[FF/Drabble/Yaoi/PG-15] Photograph Speaks Thousand Words? {Onkey couple}

Holaaaaa XDDD author kembali lagi, kali ini dengan membawa drabble onkey yang terinspirasi oleh heboh foto bisik-bisikkannya Key ke Nicole KARA pas Seoul Music Award beberapa hari lalu. Author agak gerah sama orang-orang yg meleboi itu dan terciptalah drabble gila ini lol. This one is un beta-ed (as usual) so please bear with some grammatical mistakes and typos :3


It’s a peaceful Sunday evening and all SHINee members are having their super-rare free time together in the living room. Taemin and Minho are busy cuddling on the couch while the parents of the band are busy smooching and roaming their hands over each other’s bodies. Jonghyun who is killing his time by browsing trough the internet, scrunches his forehead when he reads the headline in every entertainment news sites.
“Omo~ Guys, look at this!” he scrolls down and a photo appears on the screen.” Key, looks like the netizens are talking about you and Kara’s Nicole right now. They say you have a special relationship or what… wow they even wonder what you say to her that night!”

Taemin releases himself from Minho’s hug and examines the photo that was taken on the Seoul Music Award just a few days ago. His adorable lips form a cute pout when he sees his umma whispered something to the girl as if they share a secret he doesn’t know.
“Umma, how can you cheat on Appa like that?” he folds his arms in front of his chest.
Key doesn’t even care to answer back; he’s too busy enjoying Onew’s kiss on his jaw line.
“Yah, KimKeybum must you guys stain your own son’s innocent mind?” It’s Minho’s voice this time. Key scoffs and looks at him with an oh-right-like-you-haven’t-

take-his-innocent-away gaze but reminds silent. He moans softly when the leader’s hand slides inside his shirt and touch his sensitive spot.

Jonghyun turns his head and put a disgusted look on his face.
“YAH! At least answer Taemin’s question and tell us what the heck you told Nicole that fuckin night!”
Key closes his eyes and sighs loudly. The 18 years old boy slightly pushes Onew away, stopping the kissing and touching the eldest did just now and faces the three curious members in front of him.
“Fine. First of all Taemin, why should I cheat with somebody when I already have your innocently sexy appa?” he averts his eyes to the remaining two when the youngest says nothing as reply,” and I see you both curious enough to find out what I said to Nicole, correct?”

Key arches his eyebrow elegantly before he continues,” There’s no affair. The only thing I said to her was ‘Thanks for teaching me Mister butt-dance move. Onew loves it so damn much!’”
And with those words, the almighty Key pecks the leader’s lips sexily and the couple continues their own rendezvous’ time, still don’t give any damn about the astonished 3 members. People say a photograph speaks thousand words, but for Kibum it only means one thing when he interacts with some females from those girlbands: his-innocent-yet-need-to-be-driven-up-crazy-husband Onew. Netizens are just too much, really.



Nyahahahhahaha jadi begitulah. Ternyata Key Cuma blg makasih ke Nicole karena udah diajarin butt-dance nya Mister. Jujur aja yo, aku sih ga peduli mau ada berapa ratus foto namja-namja dbsujushinee dsb ngapain kek ke salah satu yeoja-yeoja girlband di luar sana karena buat author yang REAL itu ya cuma pairing namja-namja itu lol. Kalo cuma gara-gara ngebisikkin sesuatu atau baru ketemu sesekali aja udah langsung dibilang ada apa-apa, gimana dengan Onew yang tiap show ketemu ama Key? kalo kata Zia sih, “ udah beranak pinak kali tuh.” XDD
gomawo for reading ^^~

PS: buat yg nunggu oneshot 2min dan 3shots yunjae harap bersabar sedikit lagi yah ^^

this FIC could also be found in Enma D’Mightyhyunsaferlycious’s Facebook page

4 thoughts on “[FF/Drabble/Yaoi/PG-15] Photograph Speaks Thousand Words? {Onkey couple}

  1. Yey! Hello i’m new reader here ~ I’m onkey big shipper! I search some onkey ffs, and i found this blog ^^~
    Well, I really agree with this ff xD
    Key just for Onew, not Nicole or anyone else :p
    Honestly, i don’t really like rumor about Key – Nicole. Thanks for making this ff.
    Nice ff ^^

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