[FF/Drabbles/Shounen-ai/PG-13] 2min Double Drabble {2min couple}

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A/N 2min:
Not much to say actually. Taemin secretly hates it when people called him Baby due to his cuteness and innocence; noone should call him that… except (of course) Choi Minho.
Another drabble from me, just because i saw the latest 2min moment on Seoul Music Award XD *Fatia dongsaeng, this one is for you ~<3*
WARNING: un-beta ed so bear with grammatical errors, typos and stuffs :3


Drabble 2min (1): Minho’s Baby


Lee Taemin is 16. It’s an age when people will address you as a teenager, a soon-to-be grown up young man, who is more than ready to leave his childhood behind and grab a world full of new (yet dangerous in some way) world of maturity. Sadly, Taemin is a boy who seems to have million doze of innocence that pretty much influence the way he acts and of course, the way his sunbaes and fans treat him.

Taemin has lost counting on how many times he feels annoyed when people call and treated him like a baby. Shinee’s manager, Super Junior hyungs, SNSD noonas, even his own make-up artist; they always look at him the same way as they would look at a one year old toddler, sometimes adding some extra pinching here and there. His band mates are no different. Onew has a habit to give him a goodnight pat each time they are going to bed. The leader even offered him a bed time story once during the Juliette overseas promotion just because he is worried the younger boy couldn’t sleep that night… Taemin must hold his urge to roll his eyes at the eldest.

The almighty Key umma just have to call him Baby Taemin since the first time the boys live together in the dorm, just because he’s a big fan of anything cute and Taemin just happen to be one of the cutest thing he ever saw in his life. Jonghyun forbids him to touch the blonde’s laptop and see whatever inside the equipment is. Main reason?
“I don’t want to be killed by Key for tainting his under-aged boy’s mind!”

Hah, he is not THAT innocent in the first place!

Taemin sighs quietly. He remembered feeling like grabbing his thick brownish hair this morning as he read the messages his fans wrote on SHINee’s webpage; the laptop screen is full with screaming, squealing, and flailing which were shown verbally that shouts only one thing: Yoogeun is cute, but Taemin is a great competitor to the 4 years old small boy. All thanks to his crave for milks that he accidently showed on the last Hello Baby episode.

Seriously, what’s the point of celebrating your birthday every year if people keep making you feel like you never grow up all these times? Ring Ding Dong was supposed to create a mature and masculine concept, for Heaven’s sake and Taemin would sacrifice ANYTHING to make people see him more than just a cutie pie on TV.

Familiar warmth that envelopes his body brings Taemin back from his own thought to where he is, on the Seoul Music Award stage. Choi Minho, his band mates, closest hyung, and lover has pull him in a tight hug, doesn’t even care about the fact that they’re still on stage where other artists are still putting their attention to and the fans who are now screaming so loud by the close interaction.
“Baby, we won again.” the older boy whispers, “I’m so proud of you… saranghae.”

Just like that; a few second hug and a simple yet heartwarming phrase made by Minho is able to sweeps Taemin’s bad mood away and draws two shades of sheer pink on his cheeks. The cute boy’s lips curves to a small shy smile when his lover buries his gaze into his own dark brown orbs.

Yes Taemin hates to be called and treated like a baby, and yes he secretly hates it when people tell him he is cute. God knows how Taemin is trying his best to be mature even though his effort is mostly thrown outside the window when his too-much innocence takes over. However when the annoying treatments are done by Minho, all his rants would burn in an instant and suddenly being a cute, baby-like 16 years old teenager is not that ugly for Taemin anymore. In fact, he doesn’t mind to be treated as a baby for the rest of his career… as long as he becomes Choi Minho’s one and only baby.


Drabble 2min (2): Just Hold My Hand


Minho hates to fly. Not because he’s having an aerophobia or something but the fear is just there, sticking stubbornly in his mind like a parasite. None of his fans know about this little problem but the rest of SHINee members would always have to spend at least 10 minutes to calm the tall boy before the plane takes off. Just like today; they’re going to fly overseas to attend a fanmeet event and Minho has to be two times more anxious than he usually feels. He curses the Final Destination movie he watched last night but hey, it’s just a movie. It shouldn’t make him scared to death, right?

Wrong; because now, the rapper is clutching his hands tightly to his thighs. Back glued to the seat, sweats running trough the surface of his skin and starting to stain his white shirt under the black leather jacket. His eyes closed and a small whimper escapes his mouth as the pilot starts to turn on the turbo engine but turns it off again a few second later. It’s almost like a seriously not-funny-at-all tease to Minho and he swears he’s going to beat up the pilot later when the plane finally lands safe and sound.

“Hyung, are you okay?” a soft voice coming from Taemin makes him jump a bit.
“I’m okay… I’m just fine. Yeah, I’m perfectly fine.” he hoarsely reply, stretching the muscles around his mouth as far as he could but it only turns out ugly as a scary grin craves on his lips. Taemin frowns.
“But you don’t look okay.” he worriedly says. “Is it… the phobia again?”
A massive battle happens in Minho’s mind as he tries to choose which one he’s going to tell the younger right now. Does he have to lie and save his pride by denying the fear or must he tell the truth which probably would make Taemin sighs tiredly and thinks that his beloved hyung isn’t any better than a pathetic weakling?

Before the flaming charisma makes up his mind and come up with a decision, Taemin’s small hand has lingered to his own big one and intertwines them.
“Don’t be afraid, hyung. I’m always here for you. You just have to hold my hand as usual.” the magnae giggles “gosh, your palm is so sweaty.”

Minho stuns for a good minute before letting out a small relieved chuckle from his mouth. Somehow, his fear has successfully makes him forget the fact that he has his Taemin to comfort him. The flaming charisma closes his eyes tightly as the plane finally takes off 5 minutes later, hands still intertwined with the younger. As the 10 tons Boeing machine floats in the midst of white cotton candy like clouds, Minho’s fear has flown away and leaving him with Taemin; both busying themselves by feeding each other with the plane lunch package.

Later on, a fancam was uploaded on the net by a die-hard SHINee fans, showing the adorable Taeminho couple snuggles in their seat while having their afternoon nap on the same plane.



this FIC could also be found in Enma D’Mightyhyunsaferlycious’s Facebook page


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