[FF/Mini-Series/Shounen-Ai/PG-15] ONEW-itis -chapter 7 {OnKey/JongKey}

this chapter consisted of Eun Mi’s story only. ^^

-Onew POV-
Dandelion (Eunmi story)

It has been a week since Key left. I decided to come back home also. Things become more complicated for me, and I think I need time to be alone. Away from Key’s existence.
And here am I, sitting all alone in the city park in the place where I used to spend my time together with Eun Mi.

“Jinki, you’re Jinki right?” Somebody calls me. I turn my head to see who’s calling me.
“Ahjumma…” There, Eun Mi’s mother—Mrs. Park—stands in front of me.
“It’s been awhile right, how are you?” She smiles warmly and sits beside me.
“Fine, I guess…” I smile bitterly. “How are you?”
“I’m fine, Jinki dear. Mostly I spent my time gardening, since I have nobody left to be take care of…”
“Sorry…” I mumble, my voice trembles. “Sorry, this was my fault. Mianhae, I’m such a useless boy…”

Mrs. Park smiles warmly and pats my shoulder. “I never blame you or anybody else. It was destiny that Eun Mi had to leave us so fast…”
“But if we didn’t fight that day…”
“God’s plan, Jinki. It’s already decided. How could I hate someone as dearest as you?” Mrs. Park laughs, but I can see her eyes teary. “Ne Jinki, do you know? Eun Mi had fallen in love with you ever since she met you.”
“She did?”
“Yeah, it’s funny when we look back into the past. She used to talk about you all the time. How she kept her feeling from you, how she cried every time you got closer to other girls, how happy she was when she could spend her time with you, how much you and your family worth for her…”

I really really can’t say anything right now.

“You’re the one that could make her smiled sincerely since her dad passed away, Jinki…”
“But I’m the one who always made her cry, wasn’t I?”
Mrs. Park smiles again and caresses my hair gently. “Let me show you something. Do you mind to come to my house?”
Without listening my answer, she stands up and walks to her house which is not far from this park. I have no other choice but to follow her. Mrs. Park takes me inside Eun Mi’s room. The room I’ve been missing a lot, the room that full of Eun Mi’s presence.

“That day, she said that she wanted to meet you no matter what. Seeing her determined eyes made me can’t forbid her…” Eunmi’s mother smiles, she shed a tear. I know how painful it is to talk about our dearest that we lost. “Actually…” She gulped. “…that night she wanted to bring you some presents.” She hands me a wrapped box and a letter.
“What is this?” I ask her.
“Her last message.” She smiles painfully. “Afterall, it was your 1st month anniversary, wasn’t it??”

Slowly my tears are dripping. “Ahjumma, I’m sorry… Mianhamnida, for all the things I’ve made that hurt you and Eun Mi…”
“It’s okay Jinki. Not your fault, I said. I just somehow touched by how she loves you…”

Eun Mi… I’m sorry.
Am I still worth living right now? I’ve hurt you, I’ve hurt Key, and I’ve hurt your family and mine. Do I born to hurt everyone?

Slowly I open the wrap of the present. This is…
“How do you like it?” asked Mrs. Park.
This is a picture of me made by Eunmi herself. She always loves to paint, I know it, I used to be beside her when she sketched. In the picture I laughed care freely in the middle of dandelion yard. “My dandelion”, the title said.

Is that am I looked like in your eyes, dear?
“Ahjumma, may I…?”
Mrs. Park nods her head. “Go on, you may take those presents home.” She glances at the clock. “You should go home now, otherwise your mother will be worried.”

I wipe the tears that unintentionally flow along my cheek. “I-I really don’t know what to say. I really feel guilty…”
“Jinki-ah, if you really feeling guilty, then you musn’t waste her death. Made it as a lesson, so you wouldn’t miss someone you love like this. Sometimes we just realize that something is precious after we lost it.” Said Mrs. Park. “I am sure that there will be someone who loves you deeply like my daughter did, and whom you love so much. Never waste any moments, Jinki. We can’t turn back time, that’s why use your time wisely…”
I hug Eunmi’s mother firmly. “Thank you ahjumma…”

It’s 3AM in the morning and I’m in my room. Lying against the bed and staring at Eun Mi’s letter. The letter that I haven’t dared to open since the day Eunmi’s mother gave it to me.

It’s been 3 days since I met her mother. I want to read the letter, but I’m afraid to see her writing. It might sadden me up again. I put the letter inside my jacket’s pocket and decide to talk a walk to the city park.

It’s cold outside, but here I am again, sitting on the bench at the city park while staring at Eun Mi’s letter. At time like this, I really want to talk with Key. But of course he won’t talk to me again, isn’t him?
Slowly I dial up Ji Hyun’s cellphone number. She is the one that left for me, perhaps. If she isn’t mad with me.

“Yoboseo…” Ji Hyun says.
“Ji Hyun-ah, it’s me Onew…”
“Ah, annyeonghaseyo sunbae.” Ji Hyun sounds awkward. “I thought you won’t befriend with me anymore…”
“That was what I thinking, Ji Hyun. I’m sorry I troubled you before. I really didn’t mean to lie…”
“It’s okay, sunbae. Let’s forget it. Soo… any other reason why you call me this late at night?”
I sigh. “Ji Hyun, eottoke?”
“What do you mean?” She asks. I told her about Eun Mi’s letter.
“Read it sunbae.” Ji Hyun said. “If I were her, I would like to see you read my love letter. You shouldn’t be afraid of your bound of past.”
“But Ji Hyun…”
“Want me to accompany you to read?” She offers.
I take a deep breath. “…Do you mind?”
“Of course not sunbae…” Ji Hyun smiles.

Slowly, I open up the envelope and start to read it with low voice.
“Our love is dandelion.
It is strong; it can survive no matter how harsh its environment is.
It could never die because…
If it’s time to wither,
Its seed will disperse and find another place to start a new beginning.
Our friendship is dandelion.
No matter how far we go through a journey,
No matter how far we are apart,
We are one.
이진기,사랑해요. Forever.”

PS: Find your “another place”.

Again, tears go down along my face. I rub that letter gently, I just realize that the ‘PS section’ stained with already dried blood and tears. She wrote it in her last moment, I guess.
I put back the letter inside the envelope.

“Ji Hyun, I’m sorry I have to go.”
“To take back my another place where I belongs to.”
Ji Hyun giggles and smiles. “Good luck sunbaenim.”
“Thanks.” I end our conversation and stand up.

Eun mi’s right, her mother also right. I can’t waste any chance.
I have to go now. To Daegu.

next chapter preview…
Key POV: Time Machine

~ “Key, how about we’re getting married?” Suddenly Jonghyun asks.

~ “I don’t want to lose him. I know I’ve been cruel to him, but this time I have to tell him the truth.”
“What truth? Stop hurting him!” Jonghyun yells angrily.
“Mianhae Jonghyun, I guess I’ll take him now from you. Mianhae yo, I love Kim Kibum.” Onew determinedly said.

~ “There is no such thing as time machine in this world. You can’t turn back time like you want to…”

“We can’t turn back time, but we can correct our mistake right?”

~ Key smiles bitterly and asks, “What if I said, it is too late for you and me?”

to be continued…


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