD banged his office’s door open. “You think you’re great enough? HA! You wish!”

“Oh my God, Jiyoung’s hyung wild personality comes out…” Hyunseung whispered at Chansung. “

“Of course I’m great…,” Key said. “I’m the Almighty Key after all…”

“Come on…” GD pulled Key’s collar and dragged him in. “Lemme show you how uke should do.”


The door banged closed.

The remaining ukes stunned at their places—didn’t know what to do.

“Omona…” Taemin gasped. “What should we do now? Should we come in too or maybe it’s better to run away right now?”

“I don’t think run away is a good idea…” Junsu said. “But it’s very risky to come inside right now. We can get rape or…”

“All of you, come in…” Suddenly they heard G Dragon’s voice from inside. “…NOW.”

Junsu gulped. He looked at all of his hoobaes. All of them were trembling right now. But it’s GD who talked—he’s one of the top 5 uke in ‘The Most Influential Uke’ book. They can’t refuse his order, or otherwise something bad might happen to their ‘Almighty-going-not-so-almighty-anymore’ Key.

They have no choice. All of them come inside G-Dragon’s office.


3 hours later…

In front of Big Bang’s office.

“That was… a nightmare.” Mir sighed.

“Goosebumps.” Chansung mumbled. “G-Dragon is seriously dangerous…”

“But I have to admit that he’s really awesome.” Mir mumbled to himself. “Right Key?”

“Don’t-talk-to-me-for-now…” Key said. He’s run out of breath, shocked, and messed up. His clothes were torn and his hair all messed up.

“Poor Key,” Hyunseung pitied him. “Being GD’s victim…”

“At least we get some useful knowledge…” Siwan rubbed Key’s back. “You should do the same to Onew okay? We’ll take revenge on our couple…”

Kibum nodded his head weakly. “As soon as I gain strength, I’ll make him kneeled upon my leg.”


…….and the revenge begins…..

SHINee’s apartment.

“I’m home.” Jinki threw away his towel randomly and walked into the living room. He’s just came back from jogging and he found nobody but Taemin.

“Where is Kibum?” Jinki asked Taemin.

“He’s at the spa centre, 15th floor of this building in case you forget…” Taemin said. “Ahh yeah… umma has been looking for you too. He wanted you to meet him as soon as possible.”

“At the spa?” Jinki asked Taemin. The youngest nodded his head. “He’s relaxing with the other hyungs.”

“I’ll meet him later.” Jinki said. “I need to take a shower first…”

“Ah wait, to think about it, I forgot that he’s already home.” Taemin interrupted. “I’m sorry. Maybe he’s in the bedroom right now.”

“Aigoo~ You’re still young but your memory were like a 50 years old man…” Jinki laughed. “Okay I’ll meet him now.”

Jinki waved at Taemin and walked into his bedroom which is the largest among all and placed at the very corner of their apartment. It was placed at the backside, so nobody would be disturbed by OnKey’s ‘activity’.

“Yah, Kibum-ah, you’re looking for me?” Jinki asked. The room was dark; he couldn’t see anything so he turned on the light.

“Kibummie?” Jinki called out his lover’s name and looked around the bedroom.

And Jinki couldn’t believe his eyes.

Harem, he thought to himself. There were five men in front of him, lied beautifully on a wide leather couch. He knew all of them: it was Kim Heechul hyung on the upper left, Jaejoong hyung on upper right, Hyunseung on the bottom left, Siwan hyung on the bottom right and… Kibum was the center of them all. He wore a silky bathrobe and his milky white skin was being exposed too much. He crossed his right leg sexily on his left and smirked.

“Hi babe…” Kibum waved his hand gracefully.

“Kibum-ya~, what’s wrong with you?” Jinki asked. His heart beat faster when he saw Kibum’s nipple peeked from inside the bathrobe.

“Hmm… nothing. I’m just redecorating our bedroom…” Kibum giggled. “Why are you so tense?”

“Me?! No way…” Jinki tried to hide his awkwardness.

“Don’t lie to me…” Kibum stood up and approached Jinki sexily. He caressed the older’s jawline and pecked him. “I know you want me…”

“Kibum-ah…” Jinki tried to hold his breath. Kibum kissed his neck repeatedly and he’s afraid he’ll moan in pleasure. There were people around, he must endure his desire. It wouldn’t be wise to show this side of him.

“Stop it!” He told Kibum.

“Hmm…, what? You want more?” Kibum smirked and slid Jinki’s hand into his bathrobe. Jinki gulped as he felt his hand touched something soft: Kibum’s nipple.

“Touch me.” Kibum mouthed.

Jinki felt cold sweat ran down through his body. How can Kibum seduced him in front of these people? Does he want to do public sex?

“Aww… come on Onew just fuck him right now!!” Heechul mumbled to himself when he saw Jinki kept resisting Kibum’s seduction.

“He must be shy being surrounded by us,” Jaejoong said. “Come on guys, let’s leave Kibum alone with his husband…”

“Then we couldn’t watch Key’s revenge time…” Hyunseung protested.

“Don’t worry,” Jaejoong stood up and tightened up his bathrobe. “I already put some video camera inside this room.”


“Jinki, Kibum, we decide to go to spa center again. Catch you later okay dear?” Jaejoong waved his hand gracefully and went outside, followed by Hyunseung and Siwan.

“Yo, Onew…” Heechul shouted. Jinki turned his head.

“F.U.C.K NOW…” Heechul raised his middle finger and went.

“What does he mean?” Jinki asked Kibum.

“Nothing. He’s just joking…” Kibum’s finger traced through Jinki’s body. He smirked and pushed the older onto the bed.

“Tell me…” Kibum crawled upon Jinki’s body. “…what do you think of me right now?”

Jinki gulped. He could feel Kibum’s breath on his face. He could see Kibum’s rosy lips were so close with his.

“You are…” Jinki dragged Kibum into his embrace. “….tempting.” Jinki kissed Kibum’s neck and embraced him tight.

“Really? How about this?” Kibum loosened up his bathrobe and showed most of his upper body. “Wanna feel it?”

“Can I?” Jinki hesitantly asked.

“Of course you can…” Kibum giggled. “But you have to answer my question right.”

“Am I wearing my underwear right now?”


“I give you ten seconds to answer. If you’re right, you can do whatever you want to me. But if you give incorrect answer…” Kibum smirked and nibbled on Jinki’s ear. “I’ll punish you.”

“You don’t.” Jinki clearly stated.

“Are you sure?”

“If it’s you, then I’m sure you don’t wear anything behind that robe….”

“Well, well, well, that’s a bad luck of you.” Kibum dragged Jinki’s right hand and put it on his member. “I wear it.”

Kibum chuckled and pinched Jinki’s cheek. “What a naughty boy…” He pulled a tie from his bathrobe’s pocket and tied up Jinki’s wrist. “You should be punished right now.”

“Wait, Kibum-ah…” Jinki struggled to release his hands but it seemed Kibum’s tied it really hard. “Let me go.”

“I can’t. You have to play fair sweetheart…”

Jinki sighed. What kind of game Kibum will play right now?

“Let see… what kind of punishment do you like?”

“Anything. As long as I’m doing it with you…”Jinki said quickly.

“You sound like uke right now…” Kibum chuckled. “Demands to be fucked up right now huh?”

“Me? Uke?” Jinki snorted. “No way. You know what, I can make love with you with these hand tied up.”

“Really? It seemed it’s hard for you to move…” Kibum took off his bathrobe and crawled upon Jinki. Slowly he unbuttoned Jinki’s clothes and slid his hands to tease those erected nipple of Jinki.

“Ahhh….” Jinki let a moan out from his mouth. “Kibum, please stop it. Stop teasing me…”

“You like it?” Kibum asked. He completely ignored Jinki’s order. “Look what I’ve got!”

Jinki was bug eyed when he saw Kibum showed him something: Anal beads.Crap!!

“No…please…” Jinki begged Kibum.

“Don’t worry, I won’t use it.” Kibum smiled. “Not before I stripped you.”

Kibum slowly unzipped Jinki’s bottom and threw it randomly. Now both of the young men wore nothing but a boxer.

“Why are you torturing me like this?” Jinki asked. He knew his member was aroused since the beginning and he turned on even more as Kibum slowly took down his boxer. He wanted to fuck Kim Kibum right now, but he couldn’t do anything since he’s tied up.

“Because it’s time to have my revenge…”Kibum smirked and spread Jinki’s leg wide.


“You ignored me last time when I asked you to make love.” Kibum pouted. “You made people thought you were going to rape me in front of cameras, but YOU FUCKING IGNORED ME WHEN I DEMANDED YOUR TOUCH!!!”

“H-Hello Baby?” Jinki asked. “I-I was too tired that time and…”

“I don’t want to hear your reason right now!”Kibum yelled. “I AM NOT YOUR TOYS, WHY DO IT ALWAYS YOU? IT ALWAYS YOU WHO CONTROL ME!! I AM FUCKING FED UP, LEE JINKI…”

Jinki stunned on his position. Kibum’s eyes were teary. Kibum cried.

He felt sinful right now. How he wanted to wipe those tears…. But with this crap necktie on his wrists, he couldn’t do anything to comfort his lover.

“Mianhae…” Jinki finally said. “I never knew you were so hurt by my attitude…”

“Jinki pabo…” Kibum sobbed.

“Kibum-ah, uljima…” Jinki sighed. “I can’t stand to see you cry.” But Kibum kept sobbing and eventhough he wiped his tears, more were coming down through his face.

“Ya, Kibum-ah, I’m sorry okay. Come on, let’s make it right now. Anything you like…”

Kibum stopped sobbing. Suddenly he wiped his tears and smirked. “I heard your words clearly. Now, it’s time to ‘pleasure’ yourself…”

“YAHH!!! You’re acting?!” Jinki protested.

“Noo….That was my true feeling.” Kibum laughed. “But still, we need some revenge.”

Jinki’s eyes widened and cold sweat ran down through his body when he saw Kibum brought a lot of sex aid.

Handcuffs, beads, ties, lube, lots of dildos and more.

“You whore…” Jinki cursed Kibum. “Don’t you dare to fuck me with those craps…”

“Hey hey, watch your mouth leader…” Kibum giggled. He smeared some lubricant onto his hand and spread the leader’s leg wide open. “You’ll be screamed in pleasure…”

Kibum put three of his fingers into Jinki’s puckered hole in one shot. And Jinki screamed at the top of his lungs.


“What is that?!” Jonghyun turned his head and looked at his surroundings. “I hear something screams…”

“Maybe it’s a dog…” Minho said.

“No, it sounded like a cow!” Jonghyun ensured Minho. “A cow that was going to be sacrificed.”

“There is no farm near our apartment…” Minho sneered. “You must be misheard, hyung. Let’s just watch TV…”

“Maybe, it could be my mistakes…” Jonghyun mumbled to himself. “By the way, where’s Onew hyung?”

“He’s there…” Minho pointed at the TV with his arm trembled; he was too surprised to even react.

“Huh?” Jonghyun looked at the direction Minho had pointed. “HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THIS?!” Jonghyun shouted when he saw Jinki being tortured by Kibum—inside the TV.

“They’re making a porn movie right now?! OH MOTHERF**CK*R I SHOULD’VE KNOWN BEFORE!!”

“Jinjja… I can’t believe it…” Minho talked to himself. “I knew Key was naughty, but I never knew he’s that kinky…”


“Why they had to tell you about their sex activity before? What are you intend to do?”

“MAKE MONEY OF COURSE! What else? This is EPIC! YAH MINHO, turn on the video recorder! We can sell it or blackmail Onew hyung later. We can be rich by this video!!” Jonghyun yelled excitedly. “Oh, I smell money already…”

“Isn’t that your armpits that smell?” Minho chuckled. “I’m not gonna do this. Sorry hyung…” Minho turned off the TV and went away.

“YAH, Minho!! Come back here right now!!!” Jonghyun shouted, but Minho was already gone. “I don’t know how to use this video recorder!!”


….what will happen next to Jinki?
And how about the other ukes? Will their mission succeed?

Will Jonghyun succeed to record OnKey AV video and spread it nationwide?
Expect chapter 3 soon! ^^

ps: Want to Pre-Order OnKey’s video? Call Jonghyun right now! LOL


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