[FF/Mini-Series/Shounen-Ai/PG-15] ONEW-itis -chapter 8 (FINAL) {OnKey/JongKey}

inspired by Wheesung’s Time Machine and K. Will’s Miss, Miss, and Miss songs. 🙂

Jonghyun POV

The dorm’s door banged opened, and there, Key stood in front of it.
“Ah, welcome back love. Where have you been?” I asked him. He didn’t answer, just walked fast towards our room and packed his clothes.
“Hey, hey, what’s up with you?” I asked in confusion.
“Jonghyun, packed your things.” He said while packing his luggage.
“We’re going to Daegu.”
“Don’t ask. Just pack…” He said. His jaw hardened, he looked expressionless—or somewhat trying to look like that. I nodded my head and grabbed anything that came in my mind and put them into my bag.

He didn’t say anything even when we’re already in the train. But I knew there’s something that disturbed his mind.
I patted his head. “Just sleep, Key.” I put his head onto my shoulder. “I don’t know what have been in your mind now, but I will try my best to protect you.”
“Because I love you, because I hate to see you sad, I will always be in your side no matter what.”
Key smiled—although I could see his eyes were teary—and hugged me. “Na do saranghae.”
Geotjimal. A sweet yet painful lie.
His love is drugs. You know it’s just a sweet illusion caused by the drugs, but still you can’t stop. You prefer to believe that it’s real.
Key, when you said those words, who was in your mind? Me, or Jinki hyung?

-Key pov-

“Jagiya, how about we’re getting married?” Suddenly Jonghyun asks.
“What the?!?” I spill my drink. “We can’t get married now, you dumb!!”
“Of course not now. But if someday, when the time is right, will you marry me?” Jonghyun holds my hand.
I sigh. “I don’t know, Jjong. But maybe if it’s you I’ll be okay…”
Jonghyun smiles and pull me beside him. He pecks my lips slightly. “Of course you’ll be just fine with me.” He continues to kiss my jaw and neck, “I love you Key.” He said.
“Hey hey…” I push him away from me. “We’re in my parents’ house, remember? Don’t make my mother die due to heartattack…”
Jonghyun laughs and messes my hair. “Alright, alright, diva. Anything you say is command for me.”
“Dear, time for dinner…” My mother suddenly calls out from inside the house. “Come on eat. You too, Jonghyunnie…”
“Ne omoni, I will.” Jonghyun nods and smile. “Come on Key…”
“Erm, I want to take a walk first. Why don’t you eat first?” I said.
“Eh? No, I will accompany you.” Jonghyun says.
“No…, don’t. I’m fine Jonghyun…”
“Kibum, Jonghyun, let’s eat now! Quickly come inside, your father already waits for you.”
“But eomma…”
“No ‘but’ Kibum! Eat now!” My mother glares at me, forces me to come inside.
“Hhh… alright, alright.” I finally surrender and follow her and Jonghyun.

Jonghyun, my mother and my father chat a lot during the dinner. It seems that they like Jonghyun very much. Good to know that Jonghyun really fits in my talkative family.

“Key, help eomma with these dishes.” My mother drags me to the kitchen, while Jonghyun is busy talking with my father.
I wash the dishes in silence. Somehow I don’t really feel like talking.
“Jonghyun seems to be a nice man.” My mother says.
“Hhmm…” I continue to wash the dishes.
“I can see he loves you so much. Eomma would love to have him as son in law…”
“Hahaha. Eomma… what are you talking about?” I try to laugh and ignore her implied sentence. “It’s not like what you think, eomma…”
“Then how about Jinki?”
“Don’t mention that name.” I put an expressionless face and continue to wash dishes.
“He hurt you, ain’t he?”
“Too many times omma…” I said. “Too many times that I lost counting. Too many times that I finally decide to love Jonghyun instead.”
“Dear, just because you were hurt by Jinki doesn’t mean you can hurt anybody else to relieve your pain.”
“Jonghyun is a nice man, I can see through his eyes that he really loves you. Don’t mess his sincere love, son.”
“I want you to be happy, dear. So listen to your heart…” My mother smiles and kisses my hair. “Don’t take it in hurry. You are my only son, I’ll support whatever your decision is.”

“You seemed to have a serious talk with your mother…” Jonghyun says. He helps me tidy up my bed.
“Not really. Just a usual mom-son chit chat.” I say. “Well, let’s sleep, shall we?”
Jonghyun lingers his arm around my hips and pull me on bed. “Let’s sleep or let’s ‘sleep’??” Jonghyun winks and pecks my nape repeatedly.
“Jonghyunah, ahh… don’t…”
“Why? Your parents have slept already…”
“Ehm… I’m not in the mood to cuddle up. Hey, let’s just sleep okay?” I kiss Jonghyun’s lips slightly. “We’re going to the beach tomorrow, right?”
Jonghyun takes a deep breath and messes my hair. “Okay my dear. But I can hug you, can’t I?”
“Of course you can.” I embrace him back.
“Na do saranghae Jonghyun…” My voice trembles and slowly a drop of tear runs down my face. Fortunately he doesn’t see it.

Dawn. 4am.

Can’t sleep. I kiss Jonghyun’s forehead and release his embrace. I decide to take a midnight walk around the neighborhood.
The cold breeze caresses my face softly, make me shivering. It seems that fall nearly come. I tighten up my coat and keep on walking. As I walk, the memories I’ve had with Jinki rolls like a movie in my head.
“Jinki…” I murmur. “Jinkijinkijinkijinkijinkijinki…” I keep repeat his name. “Nan shilta. I hate you, I really hate you. But why can’t I get rid of this feeling?!?!”
I kick some pebbles I find on the ground. “LEE JINKI I HATE YOU FOR MADE ME LIKE THIS!!!” I shout like crazy.

“I know, Kibum. Mianhae..” Suddenly I hear a familiar voice behind me. Quickly I turn my head.
“Jinki…” I nailed on him. “W-why a-are you here?”
Jinki walk towards me. “To tell you the truth…”
I sneer on him. “Truth? What kind of truth I have to hear from you again? Hasn’t satisfied yet to hurt my feelings?”
He doesn’t answer my question. Instead, he walks closer and approaches me. “I apologize for always being mean to you. You’ve always been my dearest best friend to me. You’ve been always there for me that I don’t realize your affection for me.” He gulps. “I lost Eun Mi once, and I thought Ji Hyun could be her substitute. But it seems that I was wrong. When I lost you, my heart feels discontented more than ever.” Jinki’s voice sounds tremble. I can see his eyes almost teary within this darkness.
“I’ve always been confused with my own feeling. Because somehow I don’t want to admit what I really felt. I’m afraid to ruin our friendship, I’m afraid to hurt Jonghyun, I’m afraid to lose my bestfriends again. I was so afraid to define my feeling until I realize I’ve lost everything.”
I turn my head so he can’t see my face. “So?” I ask with cold tone.
Jinki takes a deep breath and answer. “I love you.”

I can’t believe he says it now. Stupid Jinki, why don’t he say it earlier?

I sigh and turn my back towards him. “What if I say, it is too late for you to say that?”
“Eh? Wae yo?” Jinki asks with confused face. “Don’t you love me too?”
“Hah! Why are you so confident?”
“Err… I don’t know. Haha…” He looked misbehave and confused. “I just want to tell you my feeling…”
I close my eyes and sigh. “Prove it.”
“How can I believe you when you never show any proof to me. Words are easy to say you know.”
“Right, words are easy to say.” He bites his bottom lips. Suddenly he drags me to his embrace and smooches me. “Do you believe me now?”
I stunned for seconds. I can’t believe what was happened before. Jinki… kissed me?
I shake my head. “No, I still don’t believe you.”
“Then what should I do?” He asks.
“Kiss me once again.”
“Key?” Jonghyun calls out me. “What are you doing here?” He approaches me and put a scarf around my neck. Suddenly his face stiffen when he realize that Jinki is here.
“Onew hyung…” Jonghyun stares at Jinki. “Why are you here?”
“I come here for Kim Kibum.”
“What do you mean?” Jonghyun raises his eyebrow. His hand clenched.

Jinki takes a deep breath and obviously says, “I don’t want to lose him. I know I’ve been cruel to him, but this time I have to tell him the truth.”
“What truth, hah?” Jonghyun yells angrily. “Stop hurting him!”
“Mianhae Jonghyun, I guess I’ll take him now from you. Mianhae yo, apparently I love Kim Kibum.” Jinki determinedly says.

Jonghyun’s face turns red. Jinki really getting on his nerve but Jonghyun seems to restrain his anger. “You know what hyung, there is no such thing as time machine in this world. You can’t turn back time like you want to and easily say that you love him after you hurt him many times.”
“We can’t turn back time, but we can correct our mistake right?”
“He’s mine, you son of a bitch!!” Jonghyun lays a punch on Jinki’s face. “I’m tired of you made him crying. I’m sick of you acts in your own will without thinking about others. Wake up leader!!” He kicks Jinki’s stomach. “Time machine, doesn’t exist in this world.”
Jinki smiles bitterly, he rounds his stomach with his arms. He looked in pain. “You’re right Jonghyun. Sometimes I wish that I could turn back the time.. I know I’ve been an egoistic person too. But I’d rather tell him now than not to say it and regret it during the rest of my life.”
“Enough Jonghyun.” I hold Jonghyun’s arm and calm him down. Slowly I walk approach Jinki. “I was very surprised by your confession. Sometimes I wonder why don’t you say it earlier before.” I smile bitterly. “What if I said, it is too late for you and me?”
I linger my arm arounds Jonghyun’s waist. “I’m sorry. I’ve been engaged to him.”

“is it really too late for us?”
Onew POV

“What if I said, it is too late for you and me?” Key asks me.

Yeah, right. Me and my stupid brain. Always too late to realize what I have.

I close my eyes and inhale the morning breeze. I gather up all my strength to open my eyes and face the reality. Slowly I answer, “’If that so…,” I try to smile. “I wish you happiness.”
Key smiles awkwardly. “I have to go now. Sayonara……Jinki.” Key waves his hand and turns his back. Jonghyun holds his hand firmly and walk away from me.
I bow my head and walk to the opposite. It’s end.

My story ends sad.


I tighten up my grip on Jonghyun’s right hand. It’s too late for him. I don’t want him anymore.
But that wet kiss he gave me before, the touch of his warm hand, his hair that coincidently bruised upon my face, why did my heart beating fast just by remember about them? Why do I feel the urge to own him?

But it is too late for us. If only there is time machine exists in this world, I would like to turn back time. Back to the time where there is only me and him. When he’s mine only, and I’m his only.
“Let’s go home, shall we?” Jonghyun asks me.
I nod my head. “Yeah, let’s go.”

Time 그대와 내가 함께였던 시간 (Time, when there’s only you and me together)
Oh time. 지금 다시 돌아가고 있어요 (Oh time. Now I want to go back again)
[Time Machine – Wheesung]

(listen the song here: http://www.4shared.com/file/141883227/80e3f410/Wheesung_-_Time_Machine.html?s=1)

We can’t turn back time, but we can correct our mistakes right?

Jinki. I give you 10 seconds to correct your mistake.
I start to countdown. An unfair countdown though, because nobody knows about it. But I don’t care.


I close my eyes and keep on walking. Sayonara Lee Jinki.




Onew POV

“Kim Ki Bum!!” I shout. Jonghyun and Key stop and turn their head.
“What the…?”
“As I thought, I can’t give up on you.” I drag him next to me and kiss him passionately.


I stunned when he said he kissed me. Too amazed to reply his kiss back, too confused to collide my lips to him.
“HYUNG!!!” Jonghyun angrily pushed Jinki back and separated me and him. “You’re too much hyung. You really getting on my nerves…”
“Jonghyun, enough. Let’s go…” I said with cold expression. I drag Jonghyun afar from him before they killed each other.
I can’t believe what was just happened. My heart still beating faster as I remember a second after he ended his kiss, he whispered to me: “I’ll wait you. 6pm. At the station.”

Beach. 3PM.

We’re having a trip to the beach with my family. I walk along the beach with Jonghyun when both my parents are having a picnic together.
“Yes Jjong?”
“You said to Onew hyung, you were engaged to me.” Jonghyun looks upon my eyes. “I never said we’re engaged, ain’t I? You said ‘I don’t know’ when I proposed you…”
“Oh, so you don’t want to be engaged to me?”
“No! Of course I’m happy!!” Jonghyun quickly shakes his head. He holds my hands and gazes deep into my eyes. “But I wonder… if it’s really from your heart?”
“Or you just want to break his heart??”
“I really mean those words, Jonghyun…” I say. “Let’s not talk about it.”
“Yeah, let’s not.” Jonghyun says. “Let’s spend this lovely afternoon together.”
I smile and nod. 3hours more to 6PM.

Onew POV

I glance at the clock on the station’s wall. It’s already 5pm, and yet, I still can’t feel his presence.
Is it really too late for me to make it right?

Jonghyun POV

The sounds of waves embroil my heart. Even though Key is here, even though he lies his head on my chest and holds my hand, somehow I feel that his heart isn’t here.

I close my eyes and feel the cold breeze of the sea wind. I embrace Key and caress his face softly.
“It’s almost sunset…” I said.
“Yeah. The sky is so beautiful…” He pushes himself to smile. But I notice he bite his bottom lips—like holding back an unbearable pain. “I am so happy…” he said.

How unfair. No matter how hard I try, I can never make him mine.
“Key…” I murmur.
“Yes, Jonghyun?”
“You can go…” I say. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. “…to Onew hyung’s embrace.”
“Go on. I won’t forbid you. I know he waits you somewhere right? Where?”
Key’s face turns gloomy. “At the railway station. 6PM.”
I glance at my watch. “You can still make it on time if you go now. Go on…”
“But…” He looked hesitated. “Are you okay? I can’t hurt you again…”
“Key,” I caress his head. “When you’re with me who were you thinking?” I ask.
He remains silent. I smile and mess his hair. “I’ll take care of your parents, you may go now. Afterall, neo e sarangeun ireum i… nae aniya, maja? (the name you loved… wasn’t me, right?)”



“Don’t apologize,” Jonghyun says. He looks away and turns his face. “My dignity as a man will be ruined if you apologize. Now you should go where your heart belongs to, before I can’t control myself to own you again….”
I nod my head. Tears can’t be hold back anymore.

Mianhae Jonghyun, I hurt you again and again.
Time is ticking. We can’t turn back time, geuraesseo, we can’t waste any moment.

I run and run like crazy, leaving Jonghyun and my family behind. I have to find Jinki as fast as I can. Daegu Station, that’s what all I think.
I was so blank until I can’t see that there’s a car that moves so fast on the opposite way.

Onew POV


And yet, he isn’t here. Is it really over, Key?
I walk towards the announcement board on the station’s wall. Perhaps this is my last hope.

“Breaking news. Apparently, there was a hit and run car accident in Daegu. More specifically, it happened on 5:30 PM today. The victim is a 18 years old male and he suffered from too many blood lost…”

I stun on my feet and stare at the television. Could it be???


That car almost hit me. Fortunately I was lucky enough to avoid it and continue my journey to the station.
But he wasn’t there. Jinki was not there.

No wonder, it’s already 7PM.
There’s only one message left for me:

“You still can’t forgive me, ain’t you? I’m sorry…
널 사랑한다 (I love you)
나에겐 하나뿐인 사람이여 (For me, there is only one person)
그립고 그립고 그립다.. (I miss you, miss you, and miss you)

I bend on my knees and cry. Everyone is looking at me but I’m not even care about them. All I want is him. Lee Jinki.
Too much ego, too much pride, we lost everything.

“Who said I won’t forgive you Jinki…” I yell. “I forgive you!!! That’s why please come back to me…”

“Key…” somebody calls me from behind. I turn my back.
“You’re alive…” He smiles extremely relieved.
“Of course I’m alive. Why are you saying that?”
“I-I thought you’re the victim they’ve mentioned in breaking news before…” He says. “I cried and cried until I heard you screaming calling out my name.”
Jinki walks closer to me and caresses my face. “Can I love you?”

“Just promise me one thing, don’t ever leave again for anyone else.”
Jinki smiles happily and kiss my lips softly. “I won’t. Because I guess I have this disease that can’t be cured by anyone else. Its name is Keyitis. Being obsessed with Key.”
I laugh and kiss him again. “You cured my Onewitis, let me cure yours…”

And then we kiss. Among the crowd.
It’s not end yet, it was just a beginning.
A new beginning to my love story.


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  1. hey fetishoney months ago i have read ur fanfic in ur LJ acc…..
    i love ur fanfic so much. make me happy and sad =D thanks for sharing 🙂
    waiting for ur new fanfic XDDDD

  2. annyong chingu,.i am new reader,mian i give comment in last chapter cos i dont know what i have 2 tell in comment list..stories is good i like it..dramatic..can you translate in indonesian cos my sister like it she ask me 2 translate it but i think there are people who dont really understand in english hmm mian if i tell it..good job..i love ff..hehehe

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