[FF/Mini-Series/Crack/PG-15] Idol Uke Rebellion – chapter 1

Title: Idol Uke Rebellion [1]
Author: fetishoney
Kpop Idol, each uke to their seme (focused on OnKey)
Rating: PG-15 for some inappropriate words
Disclaimer: All uke belongs to their very own seme. Should I mention all of them? 🙂
Summary: Key, Hyunseung, Siwan, and Chansung were planning on rebellion and revenge towards their own couple. They gathered up all ukes to join force and have some feast.
A/N: This is a safe one, it’s like a prologue into what’s waiting for those seme. I wrote it with ‘magazine interview style’, because it’s Key the diva who lead all of the uke. attentionwhore XD
Chapter two will be posted soon, and yes, it’ll be OnKey smut. ❤ comments please?


Q: Why do we need to break out?

Key/Kibum (KB): “Because of this FANFIC!!!!” *threw away some papers*

“A fan wrote fanfic about me getting raped by the other 4 members in my birthday! Am I a sex slave or what? I can’t accept this!”

Chansung (CS):
“Yes, you are.”

“Whut?? Shut up hyung, I AM NOT.”

“Oh yes you are.” *grinned* “Because whatever you do, you seduce people. No wonder fans wrote like that…”

“That’s not my fault if I was born with sexiness…”

“Whatever, Key. But you’re also born to be uke. Unlike me…”

Hyunseung (HS):
“But you were topped by Taecyeon hyung also.” *gulped his afternoon tea gracefully* “…and yet, he also topped Wooyoung hyung.”

*ears became red* “I…I… Forget about that. I almost topped him you know?”

*eagle-eye glared* “…but you ended up kneeled down in front of him and being topped again  right?” *snorted* “such a shame…*

“But your seme, Junhyung, was also cheated with both Doojoon and Yoseob. Ain’t you feel more

*face became red* “That… that…”

“MWAHAHAHAHA!! SEEE?!?!?! You’re below meehhhh!!! HAHAHA”

Siwan (SW):
“Ckckck… poor you. As for me, Kwanghee loves me too much that he won’t ever cheat on me.” *stares at kwanghee picture on his phone*

“Are you sure? I saw him cuddling with Junyoung hyung yesterday…”

*puzzled* “…what?”

“yeah, I also saw him with Minwoo hyung last week. They looked very suspicious…”

*broke his phone into 2 pieces* “That kid…”

“So, all of us are troubled with our seme…” *looked around*
“We must do something!”

Q: So, why do we need to break out?

Key: I want to prove to my fans that I’m not a sex slave, I’m not a bitch that everyone can use all the time they want.

Chansung: I want to beat Taecyeon. This time, I won’t be topped by him like the previous one. I want him to look only at me. (everyone else sing Na Man Barabwa)

Hyunseung: Because Junhyung loved to cuddle with Yoseobie and sometimes Doojoon, but he ignores me on stage. That’s rude. I should make him as uke, so he’ll know how I feel rite now..

Siwan: Kwanghee is so dead!!

Q: Is there any other reasons?

Chansung: nope.

Hyunseung: I’m tired being called beautiful by fans. I am a MAN! And I am Junhyung’s SEME!!! I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE BEAUTIFUL!

Chansung: Since when you become seme?

Hyunseung: …since now? (everyone get silent)

Key: Jinki wanted to rape me in front of cameras but when I asked him to make love the next day, he rejected me. ALMIGHTY KEY CANNOT BE REJECTED!!!


Q: Okay. So, you’re planning to do some rebellion towards your husband, right? What kind of plans do you have?

Key: “It’s a secret…” (burst out laughing, followed by everyone)
“Okay, to be honest, we don’t have any…”

“Hey, stop playing ‘interview’…” Key told his uke friends. Kikwang stopped typing. And no, he’s not a part of this conspiracy.

“You don’t have any?” Siwan raised his voice. “I can’t believe in you twins! You’re the one who planned this!!”

“Err… being the creator doesn’t mean I always have to come with complete plan okay?!?”

“Oh crap!! Then what should we do?!?! My hubby going to cheated with Yoseob again and again…” Hyunseung messed up his hair.

“Hey stop!” Key shouted. “Rules no. 1, you have to keep your hair tidy, especially your bang.” Key gave out his pink comb. “Because your hair looked like mine.” He smiled.

“What’s with all so sudden hair-relationship?” Chansung sneered. “We need a quick plan right now…”

“…otherwise DooSeob might flirt with Junhyung again.” Hyunseung nodded his head.

“Err… may I interrupt?” Kikwang asked. “It’s Junhyung who flirt, and Yoseob is mine.”

“He WAS yours. But Doojoon took him from you okay? That’s why you’re ended up with nobody and I don’t want to be like you.”

“How RUDE!” Kikwang mumbled to himself.

“Anyway…” Key interfered so no one would fight. “…I have an idea.”

“Ohh… finally! What is it?” Chansung asked excitedly.

Plan #1: Gather your army. Unite all of under-pressured UKEs.


“Do you feel under pressured because of your couple?” Chansung asked.

“Of course. Because we use classic way, he does all the work. And yes, he often suppresses me with his body…” Yoseob bluntly said.

“Err… that’s not what we meant.”

“It isn’t? Oh well, so what do you mean?” Yoseob asked lazily.

“It’s about uke and seme status. Are you satisfied being uke all the time? Can you accept the fact that you’re under Doojoon’s controlled?!? Do you…”

“Why not?” Yoseob interrupted. Chansung looked speechless. “Doojoon always being so nice to me. I am happy enough to be with him.”


“I know you’re having some conspiracy right now with Hyunseungie.” Yoseob said. He blew his nails slowly. “Whatever you do, I already promised myself to forgive Doojoon.”

“You know he cheated on you?”

“With Junhyung? Yes I know, we cheated together.” Yoseob smirked.

He must be crazy. Chansung thought to himself.



“YES HYUNG!!!” Taemin hit the table when Key told him about the conspiracy. “I FEEL THREATENED!! Too much depression I’ve had from Minho!”

“That’s why dear, you need to join our team.” Key rubbed Taemin’s back and whispered at the raging kid. We need to show them, seme, that we’re not toys they can play when they want.”

“Yeah, you’re right! I even lost count on how many times he two-timed me! Donghae hyung, Changmin hyung, Yunho hyung, Nichkhun hyung, who else?”

“You forgot Krystal and Kang Ho Dong-ssi…” Key added. “Daniel hyung and Jonggi hyung too…”

“Urghh… whatever! The point is, he love to flirt with people without even care about my feeling. And he can be really nice to me when he wants it! Minho hyung is really…” Taemin started to burst out in tears.

“Awww…. Calm down dear,” Key hugged his beloved son and caressed his hair gently. “I am on your side. So does with the other uke.”

“Really? Then count me in…” Taemin said. He wiped his tears and smiled.


“I smell something…” Jinki said to Minho and Jonghyun. Three of them were watching TV in the living room.

“I already took a shower!” Jonghyun said and smelled his armpits. “Whatever smells it is, it’s not me…”

“That’s not it, pabo!” Jinki smacked Jonghyun. “It seems Kibum planned something with Taemin and his friends.”

“Plan? What kind of plan?” Minho asked. His eyes glued on the TV screen.

“I dunno. But since a week ago, Kibum always busy with his twin-wannabe Siwan hyung and Hyunseung. And day by day his mates increased.”

“Oh yeahhh…” Jonghyun nodded his head. “Five days ago, there were only Chansung hyung, Siwan hyung, Hyungseung, Taemin, and Kikwang. But now, there are 10 of them.”

“TEN?!” Jinki widened his eyes. “In our apartment? And how can they doesn’t make any sound?”

“Don’t ask me. Maybe they meditate together…” Jonghyun said.

“I saw them all gathered inside Taemin’s room.” Minho said. “Key, Chansung hyung, Siwan hyung, Taemin, Hyunseung, Heechul hyung, Mir, Heechul hyung, Junsu hyung, Jaejoong hyung, and Kikwang.”

“Did you just mention ‘Heechul hyung’ name twice?” Jinki asked.

“Woots, typos?” Jonghyun giggled.

“No. There are two Heechul hyung. Our Kim Heechul hyung from Super Junior and Jung Heechul hyung from ZE:A that looked like Ryeowook hyung.”

“Huh? Ryeowook looked-like Heechul? -____-“ Jinki looked ‘bleh’.



“Let’s eat chicken instead, I don’t feel good just to think about what might happen to me.” Jinki suggested. He quickly stood up and persuaded Jongho to go out.

“And what might happen to you anyway?” Jonghyun asked.

“I’m afraid they’re looking at some expensive stuffs catalogue and by a minute he’ll come out and ask me to buy him a new Louis Vuitton bag.” Jinki winced. “You don’t want to know how much my credit card bill cost last month…”

“Six zero?” Minho asked.

Jinki shook his head. “Seven zero.”

“Pheww… thanks God, I’m not his official pairing. I have to work during the rest of my life to pay up the bills.” Jonghyun gasped.

Taemin’s room….

“So, we gathered up 10 people so far…” Siwan said. “Now, what?”

“Do you know why seme rules?” Chansung asked all of them. “Because they have tricks to make us, uke, begged for them to fuck you.”

“It because they always topped, they had the control! That’s why we need to break out!” Chansung orated enthusiastically.

“Excuse me,” Kim Heechul interrupted. “I never begged like you, it always Hannie who begged to fuck me.”

“…err…, okay maybe you’re an exception.” Chansung said.

“But Hannie had left me for two months! He went and left me alone untouched.” Heechul started to cry. The situation became tense because of him.

“Ssstt… Heechul sweetheart, you have to be patient. Hankyung has his own business…” Jaejoong calmed down his label-mates.

“Why don’t we ask TOP hyung?” Taemin all of sudden suggested.

“HUH?!” Everyone being confused. “Why TOP?”

“Because we want to learn how to TOP, right?” Taemin answered innocently.


……………………………and they’re ended up on TOP’s front door right now.


Plan #2: Find a ‘Love Guru’

TOP’s house.

“You want to know how to be on top?” TOP raised his eyebrows when those uke group came to his house. At first he thought he was in the middle of IRIS shooting and might get killed by those people.

“Yes. How to do hyung?!” Taemin asked curiously.

TOP remained silent. He stared at those whether innocent or silly young men in front of him. There were no Kim Heechul and Jaejoong, they felt too old to join this kind of game—they decide to wait until the real revenge.

“Ask G-Dragon,” said TOP at the end. He sighed. “You should learn from another uke, not from me. And GD is one of the wildest uke I’ve ever know.” TOP lost in thought for awhile. “He topped me once, and he rode on me all night long.”

“Did he use any toys?” Key asked curiously.

“You better not know it.” TOP said coldly. “It hurts my pride as a seme badly…”

All of them looked at each other and gulped. What kind of person G-Dragon is?

“Shall we try to visit Jiyong hyung?” Key asked the other.

“Err… I dunno. I feel excited but afraid at the same time…” Hyunseung said.

“Just go, pretty damn please?! HE MUST BE SOOO OSM!!” Mir looked extremely excited. “If I got to learn his technique, I’ll be able to defeat Joon hyung in bed. Mwahahaha~”

“Don’t be fooled by his calm face.” TOP warned them. “But don’t be afraid of him too. He might bite, but he doesn’t attack randomly.”

“He bites?” Chansung shivered.

“Oh well, who’s afraid of him? Nobody can resist me either…”

“He’s in his office right now. You can visit him, but be careful of his mood okay…”

“Don’t worry hyung! Kim Kibum doesn’t afraid anything.” Key smiled arrogantly. “Come on guys, let’s find G-Dragon hyung…”

All of them just follow their leader without even knowing what kind of horror that waits for them. They never knew before, that uke can be a seme for other uke…


What will happen to them? Will their rebellion succeed?
What will GD teach them? Find it really soon in chapter 2! (but rite now I need to get some sleep)


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