[FF/Songfic/Fluff/PG-13] Because You Live by Jesse McCartney {2min couple}

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first time writing a songfic so forgive me if this is not good enough >.<
yang ditebelin dan di-italic itu lirik lagunya X3
this is the song if you never hear it: Jesse McCartney – Because of You
lupa bilang, ini fic terinspirasi dari insiden minho yg kepalanya cedera pas syuting Dream Team itu lho


Staring out at the rain with a heavy thought

It’s the end of the world in my mind

I open my eyes and find myself staring at the ceiling. The remained pain in my head shots my entire body almost immediately and I have to let out a small moan as the effect. After a torturing couple of minutes, I finally bear the pain and sighing deeply as I think about my injury. I hate myself for being clumsy and make my band worried, making the management re-schedule our shows; not to mention the worried fans. In short: I messed everything up and it sucks. If only I didn’t jump to high that day…
“Hyung? Are you awake?”

Then you’re voice wakes me up like a wake up call

A sweet voice that I know for years brings me down from my day dreaming and then I see you standing there, holding a tray of food that is my breakfast. Your face draws your concern for me and I feel guilty for staining those usually cheerful eyes and replace it with sorrow that glows as they meet mine. I try to smile but it only makes me winch as the muscles contract and brings back the damn pain. Your eyes widen and you hurriedly put the tray on the floor. The next thing I know that you already sit on the edge of my bed.
“Hyung?! Hyung, are you okay?? Tell me which part is hurt?! Hyung!” I can sense you’re panicking as you shake my shoulder softly, not wanting to hurt me any further, and you are becoming even more panic when I don’t answer your question.
“I, I’ll call Jinki appa… Just, just wait okay?!”
You move your body away to call for help, but I don’t need help. I need you. That’s why I stretch my arm and clutching it at yours.
“Don’t go… Please stay with me, Taemin ah…”

I’ve been looking for the answer somewhere
I couldn’t see that it was right there
but now I know what I didn’t know

Moments later, I spend my time enjoying your pretty face in front me; you’re no longer panicking as soon as I told you I’m okay. As you feed a spoonful of one of Key’s delicious porridge to my awaiting mouth, my mind travels to something I used to be confused by for quite a long time. I always wonder why I always fell incomplete whenever I’m not with you. Though I had some girlfriends before I met you, but the feeling is different. You are different. I used to think there’s no chance I would fall for you for obvious reason; we are both men. But now I know this feeling real. You are real…

Because you live and breathe,
because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live girl, my world… has twice as many stars in the sky

I can’t help it; I can’t hold the urge to hold you tight as the thought fills my throbbing head and goes down to warm my heart. I feel your body freeze as you reply my hug.
“H,hyung? What happen? You don’t want to eat anymore?” you ask innocently and I have to force myself not to kiss the sweet lips of yours.
“Thank you… Thank you for being with me all these times, Taemin. I don’t know what would I be if you’re not here…” I whispered the words softly to your ears, hoping that you can feel the sincerity of them.
I almost can see you blushing mad though I’m closing my eyes as I feel the warmth goes trough the thin fabric of my shirt.
“You don’t need to say that, Hyung. I promise I won’t leave you…”
“Aren’t you tired of me?”
“No,never!” you raise your voice. “I’ll never get tired of someone that I love.”

I’m so glad I found an angel
someone who was there when all my hopes fell
I wanna fly looking in your eyes

I pull away and find you staring straight at me. For the first time in my life, I feel so blessed when I look into those brown and wide orbs. The sorrow has been replaced with the overflowing love and I almost burst into tears as you caress my cheek gently.
“We’ve been together for years Hyung, in happiness and sadness. I’ll be smiling when you’re happy and in times like this, when you need someone to take care of you… I’ll be here. I live for you and if I have to leave you that means I’m already dead.”
“Even if someday I become a clumsy guy like Jinki Hyung?”
Your laughter sounds like music as you hear my lame joke.
“Even if you become a clumsy guy like Jinki appa…”
And I’m flying two feet away from my bed as you lay your lips on mine after that…

Because you live there’s a reason why
I carry on when I lose the fight
I want to give what you’ve given me always…

We share the sweetest kiss we ever have and I just can’t figure out how to thank God for giving me one of His angels. Suddenly the pain is gone and all I can feel is you. Your body, your lips, your scent, it’s you…
As we cuddle together moments later, I wrap my arms tightly to your small figure, inhaling your addicting shampooed hair scent. Breakfast tray is forgotten and lies poorly on the floor.
“Tell me Taemin ah, what should I do to repay your love?”
“You don’t need to do anything, Hyung…” once again, you get me suffocated when you look up to me.
“Just promise me you’ll get better… and please love me back. That’s all I need from you.”

Because you live, I live…


berikutnya onkey sama yunjae… *disambit sendal*


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