[FF/Songfic/Fluff/PG-13] 2min Multi-songdrabble Special {2min couple}

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This was made int the middle of my first ‘hectic’ days on the office and traning XDD yups, karena saya newbie makanya belom dikasi kerjaan yg berat, jadi banyakkan nganggur dan akhirnya jadi deh nih multi-drabble. Idenya sih dapet dari LJ dimana di sana banyak banget author yang men-shuffle playlist di iTunes dan langsung membuat drabble berdasarkan lagu APAPUN yg muncul di situ.
saya sih ga pake iTunes, cuma pake playlist winamp di lappie =3 tp mudah-mudahan hasilnya oke :/
WARNING: un-beta-ed so beware of gramaticcal errors and typos X3


♥ Song 1 : HEARTBEAT – Wang Lee Hom (Taemin-centric)

song: Heartbeat – Wang Lee Hom

“Hi buddy, what are you doing here?”
Taemin bent down and stroke the puppy’s fur carefully. The cute pooch barked and shook its tail happily as a reply. The boy was on his way to school when he saw the poor puppy on the sidewalk, which was quite dangerous for it to be there. Taemin lifted the furry creature from the ground.
“You’re so cute. What’s your name, little one?” he asked once again, ignoring the possibility that people probably would think he was crazy.
“It’s Munhee.”

Taemin’s heart skipped a beat when a deep voice he knows so well replied him.
“He’s lost this morning and I’ve been walking around the neighborhood to find him. I guess I wouldn’t have to go for another round…” said Choi Minho as Taemin stood up and faced his neighbor and secret crush.
The younger boy’s heart raced faster as Minho flashed his signature smile. It was the same smile that the boy misses everyday, the smile that made his breath shallow just by taking a glance at it; the smile that Taemin wished would be his and his only. Minho coughed politely and chuckled a bit.
“Err, don’t you think you have to… you know, hand Munhee over to me? Please?”

Taemin felt like an idiot. He startled for a moment but managed to compose himself and walked straight to the other boy anyway.
“H, here he is… Sorry.” he could only whispered to Minho, unable to find another words to be said.
The older one smiled brightly as a reply.
“Thanks! Hara would be really happy to see her puppy back!” he added happily and played with a puppy a little. Taemin felt his heart dropped and in a second he found himself lifting his head up; eyes directly darted to Minho’s.
“Hara?” he repeated the unknown name. He didn’t like how the organ inside his chest beats much faster than before, and it practically led to one certain feeling: Worried.

“Yes, Goo Hara. She’s my girlfriend and Munhee is her puppy.” Minho answered back, again with his charming smile, “Do you know her by any chance?”
Taemin wished his heart could stop beating right at the moment because now it had tortured him, clenched tightly as if it was affected by the shock he felt… and it hurt.
“No… I’m afraid I don’t know her.” he finally replied.
…but I do know she must be so lucky to have you.

♥ Song 2 : IT’S GONNA RAIN – Bonnie Pink (Taemin-centric)

song: Bonnie Pink – It’s Gonna Rain

I’ve always known as the weakest one in terms of memorizing. I’m nowhere near my brother who usually sees things, scan them in his mind, and the figure is automatically saved permanently in his brain, like an inerasable marker written on a white board. I tend to forget almost EVERYTHING (especially if it has something to do with schools), but strangely when it comes to our memories together, those will stick strongly.

I remember how I sat in the corner of the café that day (Friday evening, for the exact. in a very, very bad weather); I remember staring at the window and counted the passerby on the other side of the thin glass who struggled to free themselves from the wind that slapped their faces wildly. I was taking a sip of my all time favorite hot chocolate when a strange feeling suddenly came over me… and I knew a minute later that I was being watched. I spun around, spreading my gaze to every direction it might reach and I found you.

Wrapped in a white shirt that brightened up your sun-tanned skin, you looked awfully handsome especially with those eyes that glued to mine intensely. None of us wanted to end it, and I just loved the way we looked at each other. It was as if you were trying to say something and magically, I thought I know what it is; you wish to know more about me. Any how, the eye contacts were cut by the manager’s yell who caught you staring impolitely to a customer while you should’ve took orders from another visitors (I finally noticed the dark green apron you wore that clearly acknowledged you as one of the waiters).You apologized and got back to work without even took a last glance at me after that.

To say that I’m offended was understatement, but I did feel disappointed at you. I thought you were no better than those annoying punks who enjoyed themselves teasing me just because I look exactly like a girl, though I was sure your stare is different. It wasn’t until later; when I stood outside the café 3 hours later, wondering if I had to walk myself home and risking myself to get caught in the rain that was threatening to soak the mother earth in just anytime, you were there. Holding a bright red umbrella in your right hand, you stood next to me. So close that I felt your warmth surrounding my shivered body.

“Hi, err… I’m not trying to be rude but I’ve been watching you since you’re inside and I was wondering if… I could walk you home cos the weather is pretty bad. I’m Choi Minho, by the way.”

I know I’m not a genius but I wasn’t sure if your reasons related each other; however when you beamed your gentle yet timid smile on me, I knew immediately that I’m in love.
“Sure, why not? I’m Taemin. Nice to meet you, Minho.”

♥ Song 3 : Look Only at Me – Taeyang (Minho-centric)

song: TaeYang – Look Only at Me

Eyes are known as an open passage to one’s heart, which often speaks louder than any other sound in the universe. It’s amazing how the smallest part of human body could have a massive capability of revealing the owners’ deepest emotions. Your eyes are one of the most innocent yet enchanting pairs I’ve ever seen in my life. I love the spark that tickled me inside as the shiny brown orbs lay on mine, shivering slightly as the beating organ in my chest sends the addicting feeling to my body; and I can’t help myself but to love you even more.

I want those eyes to be mine, to look only at me, to feel the passion I secretly keep for you… and hopefully, I will find the same fire burning in your eyes as well. However, those beautiful marbles belong to him and only him: Kim Jonghyun.
“He is the most wonderful person ever, Hyung. Because of him, now I believe in love at the first sight.”

Tell me oh good Lord, how come those sweet and loveable lips could say the meanest words that stabbed my heart mercilessly? I felt like grabbing your arms, forcing you to look at the depth of my eyes to see how badly the wound that you caused in me. But I guess I just love you too much; too much that I quickly put my mask and smiled happily for you… even when my heart cried at the same time.
“I’m happy for you, Taemin ah… You’re so lucky to find a good man like him.”

If only you looked at me that moment and forgot the lucky man just for a little time as I pushed the words out of my throat…
Maybe I shouldn’t love you at all; maybe it’s better if we never meet back then so I would never wish to own you. But should we blame everything on love while it never asks me to let my heart adopt the dangerous feeling? Should I blame my eyes as well because it had inappropriately refused to look away from you? And should I feel guilty to have a hideous plan to snatch you away and take you somewhere he couldn’t find as I’m standing here as your best man in your wedding day with him?
But I won’t do it, because I love you too much; and it will always be like that, though those beautiful eyes will never shine on me and though my hurtful one would forever left unnoticed… no matter how loud they scream those three everlasting words to you: I love you.

♥ Song 4 : Hanabi – Ikimonogakari (Minho-centric)

song: Ikimonogakari – Hanabi

“Yah, calm down! You’ll be tripping on your own hanbok if you keep rushing like that.”
Minho watched in glee as Taemin puffed his cheek and put his hands on his slim waist. He looked adorable with a purple-ish Korean traditional clothes wrapped his slender figure.
“We will miss it if we’re not hurry, Hyung!” he pouted. Minho chuckled and put his strong arm around him.
“Are you saying that it’s more important than spending your time with your own boyfriend?” teased him.
“N,no! I never meant to say that! I just… I…” and Minho’s laughter was finally burst out as his poor Taemin stuttered for an explanation.
“Come on, we’ll be late for your favorite show.” he intertwined his fingers with the younger’s and pulled the teenage boy to walk beside him.

Not long after, the boys finally arrived at their private spot on the top of the nearby hill; and they came just in time because as both of them climbed the last bushy step, a loud squeaky sound was heard, followed by another loud one… and a series of colorful sparks filled the midnight blue sky above.
“It’s wonderful…” Taemin whispered, too mesmerized by the dancing fireworks before his eyes that he was unaware of his boyfriend embraced him from behind and put his chin on his shoulder.
“Mhmmmm…” Minho hummed and nuzzled his nose to the other boy’s neck, “They remind me of you…”
Taemin giggled as Minho’s breath tickled him.
“What’s that supposed to mean? I think they suit you more cos you have that flaming charisma title stick to your chest, you’re the one that everybody would fall for and…”
“No, no, no, listen to me okay?” Minho cut and pointed at the spreading bright red spark on the sky, “Did you see that? It reminds me of the times you give me strength when I feel down. That stunning yellow ones just now remind me of the hope you always put on me that I’ll love you forever. *gasp* and that cute popping green ones? It reminds me of your bubbly self that makes me fall in love with you since the first time we met. Do I need to make any explanation for another color as well?”

Taemin giggled once again.
“Hyung, you’re so cheesy…” he turned around and put his arms around Minho’s neck. “Are you trying to seduce me or something?”
The other boy glued their foreheads together and smiled.
“I’d be glad to seduce you some other time but no, I’m not trying to do it now. You’re just so beautiful to me and more than, you make my life beautiful as well.”
Taemin looked up and watched lovingly as the colorful sparks in the sky reflected on his lover’s face.
“I might get tired beautifying your life, you know…” he whispered playfully.
Minho smirked and pulled Taemin’s body closer.
“Then you must be punished for having that naughty thought…” he whispered back before closing the gap between their lips as the summer breeze swipes their hair.

♥ Song 5 : Hate That I Love You – Rihanna feat Ne-Yo (2min-centric)

song: Rihanna ft Ne-Yo – Hate That I Love You

Taemin tapped his finger impatiently on the small round button glued to the caramel colored wall. It’s 8.45 in the morning, 15 minutes to nine, and he was so close to the possibility of being late on the first day of his new job; but still, the steel made lifting square machine moved extremely slow proven by the electrical number shown on the top of the closed door which changed lazily every couple of seconds.

When the awaited elevator finally arrived with a loud ‘ding’, Taemin hurriedly getting in but before the stainless door fully closed, he was shocked when a palm suddenly slipped in between the gap; and the cute boy is more than surprise to see his ex-lover’s face on the other side of the now opened door. Choi Minho himself was not even close to predicting that his once-beloved one stood inside the elevator, looking as pretty and cute as always. The two exchanged an awkward smile and soon Minho found himself standing next to the other boy as the elevator started its journey downward.
“So… How are you doing?” Minho tried to find something to talk about, though he didn’t look at Taemin when he asked the question.

Taemin gasped almost loudly as he heard Minho’s deep voice. Oh how he missed that voice so much…
“Fine. Just quite busy with campus and… stuffs.” he replied, half lying because he was NEVER alright ever since they broke up; ask Key for the detail.
“Oh… I see.” Minho chuckled nervously, “it’s your last semester, isn’t it? No wonder you have no time to err, you know… do something else.”
Something like thinking about us and the possibility of reconciliation, Minho screams in his head. He was half expecting Taemin to say that but then it sounded really hypocrite when he thought about it.
Taemin didn’t reply and just mumbled an almost inaudible ‘yeah’ as a respond. Silence fell upon them as none of the boys dared to even glance at each other.

Minho wished how he could beg the younger boy to give him a second chance, to tell him that he was sorry for acting like a jerk that day and Taemin prayed how he could cry and hug Minho, saying how he missed the older so much and admitted how stupid he was when he thought he could live without him. Regrets were written in their hearts, but none were said… and both hate the mere fact that they love each other too much to get over their past. It seemed like million years had passed when the elevator finally stopped moving and the silvery door slide open.
“I… I have to go now or I’ll be late.” a nervous laugh escaped his lips, “well, good bye then.”
The boy halted as his ears caught the deep voice calling his name; somehow he could feel a thick desperation in it. Taemin stood outside the elevator with his back faced the other boy and waited in anticipation; he would be the biggest liar in the world if he said he didn’t have even a slightest hope that Minho would ask him back…

“Be careful and don’t force yourself, okay?”
Minho felt like punching himself as he saw the smaller boy’s shoulder slumped a bit and just nodded his head as a respond. He had to clutch his fingers tightly to the edge of the supple door to prevent him to run and pulled Taemin to his embrace as he watched the skinny boy walked further, leaving him with a weary and bleeding heart. If only he had the guts, probably they could make it up again and there would be a beautiful tomorrow for him and Taemin… But how can you seek for tomorrow, when it already came to an end?


gosh my brain freezes @.@


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